Proof of Constellation Knowledge (星座の証 Seiza no Akashi, lit. Proof of Constellation) is an achievement similar to Knowledge, and awarded to idols who know how to do a Constellation Appeal and did them properly. Currently, Seira OtoshiroIchigo HoshimiyaRan ShibukiSora Kazesawa and Aoi Kiriya are the only idols that are known to have earned Proof of Constellation.

螢幕快照 2013-12-26 下午04.57.52

Known Proves

Constellation Image First Appearance Earned by
Aikatsu! - 51 20.50
That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl Seira Otoshiro,
Ichigo Hoshimiya

Aquarius (みずがめ座 Mizugame-za)

Proof aquarius
The Glittering Aquarius Aoi Kiriya

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