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January 24, 2013
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  • I can't add the most recent album to the template list since it seems the group limit is 20 and my coding skills, which range from good to total rookie, won't be much help. Is there a way for you to expand that list so more albums can be added or will something else have to be done?

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  • Hey! Congrats for being a crat! This is just a suggestion, as an ex-crat: It seems like crats don't have some or most right admins do, so I'd suggest it you make yourself an admin again.

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  • At the beginning of the month I asked 2gether 4 infinity if I could be granted admin rights. I may have only been here for less than a year, but I feel I have the qualifications for becoming an admin. I'm pretty much always around and I already handle many major jobs like managing the main page and the featured articles. I also catch mistakes pretty quickly and I'm quick to help. I know I've been in conflict as well, but I try to stay as neutral as I can. Will you please consider my request as well? 

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    • Hey Halo.

      Of course I can make you admin! We could use another guardian anyways because we're only two admins here (now we're three, and soon to be four). If you say you have the time to manage the main page, then that would be very helpful! I'll go right ahead and make you admin. Hope you'll help keep this wiki in better shape!

      (And now that you're admin, I guess that would mean you can now delete all those duplicates yourself without having to report to me. Ha ha.)

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    • Again, thank you so much Tactical :D 

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  • Hi TacticalMaster, I have a request. I would like to apply for adminship. I have been here for over a year and I believed that I have the qualifications to become an admin. I am a frequent contributer to the wiki and I think that I can help manage the wiki. I can handle larger projects and jobs. I have had a few arguements with members in the past but I've tried my best to become impartial on such incidents. Would you please consider my request?



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  • the best Photoshop can manage to make it under 300kB is really, really horrible

    maybe I have to give up on putting it here?

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  • Can you delete episode 3's image gallery? It's empty and all the pictures are on the episode's page anyhow.

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  • As you properly already know I am the admin for the winterbells1 wikia and i would like to request an affiliation, I would understand if you said no but I will be waiting patiently for your reply

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    • I wasn't throwing a fit on my last message, but you were rude and blunt in your first reply, you may not see it but thats how you came across to me. I can handle the truth, but what you said wasnt the truth, its not a fansite at all, which made me defensive because it wasn't true at all. It's a wiki like this one where people work hard when they have time.

      Please don't go calling me things like a ticking time bomb, trying to guess what im thinking or what i can handle when you don't know me well at all. I wasn't thinking it was a challange at all, im just trying to get you to understand that the word fansite offended me because I put work into a multi anime wiki just for it to be down graded when i asked nicely for an affiliation.

      Next time a multi anime wiki asks for an affliation don't call it a fansite becuase that does actually offend the people who work on it. just say what you said to me in a later reply "but an all-in-one wiki doesn't sound right to me" or something along those lines.

      P.S I have been calm all the way through this message, Ive tried to give you advice on how to answer people better who are with multi anime wikis. I am also going to ask you not to say anything that may involve what I can and can't handle, a name like a ticking time bomb, or try to interpret what im thinking. So if you reply please please please do not say anything related to the issues above(unless you really understand me my mind is a mystery). I'm apoligizing again for being rude and if i unitentionally offended you. I don't want this to cause a bigger rift between our wiki's as it is, so we can we please put this behind us and forget this happened.

      p.s.s Please dont block me x.x i do like people on this wiki

      yours sincerely 


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    • I wasn't being blunt, okay??? But I did state my point why I said no, alright??? You need to learn how to take a criticism like a proper grown up and turn the hard way into a positive idea. It's like making and publishing a video game and taking in other people's reviews into future improvements. All you've been doing was being so worked up on ONE phrase. Seriously, get over it. Why would you think it will bite off the wiki's pride just because I said "no?" Heck, if I tried to request affiliation with this wiki to another anime wiki that possibly has the same light-hearted genre as Aikatsu, would they say yes? I don't think so, because they'll say no with a reason.

      But you didn't offended me. I was only concerned is why are you so overreacting on a single phrase. It's such a trivial act on how that would affect your wiki's pride.

      But you must understand that a "multi-wiki" wouldn't work out to me. A collection of anime mixed in would throw off focus on one universe. That's why I had to say "no," in a honest way, alright? Ugh, this is already how far I'm going with this paragraph...

      And I'm not blocking you just so I can end this petty dispute. That's being a bad admin, like you see in every macho-enforced wikis.

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  • There's a user on here that's creating invalid pages by renaming the important ones (i.e. the infobox template page and its doc page) and simply creating invalid pages in general. I normally wouldn't ask for this, but could you or someone block them? They are User:785253.

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