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Japanese Name マルセル
Romanized Name Marcel
English Name Marcel
Age About 20-30 (in Kaede's flashback)
Gender Male
Affiliation Magical Toy
Starlight Academy(?)
Occupation Magical Toy's Top Designer Street Clown
First Appearance
Anime Hello ☆ Super Idol
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Unvoiced

Marcel (マルセル Maruceru)[1] is one of the characters in the anime Aikatsu!. He is the Top Designer of Magical Toy who first appeared in Hello ☆ Super Idol.


Marcel lives in New York and is the reason for Kaede's love of magic. He dresses as a street clown to entertain people as well as search for inspiration for his designs.


He is a man dressed in a clown outfit and face paint. His hair is worn as a giant, orange afro.


Mysterious as he may be, Marcel wishes to make everyone (no matter their age) happy.



  • He is the first identified character who appears without saying a word.
  • He is the reason for Kaede Ichinose gaining interest in magic.
  • Marcel has a personal translator who appeared in episode 66.
  • He is the first identified designer that lives outside of Japan.
  • Currently, he is the only designer to appear in the Manga.


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