Triangle Light
Japanese Name トライアングルライト
Romanized Name Toraianguru Raito
Type Multi-Typed
Notable Performer/s
Ichigo Hoshimiya + Aoi Kiriya + Ran Shibuki
Triangle Light (トライアングルライト) is three-person group Special Appeal.


The performers stand in a triangle and place their hands to the center of their triangle causing a triangle to appear. They then hold hands and the triangle pushes them up leaving many triangles below them.

Anime AppearancesEdit

Episode Image Performer/s
Iar tl 9
Ichigo Hoshimiya + Aoi Kiriya + Ran Shibuki
22 -Mezashite- Aikatsu! - 22v2 -720p--40DB4243-.mkv snapshot 20.51 -2013.03.14 15.58.33-
Mezashite Aikatsu! - 33 33 higher 22 appeal 4
Aikatsu! - 35 6 perform 21 appeal


Anime ScreenshotsEdit

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