"Hotter than flames! Passionate Jalapeño!"

– Passionate Jalapeño's group catchphrase

Sunlight | Peter Pan

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Jōnetsu Harapēnyo
Type Sexy & Pop
Status On Hiatus

Passionate✮Jalapeño (情熱✮ハラペーニョ Jōnetsu Harapēnyo), sometimes referred to simply as Jalapeño or Passion✮Jalapeño, is an idol unit consisting of Juri Kurebayashi and Hinaki Shinjo. The unit was formed and debuted in Episode 132.



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Unit DressesEdit

Jalapeño Main DressesEdit

World Spicy FestivalEdit


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  • This is the second unit whose debut song is performed on a fashion show stage.
  • This is the first unit to have their official unit name in Japanese.
  • This is the sixth unit in which the unit dresses are brand designs, but the second of which to have them come from two different brands.
  • This is the second unit to be themed after the sun, following Soleil.
  • They are the only unit formed in Season Three whose unit dresses have individual shoes and no accessories.
    • This is also the only unit formed in Season Three to currently have more than one unit song.
    • This is also the only unit formed in Season Three to have more than one unit used coord.
  • This is the third unit to be a multi-type unit instead of only one type.
  • Out of all Season Three units, this is the unit with the most songs performed.


Official ArtEdit

Anime ScreenshotsEdit

Episode 132 - The Burning Passionate Jalapeño! (First Performance)

  • Other Anime Screenshots

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