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Japanese Name マキナ
Romanized Name Makina
Gender Female
Affiliation Swing Rock
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime Episode 93
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Satsuki Yukino

Makina (マキナ) is the top designer of Swing Rock.


Makina is the top designer of Swing Rock and touring bassist. Before the start of the second season she had met Seira Otoshiro and Kī Saegusa so the former could obtain her Premium Rare Constellation Dress.


Makina is a peach skinned young woman with magenta colored eyes. She has straight, long pink flare colored hair with cerise pink highlights and wears coral orange lipstick. She has an outfit that consists of a black top, red mini skirt, black gloves and knee high boots. She also has a choker and wears curled earrings.


Makina is shown to be a calm person who gives off a "rock" vibe and has a somewhat informal manner of speaking. She admires and respects Asuka Amahane.



  • She is the first female top designer of a cool brand.


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