Michelle Tachibana
Japanese Name 立花(たちばな) ミシェル
Romanized Name Tachibana Misheru
English Name Michelle Tachibana
Age Around 15-16
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School,
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 3rd collection (idol gather campaign only)
Anime Move on now!
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Sanae Fuku

Michelle Tachibana (立花 ミシェル Tachibana Misheru) is a half-foreign student at Starlight School. She is in an idol unit with Asami Himuro called SpLasH! and is a friend of Ran Shibuki.



Michelle has bright orange hair that reaches past her shoulders and sea foam green eyes. Her hair is somewhat loose, but with most of it pulled up on the side into a low ponytail held with two small wing shaped hair clips. Over the top of her head is a single braid.


Michelle is a very outgoing girl that is loyal to her friendship with Asami and is often seen with her. Most of her decisions are based on this friendship as well, when shown is Episode 33 when she jumped off the balance beam after Asami fell stating that "it's no point going on if they aren't together."


Angely Sugar's old map

Thanks to Michelle's map, Ichigo can reach the Angely Sugar's headquarter as the digital map by her Aikatsu Phone was off along with the low battery.

Tristar Arc

Michelle appeared during the Tristar Arc, trying to become the members along with Asami. But as Asami failed, Michelle jumps off the balance beam because Asami is more important than joining Tristar for her.


Michelle is a common western name that is of French origins and is the feminine form of the name Michael. The name translates into "Who is like God?".

Tachibana (立花): Tachi () means stand(ing), bana ( hana) means flower.


  • Michelle has an Unknown Torte Coord, along with Asami.
  • Michelle shares her surname with Anna Tachibana, but with different kanji.
  • In Episode 33, it is shown she is a pop-type idol, and in subsequent appearances has been shown wearing Coords from Magical Toy.
  • She shares the same speaking voice as Lisa Shirakaba and Satsuki Miwa.


Official Art

Data Carddass Aikatsu!

Anime Screenshots

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