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Official ArtsEdit

Key VisualsEdit

Character ProfilesEdit


DCD Game!Edit




Episode 51 - That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆GirlEdit


Episode 62 - The Idol is the Santa Claus!Edit

Episode 64 - Lucky Idol☆Edit

Episode 67 - Fortune Compass☆Edit

Episode 70 - Stylish Expedition Cool Angels!Edit

Episode 72 - Happy☆Idol Fes 1st DAY!Edit

Episode 82 - Aim To Be☆Perfect PartnersEdit

Episode 85 - Fantasia (Rhapsody) in the Desert of the MoonEdit

Episode 91 - Forming☆Aikatsu 8Edit

Episode 92 - Summer Idol StoryEdit

Episode 95 - Where Dreams BloomEdit


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