"It has been over ten years since we last saw the Starlight Tiara...It makes you feel like a new legend is being born."

Asuka Amahane surprised with Ichigo's Starlight Tiara.

  • DCD Version
  • Promotional Version
  • Recolored version

The Starlight Tiara (スターライトティアラ) is an Accessory Card originally held by Ringo Hoshimiya, who later gave it to Ichigo Hoshimiya. The Tiara was first shown in Episode 31 of the anime.The card is also featured in the 6th Collection of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! as a Rare accessory card, as well as Volume 9 from the DVD Releases of Season 1.

A recolored version of the tiara, the Lumiere Light Tiara was also released along with the book Data Carddass Aikatsu! All Cards Collection.


A silver tiara with a large gold star base with gems on it. The bottom is lined with tiny blue gems, along with a single gold star on each side. A row of diamonds line the top of the tiara, four tiny blue, and one slightly bigger red. Comes with gold stud earrings with a star hanging from it, along with two sky blue droplet gems and a single red gem. A large pair of pale blue, white, and pink feathery wings stretch from the users back, studded with gems and stones.


  • When the tiara was first used in Episode 31, the wings did not appear behind Ichigo, but reappeared when used later in Episode 49.


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