"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Serio Kamino
螢幕快照 2014-11-27 下午10.05.45
Gender Male
Occupation Chef
First Appearance
Anime Episode 110 - The Passionate Sangria Rosa
Voice Actress/Actor

Serio Kamino is a well-known Spanish chef, the father of Juri Kurebayashi, and the husband of Karen Kurebayashi.



Serio is a tan-skinned male with bright brown-red eyes worn with a pair of pale blue glasses. He had dark brown hair about chin length with the upper portion curling outwards. 


Serio comes off as a nice man who cares for his wife and daughter. He's also been noted as "hot" due to being the father of Juri.




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