Trick or Treat
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Japanese Name トリックオアトリート
Romanized Name Torikkuoatorīto
Type Multi-Typed
Brand Angely Sugar,

Dreamy Crown,
LoLi GoThiC,
Vivid Kiss,
Dolly Devil

Notable Performer/s

Trick or Treat (トリックオアトリート) is a Halloween-based two to four member unit Special Appeal. It can only be performed when all members are wearing 2015/2016 Nightmare Halloween Collection Campaign coords.


The performers place a hand in the center to form a ball of light that rises into the air leaving behind a trail of light. The ball then bursts in which the performs pose in front of a decorated background. The background consists of pumpkins, lollipops, sweets and gumballs.

The performers all link hands and fly up to release each others and pose. The background is a deep pink that fades to orange and is decorated in various sweets such as lollipops, gumballs and cookies as well as being decorated with jack-o'-lanterns.

The performers all join hands to form a square before spreading out to form a larger square. The square then springs upwards to form a cube and the performers pose. The background is decorated with jack-o'-lanterns, cookies, lollipops, sweets and smaller cubes containing jack-o'-lanterns.

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