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The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, also known as Princess Kaguya, is a 10th century Japanese folktale and the oldest extant of Japanese narrative. The story follows a mysterious girl known as Kaguya-hime, who was discovered by the titular bamboo cutter in a stalk of glowing bamboo. Its main brand is Sakurairo Kaden.

Coords of Kaguya-hime

螢幕快照 2015-01-29 下午06.00.26

Cards of Kaguya-hime


  • This is the second Romance Story to appear in Campaign Rare.
  • This is the first Romance Story to have coords from only one brand.
    • This also makes the first Romance Story to have only one type: sexy, followed by Hansel and Gretel.


Official Artwork

Data Carddass Aikatsu

Anime Screenshots

Hagoromo Princess Coord
Peony Pattern Heavenly Coord


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