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Shion Kamiya
Aikatsu shion4
Japanese Name 神谷 しおん(かみや しおん)
Romanized Name Kamiya Sion
English Name Shion Kamiya
Age 15-16
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight Academy
Occupation Idol
Birthday January 11
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 3rd collection (campaign only)
Anime Episode 14 - Naughty Detectives♥
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Asami Seto

 Kamiya Shion (神谷 しおん) is a student of Starlight Academy who debuts in Episode 14. She works as an actress and is really serious about what she does.

In Episode 38, she formed a self-unit, Powapowa-Puririn, with Otome and Sakura.


Shion is a teenage actress who debuted at the age of 10. They call her the actress of seven faces due to the fact that when she goes on stage her expression changes completely, as she goes from serious to whichever personality she wants. Due to her serious nature always taking time for work, she didn't have any friends at first.

During episode 14 she ends up in an audition to be in a detectives drama called Naughty detectives and chooses the boyish character role, ending up against Ichigo. Where she reveals that if she wants something badly enough, she will even change her hair to seem more in character.  She passes the audition and makes her first friend: Aoi.


Shion is serious and contained, barely ever smiling or talking back before she befriended anyone. Despite this, she is not exactly unfriendly. She belives acting is everything and her passion for it knows no bounds. She will do what she can to feel more like the character she is trying out for. However, after she makes some friends Shion begins to smile and open up a lot more, though still she remains quite serious and maintains her cool composure.


Originally, Shion had dark brown hair that reached halfway down her back with a ribbon on the side, but after cutting most of it off, it comes to her neck. Compared to the other Aikatsu main characters, she is one of the girls to have appeared in less alternate outfits. Ranging from her uniform, spy outfit, and a winter outfit.

Character Development

Shion started as a serious girl that was very dedicated to acting, trying out mostly for "cool" type parts. As the story continues, Shion opens up more, eventually being able to play the role of Alice and give a dazzling smile.


Kamiya (神谷?) Kami (?) means god, possibly referring to her role as a genius actress and Ya ( tani?) means valley.

Shion (しおん?) is the Japanese name for the Tatarian aster; a traditional flower used in Chinese herbology. "Shion" is also a unisex name which could possibly be a reference to the cool, boyish roles Shion commonly tries out for. It's written as "詩音" in official Chinese translations, which means "sound of poetry."


  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Her favorite food is Gâteau au chocolat (chocolate cake).
  • She dislikes carbonated drinks.
  • Shion has a similar personality to Homura Akemi  from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • She is never seen without a ribbon (with the exception of Mizuki changing it during the Alice in Wonderland audition).
  • Shion shares her voice actress with Raichi.
  • When her hair was long, she resembled Ran in terms of the air she gave off.
  • She is the only member of Powapowa-Puririn who has not performed on stage in the anime.
  • Her brand has been confirmed to be Futuring Girl.
  • Shion is nicknamed the "Actress with Seven Faces" (七つの顔を持つ女優 Nanatsu no kao wo motsu joyū?).
  • According to her official profile, Shion is 157cm tall.


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