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  • Hi.

    Do you think you could make some userboxes for Akari, Mikuru, ViVid Kiss, and Love Moonrise? Also, could you make a Korean nationality one too? 

    Thank you. :)

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  • So, err, I just came to thought that we still haven't renewed the community corner, so I tried to expand my default text, but I'm run out of ideas about what should I type more...! Could you help me expand it?

    Here's my current progress:

    '''Welcome to Aikatsu Wiki!''' 
    This page will keeps you to up-to-date with the wiki's activities, you also can help us here with:
    *Adding information and needed pages
    *Adding necessary images or videos
    *Interact with another users; have some discussion to avoid conflicts
    *Suggest missing stuffs to currently active sysop:
    You also could help us with:
    *Expanding [[:Category:Article stubs|article stubs]]
    *Participate in various projects held by users
    Let's wi-katsu together!
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  • So, I was wondering.... Is it possible to edit from the mobile site? And if so, how?

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  • Someone uploaded another personal photo the other day, one unrelated to Aikatsu. I don't know if it's been removed yet or not though but I wanted to let you know.

    Also, about the user MikuHatsune. I feel bad for doing this, but I really think she needs to be talked to or given a little ban. She's been overly rude to other members quite a few times now and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

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    • o haha this is really funny because she called me pathetic after I stood up for ShadowIlinise. But unlike Shadow, i'm not as nice. So basically this is what happened. 

      >..........You are pathetic.....

      14 days ago by MikuHatsune145 

      > Dear MikuHatsune, I hope you know that I don't care whether you bash me or not. Blahblahblah you think I'm pathetic, that's great! The feeling is mutual. You think I'm pathetic, I think you're pathetic, everyone's happy! Except you're bashing people because they don't agree with your opinions. I'll see you around but really, calling other people disrespectful words will get you nowhere.14 days ago by RainbowDream

      I will stand up for myself when someone insults me for no particular reason. Though I admit, I may have become a bit offensive, I did say my piece. Currently, the only "mean" thing she does to me is basically disagree with everything I say, except without any proof or actual reasoning. I actually find this situation kind of funny. 

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    • I saw it in MikuHatsune145's posts on PRRL wikia and I was annoyed. She just thinking about her own opinion. And she commented on Bell!! (out of topic)

      Oh! She doesn't like any character in Aikatsu except Ichigo! She insults Aoi!! Grr... You should give her something to teach.

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  • Do you think you can get rid of an unrelated pic on the wiki? It's one of the more recent ones.

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  • Hi there tacticalmaster.

    i was about to upload newest photos related to ep 71, but when i upload them, 1. i cant see it. 2. "this item is no longer available..." 

    i wonder if there are bugs around??


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  • Yeah, I just noticed that you had to lock the "Idol" page again for understandable reasons (because I too can not stand the chaos). However, I still think the "Aikatsu! Involvement" paragraph should be reverted to how I modified it before that guy possibly "ruined" everything. Regardless, I'm feeling your frustration as well on this matter; just letting you know.

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  • Sorry to stick my nose into your business (again), but how long has this confrontation been going on?

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  • I noticed a user (XXkayaXX) has been editing Otome's page. I thought their edits were a little strange since they were so few minutes apart, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions and assume it was detached editing... until I looked on their talk page and noticed you had warned them of it before.

    I also noticed that on one episodes summary he said "I hate when people people change my edits..." Which may be warning that he does this enough, but also, the previous edit? Was his.

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    • Oh my, sorry about that. Apparently a lot of other users are aware of it also...

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    • Yeah I'm starting to feel somewhat annoyed with the detached editing... But thinking retrospective, it also applies to contributors who don't use the preview button properly. Or, they just keep editing one section at a time (can't press the edit button on the top of the page). So how can you blame them?

      And as for his edit-warring concern, he still never learns. If he's so certain that his original edits are "great," then can't he just get a reason from others? By just being too reckless about recovering his edit, it's only making it worse for him.

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    • Well I think it's more or less up to the editor. They should think about this before they edit, so I wouldn't necessarily say they can be let off just because they didn't think ahead. Accidents do happen, but I still think a lot of people do not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

      And yes I am aware of that all too well. Again, with being a mod I had to ban several people because they could not resist acting up, even after several warnings. I never wanted to punish anyone for what they did but I learned that by doing that, I wasn't really helping anything. But you are right, he may be a good editor but this is only making him look bad if he really is breaking the rules...

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    • Chrismh wrote:
       Accidents do happen, but I still think a lot of people do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

      I try to give some sort of leniency because there are always more than one side to a story, but you have a point with that. They should think about what they are doing.

      But you are right, he may be a good editor but this is only making him look bad if he really is breaking the rules...

      I won't deny his grammar is up to par, and his use of language and eye for detail is certainly creditable, but he seems exceptionally immature and without liable reasons for declaring war.

      By the way, I am very sorry for continuously sticking my nose into both of your businesses. 

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