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Sakura Kitaōji
Season 1 | Winter Uniform

Sakura Kitaoji

Japanese Name 北大路 さくら
Romanized Name Kitaōji Sakura
English Name Sakura Kitaōji
Age 13 (S1), 14-15 (S2)
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight Academy
Occupation Idol
Birthday April 6th
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 4th collection
Anime Episode 26
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kiyono Yasuno
Singing Voice Eri from STAR☆ANIS

Sakura Kitaoji (北大路さくら Kitaōji Sakura?) is one of the eight main characters in the Datacardass Aikatsu! game and the related anime adaption. She was one of the four girls that were first shown in the first opening for said anime; however, her official debut in the series itself was in Episode 26. The primary brand that Sakura uses is Aurora Fantasy.

As of Episode 38 of the anime, she is a member of Powapowa-Puririn, an independent idol unit consisting of herself, Otome, and Shion.


Sakura comes from a famous kabuki theatre troupe family and as a result has learned many ancient Japanese arts ever since her childhood. Like the other members of her family, she has the genetic habit of breaking into theatrical performance when when experiencing strong emotions known as the "Kitaōji Theater".



Sakura is a very calm, polite, and soft-spoken girl. She is very friendly and a hard worker, like Ichigo. Upon her arrival at Starlight, Ichigo was assigned to be her senpai. Since then, she and her friends have helped Sakura gain confidence in herself, and develop friendships and companionships among each other and the rest of the Starlight community. By season two, Sakura has become more confident and assertive, though she still retains some of her soft-spoken nature.


Sakura has peridot green eyes and short pink hair that goes to the nape of her neck. Her is hair is styled in a layer bob and is decorated with a flower hair clip. Her season one basic idol uniform consists of a yellow top worn under a lime green shawl, matching ruffled skirt, and brown ankle boots with red flower attachments on the cuffs. The outfit is equipped with a matching flower bracelet.


Debuting As An Idol

Acquiring Her Premium Dress

Tristar, Soleil, and STAR☆ANIS Arc

Season 2

Season 3


Ichigo was Sakura's mentor when Sakura entered Starlight. Sakura holds a great respect for Ichigo and Ichigo tries her best to help Sakura in any way she can.
As explained by Sakura in her debut episode (via her Kitaōji Theater), she was inspired by Mizuki to become an idol just like how Ichigo was inspired after attending one of Mizuki's concerts.
Otome is a fellow member of the unit Powapowa-Puririn. Sakura is often seen with Otome and Shion. Together, they do live broadcasts and host shows. Sakura and Otome seem to be close friends.


Kitaōji  (北大路?)  Kita (?) means North, ō (?) means big and ji (?) means tract or road. That is, Kitaōji means "North Boulevard". It's derived from "Kitaoji Station", a train station in Kyoto.

Sakura (さくら?) means cherry blossom.


  • Her zodiac sign is Aries.
  • Her favorite foods are green tea and Japanese sweets.
  • Her least favorite food is anything spicy.
  • She shares the same seiyuu with Shizuku Hosaka.
  • Her aura is composed of pink and yellow sakura flowers.
  • When she wears her basic coord, her hair clip changes.
  • She has a tendency to address everyone with the honorific "-sama"
  • It is revealed in Episode 68 that Sakura has "friends" in her house's carp pond, named: Koi-ichi; Koi-ji; Koi-zou; Koi-shi; Koi-go; Koi-roku; Koi-shichi; Koi-hachi; Koi-kyuu; Koi-Juu. These names basically mean Carp-one to Carp-ten.
  • Sakura shares her singing voice with Maria Himesato and Sora Kazesawa, the former of which she also shares the same brand.
  • She is the first person in Season 3 to perform in a brand coord that wasn't from their primary brand.
  • As of Episode 124, Sakura replaces Otome Arisugawa as the Starlight Queen.


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