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Makoto Nijigahara
Aikatsu happyrainbow makoto6
Japanese Name 虹ヶ原 マコト(にじがはら マコト)
Romanized Name Nijigahara Makoto
English Name Makoto Nijigahara
Gender Male
Occupation Happy Rainbow's Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Episode 15
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese)
Hardi (Indonesian)

Makoto Nijigahara is the Top Designer for Happy Rainbow. Despite the fact that he likes to express his "love", he is a rather strict person. Makoto is also a friend of Green Grass.


Makota has a quirky personality. He has a comparatively high voice, and is slightly effeminate. Before he was introduced to the "power of love", Makota was extremely strict and slightly unlikable. However, after meeting Otome, he had a change of heart. Makoto is now more open and more friendly, believing that "love is power".


In Episode 15, he wouldn't give Otome his premium rare cards due to the fact that she was late. However, when he found the other half to his father's ring was with Otome, he gave her the Tropical Basket Coord.

In Season 2, he became more active with Otome and begins using Otome's "Love You" catchaphase.


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