Sango Miura
Sango Miura-s
Japanese Name 美浦 珊瑚
Romanized Name Miura Sango
English Name Sango Miura
Age 17
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Chance & Try☆
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Ai Kakuma

Sango Miura (美浦 珊瑚) is one of the girls who participated in the Tristar audition. She has known Mizuki Kanzaki from the past, along with Ichika Ichihara and Nino Nishijama


A few years ago, Sango was a part of Mizuki's team audition along with Nino Nishijima and Ichika Ichihara but failed due to Mizuki's level of talent.

She also was in the final audition for Tristar, but lost. In the Tristar final audition, she uses the Step Magician Coord made by Magical Toy, Kaede's and Ki's favorite brand. 


Sango has green hair in the drills hairstyle, and has red/ pink eyes.



  • Sango has a resemblence to Miyako Gotokuji from Powerpuff Girls Z.


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