Mako Kondō
Aikatsu mako3
Japanese Name 近藤 真子(こんどう まこ)
Romanized Name Kondō Mako
English Name Mako Kondō
Age 13
Gender Female
Occupation Ex Idol
First Appearance
Anime Episode 5 (flashback only)
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Mami Fujita

Mako Kondō was Ran's childhood friend who went with her to Starlight Academy to become top idols together. However, she dropped out because she wasn't cut out for it, which had bothered Ran since, so she wasn't very open to others (until she met Ichigo and Aoi). Mako has not been seen performing any songs or joining any auditions. 



Mako has bright blue eyes and brown, short hair worn in a boyish cut.


At first, Mako appeared to be a lot like Ichigo, very excited and with a wide-eyed mentality of the idol world. She was self assured that both she and Ran would go far, but she soon began to grow withdrawn and saddened until finally leaving forever. 


  • Mako initially only appeared in flashbacks, but made an appearance later after quitting as an idol.


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