"Vanilla! Chili! Pepper! We'll shock your system!"

– The unit's catchphrase

Vanilla Chili Pepper
螢幕快照 2015-09-03 下午10.28.22
バニラ チリ ペッパー
Banira Chiri Peppā
Leader Juri Kurebayashi
Type Sexy
Status Active

Vanilla Chili Pepper (バニラ チリ ペッパー Banira Chiri Peppā) is an idol unit consisting of Juri Kurebayashi, Madoka Amahane and Rin Kurosawa. The unit debuted in the 2015 Series - Part 6 and Episode 149 of the anime.


Unit Information


Unit Dresses

Sexy dresses that uses distinctive colors to shine brightly.




  • This is the third unit to have multi-typed members but remain one unit type.
  • This is the sixth known unit in which they already have a group aura by their debut performance.
  • This is the third unit in which it's unit name is in Japanese.
  • This is the third unit that's name is based off of food.
    • This is also the second time Juri has been in a food named unit.
  • This is the first unit that debuted in Season 3 to have brandless unit cards.
    • This is also the first trio unit that debuted in Season 3 to have brandless unit cards.
    • This is the third unit to have brandless unit cards, following Soleil and Tristar.
  • Their unit name comes from a few of their favorite foods that best fits their images (Madoka - vanilla ice cream, Juri - chili platter, Rin - pepper steak).


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