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Tristar (トライスター Toraisutā?) is an idol unit which started off with members Mizuki Kanzaki, Kaede Ichinose and Ran Shibuki (from Starlight Academy). In the corresponding anime series, Ran leaves Tristar in Episode 37 to join Soleil; Yurika is chosen as the final member in Episode 38 to take Ran's place.

For the Aikatsu! game itself, a duel tournament between Tristar and Soleil was also held by Datacardass Aikatsu! for June 28th until July 21st, 2013, and the duel was won by Tristar.


NOTE: History details shown below are taken from the Aikatsu! anime adaption.

Elimination Audition

Mezashite Aikatsu! - 33 33 higher head

In Episode 33 of the Aikatsu! anime series, Mizuki announced to the Starlight Academy community an audition to form a unit with her, named Tristar. To join this unit, the students given a week to train theirselves for the audition, which Hikari Minowa ignores for her title "The Underground Sun". The challenges for the audition were divided into many intense obstable courses, including:

  1. "The Wall to the Top Idol"
  2. The Balance Beam (normal-sized beam) and Volleyball Attacks
  3. Rodeo Live
  4. "Battle Against the Giant Fan"
  5. Live Audition

From the Live Audition, Mizuki decided to hold a Final Audition, with the remaining participants which included:

Right after the Final Audition audition was announced, Kaede Ichinose, an American "Super Idol", skydives to meet Mizuki and enters the Final Audition via Mizuki's approval.

Final Audition

34 triangle header

The Final Audition was held the next day after the Elimination Audition, with Kaede entered as another one of Starlight Academy's official students. The coords used by the four of Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Kaede are their own premium cards. In this audition, Kaede was chosen to be the second member, leaving Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran to proceed toward the Real Final Audition. The remaining contestants (Ichika, Sango, and Nino) were eliminated from the contest.

Real Final Audition

Aikatsu! - 35 6 perform head

The last audition was set for Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran (who were sent to a secret mansion inside Starlight Academy's area). During a day camp here, their Aikatsu phones were held Johnny Bepp and they stayed in different rooms. Orihime Mitsuishi also gives them the 2013 Summer Collection cards for the auditions. The next day, they were interviewed by Mizuki for a live broadcast. During said interview, Ran was hinted to be the last member and in the live audition. After everything was said and done, Mizuki formally chooses Ran as the last member for Tristar.

Leaving Tristar for Soleil

37 quit

As some days past, Ran starts to leave her dorm for Tristar's business; however, slowly, she started to miss Ichigo and Aoi, and the growing depression had caused her to begin messing up during training and rehearsals. Having knowing this, Mizuki allowed Ran to leave Tristar, right on the night before Tristars live in Ōsaka. On the day Tristar had their live in Ōsaka, Ran arrives a few moments after as Ichigo and Aoi announced the name of Soleil, confirming she left Tristar. Mizuki announces the same thing at Tristar's releated event there.

"Tristar and Soleil's Special Live"

Mezashite Aikatsu! - 38 higher head

After some days that Ran had left Tristar to join Soleil, Mizuki happened to come across Yurika at a building nearby taking a break, witnessing how she kept character despite nobody else being around. It was this that made her decide to have Yurika join Tristar and when Yurika is announced to be Ran's replacement, Mizuki also announces a special live of Tristar and Soleil.



As Soleil completed their respective mission for one of their concerts, Orihime announces that same evening to both Tristar and Soleil goups that they'll merged into STAR☆ANIS for the summer tour.

Unit Dress Cards

The unit dress of Tristar, together with Soleil's were seen on Datacardass Aikatsu! 5th collection's Unit Dress Campaign and the special edition of Season One's 7th DVD. The cards' names are respectively Magenta Trio Onepiece, Cyan Trio Onepiece, Yellow Trio Onepiece, Tristar High-heels, and Tristar Hair Corsage. Numbered 05-CP06 until 05-CP10 and PD-007 unitl PD-009.





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