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Muleta Atsurō
螢幕快照 2015-09-03 下午09.41.48
Japanese Name ムレータ淳朗
Romanized Name Murēta Atsurō
Gender Male
Affiliation Sangria Rosa
Occupation Encierro Atsuji's disciple
First Appearance
Anime Our Different Colors
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mitsuki Saiga

Muleta Atsurō (ムレータ淳朗) is Encierro Atsuji's disciple.



Muleta has curly chestnut hair. He has a silver thick earring on his right ear and a blue stud earring on his left ear. He has bright skin and his eyes are blue-green.


Contrary to his teacher's fiery soul, Muleta is a very gentle spirit and is shown to be a very kind and cheerful person. Originally, he was very hard on himself and lacked confidence because he wasn't hot like Encierro. Despite that, Muleta is very passionate and determined and with the help of Juri, he realized that he didn't need to be like his teacher in order to become a designer in his own right and as a result is much more confident in himself.


Muleta is the name stick that the red cloth hangs from in a bullfight. Like with Tsubasa's name, Muleta's name is comparable to his mentor's name, Encierro, which is the Spanish name of the Running of the Bulls.

Atsurō (淳朗): Atsu () means pure, honest, and simple and () means clarion/clear, bright, cheerful, and sunny. Both of these meanings refer to Muleta's personality.




  • He is the second known disciple of a top designer.
  • He share his voice actress with Hibiki Shikyouin from Pripara series


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