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List of Episodes

Season 1

# Title Featured Song Aphorism Air Date
1 私がアイドルになっても?

Watashi ga aidoru ni Nattemo?
I Can Become an Idol?

Move on Now !,

Idol Activity!.


To performers, cards are their life.

October 8, 2012

Ichigo Hoshimiya is a bright young girl who is always helping her mother out at a takeaway bento place. After accidentally messing up her brother Raichi's photos of the top idol, Mizuki Kanzaki, Ichigo goes to her best friend Aoi Kiriya, who manages to get them some tickets to Mizuki's concert. The three of them go to Mizuki's concert, which leaves a strong impression on Ichigo. The next day, Aoi tells Ichigo about the Starlight Academy, a school for idols which uses an 'Aikatsu' system involving cards which are used to select clothes. Aoi decides she wants to try out the entrance exam and asks Ichigo to go with her. As Ichigo reaches the live audition part of her exam, she manages to impress Mizuki and the other judges with her performance and both she and Aoi pass the exam.

2 アイドルがいっぱい!

aidoru ga Ippai!
So Many Idols!

Idol Activity! 全ては今日からのレッスンにかかっている

Everything rests in today's lessons.

October 15, 2012

Ichigo and Aoi begin their first day at Starlight Academy, taking in the sights before moving into their dorm. They then meet up with the headmistress, Orihime Mitsuishi, who gives them the Aikatsu cards they selected in the audition, as well as an Aikatsu Phone used to store their cards. They are soon introduced to their homeroom teacher, Johnny Bepp, and are enrolled in their class. The girls are then informed of a special audition, the winner of which gets to be Mizuki's temporary manager, the catch being that there's only one slot available. As Aoi works hard on her lessons, she explains to Ichigo about how she gained her love of idols. During the audition, Ichigo trips up during the performance whilst Aoi is declared the winner. As Ichigo laments her loss later that night, she encounters Mizuki, who warns her that she may not always be able to be by Aoi's side.

3 あなたをもっと知りたくて

Anata wo Motto Shiritakute
I Want to Know More About You

Move on Now ! アイドルは特訓も命

To Idols, intensive training also their life.

October 22, 2012

As Aoi begins her job as Mizuki's temporary manager alongside her usual manager, Honoka Tsukikage, Ichigo decides to pursue them in secret. She is soon caught stowing away, but Mizuki lets her tag along regardless. As Mizuki goes through her various activities, Honoka hints to Ichigo that Mizuki isn't the prodigy that Ichigo thinks she is. Later that night, as Ichigo and Aoi go to return Mizuki's Aikatsu Phone, they notice her pushing herself in late night training. Honoka goes on to explain that Mizuki trains harder than any other idol, having spent an entire year before her debut away from the public eye to do intensive training, saying Ichigo and Aoi will need to train even harder if they want to surpass her.

4 Oh! My! Fan!

Oh! My! Fan!

Idol Activity! カメラの向こう側へ微笑め

Smile to the other side, not the camera.

October 29, 2012

After Ichigo and Aoi's audition is uploaded to the academy's website, Aoi gets her first fan letter. As Ichigo applies for another audition with Aoi for a job at a takoyaki store, she begins training to avoid tripping over like last time. She sprains her foot but is helped by a young boy named Oota who reveals himself to be a fan of hers. Ichigo and Aoi join Oota the next day for their running practice and, despite the harshness of the training, both Ichigo and Oota manage to push each other to try their hardest. Having noticed how much Ichigo pushed herself, Oota decides to try harder in his track running as well. As Oota goes to his track meet, Ichigo and Aoi manage to convey their feelings to the audience and win their audition whilst Oota manages to pass his preliminaries. Later, Aoi tells Ichigo that Oota isn't her very first fan; it's Aoi herself.

5 ラン! ランウェイ!

Ran! Ranvei!
Ran! Runway!

prism spiral ランウェイはみんなの滑走路

Runway is everyone's runway.

November 5, 2012

Ichigo becomes curious about her classmate, Ran Shibuki, who appears to be something of a loner. Later, Ichigo ends up paired with Ran for an upcoming audition for a fashion show. As Ichigo trains with Aoi to act like a model, Ran laments about her former partner. Prior to the audition, Mizuki gives Ichigo some advice on Ran. On the day of the audition, Ran takes Ichigo behind the scenes to show her an idol's purpose on the runway: to express the feelings of the staff, supporters and audience. After passing the audition, Ran reveals to Ichigo about her former roommate, who had to drop out, which had left her in a funk before auditioning with Ichigo.

6 サインに夢中!

Sain ni Muchu!
Lost in an Autograph!

Idol Activity! サインは顔をあげて

Head your face up when signing.

November 12 2012

As Ichigo and Ran head to their fashion shoot, Ichigo realizes she doesn't have an autograph signature. Hearing about this, Johnny tasks Ichigo and Aoi to come up with a signature by the next day. Ran agrees to help them figure out an autograph to use, spending all night helping them out. Although Aoi's autograph is approved by Johnny, he feels Ichigo's design would take too long to write. Rather than just design a more simpler one, Ichigo undergoes training to try and write hers more quickly. Later, Ichigo is asked by her family to pay them a visit, which Raichi turns into an autograph session. However, Ichigo finds that her enthusiasm to get her autograph done quickly is alienating her fans. After some advice from Ran, Ichigo learns that it's fine to sacrifice the quality of an autograph for the sake of interacting more with your fans. This meets the approval of Johnny, who rewards Ichigo with some rare Aikatsu cards: Angely Sugar, which helps her win an audition to be a stationary spokeswoman.

7 つぶやきにご用心

Tsubuyaki ni Goyōjin
Beware the Blog

prism spiral おいしいものは最初に食べろ

Eat your favorite food first.

November 19, 2012

Ichigo and Aoi end up signing up for different auditions on the same day, receiving support from fans from the KiraKiratter social network. Aoi grows a little concerned when she learns Ran is also entering the same audition she is. Aoi soon ends up picking up strange training advice from KiraKiratter, ranging from beam balancing to aromatherapy, causing Ichigo to become worried. On the day of the Pon-Pon Crepe audition (Which Aoi and Ran enter), Aoi receives rare Aikatsu cards: Futuring Girl from the janitor, though he doubts that she can use them properly as she is. As Aoi waits for her audition, she realizes that she became so absorbed in net feedback that she's been oblivious to the words of her real life friends. As Aoi starts to doubt that she can beat Ran, Ichigo rushes back from her own audition to give Aoi her support in person. Receiving confidence from Ichigo's support, Aoi manages to win the audition whilst Ichigo also manages to pass hers.

8 地下の太陽

Chika no Taiyo
The Underground Sun

Idol Activity! ライバルは成長のスパイス

Rivals are spices for your improvements.

November 26, 2012

As Ichigo gets lost whilst shooting a vlog, she discovers an underground studio where another idol is in training. Later, it is revealed Ran is to participate in a Sensational Student Audition against Hikari Minowa, who she has never been able to beat before. As Ichigo and Ran discover the underground studio again later that day, they find Hikari is the one using it to rehearse for her web concerts. As the girls visit Ran's room, they learn about how she was given some rare cards from a brand designer she admired. As Ran and Hikari compete together in the final audition, they end up reaching a tie, deciding to settle the score another time. Afterwards, Ran decides to train Ichigo and Aoi for a special group audition.

9 Move on now!

Move on now!

Move on Now ! Move・on・now! December 3, 2012

As Ichigo, Aoi and Ran train for their special audition, they ask Johnny for help on obtaining special Premium Cards needed for their audition. As Johnny and Orihime arrange a meeting with the brand designers, the girls train to perform on of Mizuki's songs to impress them. Whilst visiting the library, they meet Michelle Tachibana and Asami Himuro, who are also training for the special audition. Aoi and Ran later have their meetings with their respective brand designers, managing to receive some premium cards. Ichigo's meeting with her brand, Angely Sugar, ends up coming close to the special audition, but she decides to take a chance anyway. However, when her Aikatsu Phone runs out of battery, she ends up taking the long route up the side of a mountain. Admiring her effort, the designer rewards her with cards of her latest design, and Ichigo manages to make it back just in time for her audition. The girls manage to put on an amazing performance and pass the audition alongside Michelle and Asami, receiving a mastery of song in their Aikatsu Phones known as a Mastery. Later that night, Ichigo runs into Mizuki again, who tells her this is just the beginning.

10 虹色のおとめ

Nijiiro no Otome
The Rainbow-Colored Otome

Angel Snow みんな見えないところでがんばってる

Everyone's secretly working hard somewhere.

December 10, 2012

On their way to school, the girl's meet the peculiar Otome Arisugawa, who fell into the school fountain trying to catch a rainbow. Meanwhile, a tournament is held for one of three places in a special Christmas event, with Ichigo to face Otome in the first round. After Naoto warns Aoi and Ran that Ichigo might not be able to win against Otome if all she thinks about is fun, Ichigo sees how hard Otome practices and becomes determined to practice harder. Later, the janitor gives Ichigo some advice that she needs to sing from her soul, before Ichigo manages to see a rainbow with Otome. Ichigo manages to win the audition to earn her place in the event, along with Aoi and Ran. Afterwards, Orihime and Johnny reveal that, due to the increase in participants, an additional position is opened which Otome is asked to audition for through a revenge audition.

11 おとめは誰かに恋してる

Otome wa Dareka ni Koi Shiteru
Otome Falls in Love with Someone

Angel Snow ラブはパワー

Love is power.

December 17, 2012

As Otome falls out of a tree trying to rescue a cat, she is rescued by the janitor. As Otome seems a little spaced out afterwards, Ichigo and the others assume she has a crush on Naoto, leading Aoi to reminisce about a boy she previously admired. Realizing they don't actually know the janitor's name, Ichigo follows him, learning that he is a band vocalist named Naoto Suzukawa, who claims to have no interest in any of the students and asking Ichigo to keep his other career a secret from the academy. The gang soon learns that what Otome fell in love with wasn't actually Naoto but was in fact the cat-shaped necklace he was wearing at the time. The next day, Otome manages to pass her revenge audition.

12 We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU Ver. Merry Christmas! December 24,2012

As Ichigo ends up volunteering everyone to help out for a Christmas party on the day of the special event, she notices the normally energetic Yuna Nakayama is feeling down due to her parents working around Christmas. As Ichigo becomes determined to prepare a special Christmas Tree for her, she and the others, along with a television producer filming for the special event, heads to Angely Mountain to find a suitable tree. Chopping down the biggest tree they could find, the girls ride it down the mountain before Angely Sugar's gardener helps them take it back to the academy, where the other students help to decorate it. Having been pleased with their efforts as they are aired on TV, Orihime awards the girls with some rare Aikatsu cards for their special event. As Yuna beholds the tree her friends prepared for her, she is delighted by the surprise arrival of her parents. As the Christmas party gets underway, Orihime is in talks about pairing Ichigo up with Mizuki.

13 カロリーの悲劇!

Karoris no Higeki
The Tragedy of Calories!

Trap of Love 甘いものは別腹!!

There's always room for sweets!!

January 7th, 2013

As the New Year rolls in, Orihime informs Mizuki of her planned partnership with Ichigo for a special stage event. Meanwhile, Ichigo ends up eating too much over the New Year's break and gains weight by the time school starts up again. Wanting her to get back into shape, Aoi and Ran enter Ichigo into a Shining Girl audition and try to get her to exercise, but can't seem to break her out of her lazy and gluttonous habit. They soon show her that she will be unable to use her Aikatsu cards if she doesn't put her all into being an idol. Remembering how hard Mizuki trains, Ichigo resolves to train harder and starts going on a diet. Despite losing her New Year's weight, Ichigo keeps pushing herself to lose more weight until Mizuki reminds her that it's okay to eat sweet things in moderation. After Ichigo passes her audition, she and the others are informed of a drama audition they will be competing against each other in.

14 イケナイ刑事♥

Ikenai Deka♥
Naughty Detectives♥

Midnight Skyhigh アドリブは空気を読んで

Ad-lib needs sensing the situation.

January 14, 2013

As the girls anticipate their audition for a drama called Naughty Detective, they also find themselves against fellow schoolmate Shion Kamiya. As the girls are informed of two roles to audition for one boyish and the other intellectual, Shion cuts her hair short to try for a boyish detective role. As Aoi starts to become nervous, Orihime gives her and Ichigo some words of advice. After a series of ad-lib auditions, both Aoi and Shion manage to pass the audition with their performances, although Ichigo also gets cast as an extra.

15 クスノキの恋

Kusunoki no Koi
Love Under the Camphor Tree

Trap of Love アイドルは時間も命

To idols, time also their life.

January 21, 2013

As Ichigo and the others prepare for a team audition, they decide that Otome needs to obtain some premium cards. After Johnny warns them that the designer for Otome's favorite brand, Happy Rainbow, is a very strict person, the girls work on their team training. On the day of the audition, Orihime manages to arrange a last minute meeting with the designer, although Otome ends up getting lost. Just then, she encounters an old woman named Ikuyo who is searching for a camphor tree where she once confessed to her first love. Otome decides to help her search for it, enlisting the help of the others.

After searching through countless shrines, the girls find the location of the tree, only to learn it was cut down following a typhoon. Thanking the girls anyway, Ikuyo rewards Otome with a ring that she was given after being turned down. Although the Happy Rainbow designer, Makoto, initially refuses to give Otome her cards due to showing up late, he notices the ring Ikuyo gave her is the same as the one passed down to him by his father, realizing he was the one Ikuyo confessed to. Accepting the ring, Makoto awards Otome with the premium cards and the girls manage to make it to their audition, where they earn the Mastery of Appearance. Afterwards, Mizuki informs Ichigo that they'll be performing together.

16 ドッキドキ!! スペシャルライブ PART 1

Doki Doki!! Supesharu Raibu PART 1
Heart Pounding!! Special Live Part 1

Idol Activity! アピールはステージの華

Appeal's stage flower.

January 28, 2013

Ichigo nervously attends her first meeting with Mizuki's staff as they plan for her next concert. After the meeting, Mizuki starts training Ichigo on a trampoline, teaching her about the Special Appeals she'll need to use. As Ichigo struggles to think about how to pull it off, her friends give her some advice. During the rehearsal, Ichigo manages to perform a Special Appeal, but later feels frustrated that she couldn't match up to Mizuki, who performed three. However, Mizuki assures her that she'll be able to perform three on the day of the concert.

17 ドッキドキ!! スペシャルライブ PART 2

Doki Doki!! Supesharu Raibu PART 2
Heart Pounding!! Special Live Part 2

Idol Activity!, Signalize! 失敗を恐れるな!

Don't be afraid of failure!

February 4, 2013

As the day of the concert arrives, Ichigo's mother, Ringo, has a feeling of nostalgia as she takes Raichi to the theater. Meanwhile, Ichigo is nervous as she hasn't been able to do three Special Appeals during her rehearsal, but Aoi, Ran and Otome show up to give her their support. As Ichigo takes the stage for her first performance alongside Mizuki, she is able to perform three Special Appeals and make a strong impression on the crowd. However, during the second performance, Ichigo starts to feel a bit weak, but Mizuki manages to give her the strength to see it to the end of the song whilst also performing a fourth Special Appeal herself. Following the concert, Ichigo seems to be spacing out a lot, although she eventually explodes into high praise for Mizuki whilst talking to Naoto, desiring to be a top idol just like her.

18 チョコっとらぶ

Chocotto Love
Choco and Love

Growing for a dreams 思いはチョコにのせて♡

Put your feelings in choco♡

February 11, 2013

As Ichigo, Aoi, Ran and Otome are asked to perform for a Valentine's Day Fashion Show, the girls decide to make some handmade chocolate for the event before spending the night picking out their choice of clothes. Meanwhile, Raichi, who wants to receive some chocolate from Aoi, sneaks into Starlight Academy dressed as a girl, posing as Ichigo's little sister so he can help make the chocolate. However, he becomes depressed when he finds Aoi hasn't made any chocolate for him. He does cheer up after watching everyone in the fashion show. After the performance, Aoi gives Raichi some chocolate of his own.

19 月夜のあの娘は秘密の香り

Tsukiyo no Anoko wa Himitsu no Kaori
The Secret Scent of the Moonlit Girl

Glass Doll キャラクターは一日にしてならず

Characters won't made in a day.

February 18, 2013

Whilst running home late from a job, Ichigo encounters a supposed vampire, who runs off when she sees a pin Otome gave her. This vampire is revealed to be Otome's classmate, Yurika Tōdō, who constantly acts in character in preparation for a Goth-Loli themed audition for a rock festival, which Ichigo also intends to participate in. Feeling she needs to make a character for herself too, Ichigo starts dressing up like Frankenstein's bride. The next day, Yurika ends up causing a fire in her dorm room whilst using aroma candles to fit her character, with Ichigo rushing in to recover her umbrella before Naoto puts out the fire. After the incident, Yurika gives Ichigo and the others her thanks and shows them her normal side, as a regular girl wearing glasses who likes vampires. As the day of the audition comes, Ichigo decides to face against Yurika using her own brand and despite not winning the audition, feels proud of her efforts.

20 ヴァンパイア・スキャンダル

Vampaia Sukyandaru
Vampire Scandal

Glass Doll 壁に耳あり障子に目あり

The walls have ears and the doors have eyes.

February 25, 2013

An article appears in the tabloids features photos that expose Yurika's normal appearance that she keeps secret from the public. Ichigo and the others suggest that she might be able to overcome it she obtains some Premium Cards for the rock festival. However, Yurika becomes downhearted, believing she will lose the fans who loved her vampire personality. Wanting to cheer her up, Ichigo shows Yurika some of her fans that were hiding outside of her dorm, who still believe in her. Regaining her confidence, Yurika and the others go to meet the LoLi GoThiC's head designer, Maya Yumekoji, who lives in a rather spooky mansion. After the others help her get through the scary trials, Yurika reaches Maya, who acknowledges Yurika's desire to become stronger and gives her some Premium Cards. After pulling out a stellar performance at the rock festival, Yurika returns to her good old self.

21 オシャレ怪盗☆スワロウテイル

Oshare Kaito☆Suvaroteru
Stylish Thief ☆ Swallowtail

Thrilling Dream チームワークは大切に

Treasure teamwork.

March 4, 2013

Ichigo, Ran, Otome and Yurika are given the chance to audition for a movie remake of Stylish Thief ☆ Swallowtail, a show which previously starred Masquerade, the idol pair Orihime was a part of. As the gang train for the audition, Yurika chooses not to in order to keep with her vampire character. Upon arriving at the audition, the girls are tasked with recovering a card that was stolen from a holographic Mizuki from a booby trap filled castle, where Ichigo and Otome's hasty movements cause trouble for Ran and Yurika. Although Yurika manages to help the gang get past a group of guards, her lack of training makes itself noticeable when she has to dodge security lasers. As the girls soon reach the escape phase of their audition, they end up having to fight their way past Aoi and Shion onto a hot air balloon. When the balloon suddenly starts to descend, Ichigo and Otome decide to get off to lighten the balloon, shortly joined by Ran and Yurika, who decide to join them. As the audition comes to a close, they each receive a Mark of Acting in their Aikatsu Phones, including Aoi, whilst Ichigo and Otome are chosen for the roles in the movie.

22 アイドルオーラとカレンダーガール

Aidoru Ora to Karenda Gaaru
Idol Aura and Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl 変装は穏やかに

Don't overdo disguise.

March 11, 2013

The gang decide to go undercover so they can watch Ichigo and Otome's movie in a normal movie theater. After the movie, they come across Ringo and Raichi, who points out how idols have a particular scent to them, which Aoi later explains to be an idol's aura. As Ichigo becomes worried that she might not have an idol aura herself, she, Aoi and Ran are informed of a concert they'll be appearing in due to the attention they've garnered from their recent work. Later, Ichigo appears in a radio interview and is initially overcome with nerves, but gets some assurance from the host. During the show, Ichigo reads out a letter by Raichi, the answer of which projects her aura out of the radio to her fans. Ichigo soon comes to realize aura isn't something you can consciously exude, but is something that flows naturally from her idol activities. After the concert goes without a hitch, Orihime makes plans for Ran to participate in a special audition held by Spicy Ageha.

23 アゲハなミューズ

Ageha na Myusu
The Muse of Ageha

Growing for a dreams ファッションは笑顔から

Smiles first for fashion.

March 18, 2013

As Ran trains for the representative audition for Spicy Ageha, Ichigo applies her to appear in a fashion show for the senior students' graduation ceremony. Ran states that in order to become a representative, she will have to outperform third year student Ema Shinjo. Ran ends up losing the audition to Ema, with Orihime saying whilst her audition was spot-on, she doesn't yet have what it takes to become the brand's 'muse'. Ran starts pushing herself to train, believing she isn't suited for the fashion show audition. Noticing her funk, Orihime takes Ran to the third year classrooms to teach her the true meaning of being a muse, to inspire designers to design for her. Receiving some new Aikatsu cards for everyone, Ran joins the others in the fashion show before seeing off Ema as she graduates.

24 エンジョイ♪オフタイム

Enjoy♪ Offtime

Ponytail After School 旅は道連れ

Good company on the road is the shortest cut.

March 25, 2013

After finishing up their auditions for a while, Ichigo, Aoi and Ran decide to go to some hot springs for their time off. Along the way, they encounter some fans, have conversations on the train and stop by a field of flowers to enjoy a picnic. However, after taking a lengthy nap after eating, they find they've missed all the buses to the hot springs, meaning they have to walk back to the station. Luckily, they encounter another fan who gives them a ride to the station, and despite not getting to go to the hot springs, the girls enjoy the day they have spent together. On the ride home, Ichigo receives word that her father is returning home.

25 エイプリルフールのやくそく☆

Eipriru Furu no Yakusoku☆
April Fools' Promise☆

Calendar Girl 事実は小説より奇なり

Fact is stranger than fiction.

April 4, 2013

Ichigo's father, Taichi, arrives home on April Fools' Day, bringing with him some star grapes the he acquired during his travels. Hearing he'll be around for the Spring Vacation, Ichigo invites him to view one of her auditions before taking him to the academy to meet her friends, where he talks more wild tales which Aoi and the others pass off as an April Fools prank. Later that night, Taichi receives a call from his colleagues, calling him back to work to negotiate with a tribe about the star grapes. Working as quickly as he can, Taichi manages to make it back to Japan in time for Ichigo's audition, as the tribe elder urged him to head back and keep his daughter's promise. After the audition, Ichigo sees Taichi off as he heads back on his travels.

26 さくらの季節

Sakura no Kisetsu
The Season of Sakura

Happiness on the same Earth 花には団子

Dango for flowers.

April 11, 2013

As a new school year arrives and Ichigo and the others move up a year, the now second year students are assigned to help mentor the new freshmen. Ichigo is assigned to a freshman named Sakura Kitaoji, whose grandfather helped train Mizuki. However, her twin brother, Sakon, doesn't approve of her enrolling in Starlight Academy and living on her own. After an awkward spat between siblings, Ichigo begins training Sakura for a freshman fashion show audition. When Ichigo feels that Sakura is worrying about something, she gets some advice from Mizuki and comes to realize that Sakura is anxious due to being apart from her brother. Realizing this, Ichigo gets help from Naoto to light up a cherry blossom tree outside of Sakura's dorm, assuring her that she's never alone. After the audition, Sakon expresses his praise for how well Sakura handled things on her own.

27 開幕☆フレッシュガールズカップ

Kaimaku☆Furesshu Garuzu Kappu
Raise The Curtain☆Fresh Girls Cup

Shining Sky on The G String アイカツは楽しんで

Aikatsu is having fun.

April 18, 2013

The Fresh Girls Cup is announced, in which students get the chance to challenge Mizuki for the title of Starlight Queen. Ran, who competed the previous year before Ichigo and Aoi transferred in, explains how remarkable Mizuki is for facing off against every single student, stating it will be tough to beat her and all of their rivals. This year, Mizuki throws in a new rule that performers will have to perform three special appeals on demand or otherwise fail, pushing the bar exceptionally high. Ichigo and the others soon start training intensely for the cup, though Ichigo feels there is something they are missing. After receiving a call from Raichi, she comes to understand the most important thing; to have fun and appeal to their fans. On the day of the cup, Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, Otome, Yurika and Sakura are grouped together to face Mizuki, though only Ichigo, Aoi and Ran manage to keep up with the special appeals until the end and qualify for the semifinals.

28 美月とスッポン

Mizuki to Suppon
Mizuki and A Soft-Shelled Turtle

Shining Sky on The G String 眠れぬ夜には散歩

Walk on sleepless nights.

April 18, 2013

Ichigo, Aoi and Ran find themselves unable to sleep before the semi-finals and decide to have a sleepover in Ichigo's room. Reading Mizuki's new magazine for research, they learn she has started her own brand, Love Queen, designed specifically for top idols. As the girls take the magazine's advice of undergoing individual training catered to their needs, Naoto helps Ichigo realize the best way for her to train; to act instead of think. After the semi-finals come to an end, only Ichigo makes it to the final, but Aoi and Ran continue to support her despite their losses. Before the final begins, Mizuki tells Ichigo that she is using the Cup to search for a worthy partner, urging Ichigo to give it everything she's got, although she ends up in second place in the end. Later that night, Mizuki hints to Ichigo that the gap between them may be smaller than she thinks.

29 アイドル☆ティーチャー


Idol Activity! あいさつは大切に

Treasure greetings.

April 18, 2013

As Ichigo, Aoi and Ran ponder on how they can catch up to Mizuki, they meet a first year named Akane Mimori, who is an admirer of Aoi. With the girls wondering how to become more responsible upperclassmen, Orihime assigns them as teachers, in which they must come up with ways to teach the freshmen about being an idol. Struggling to come up with lesson ideas, the girls approach Akane over what she would like to learn, to which she expresses that she'd like to hear about what they have experienced. On the day of the lesson, Ran has trouble getting questions from the audience whilst Ichigo forgets about teaching them altogether. However, Aoi manages to stay focused and provide an insightful look into idol life, gaining a lot of praise from the students. As a reward, the girls receive rare Spring Collection cards from Orihime and put them to use in a show.

30 真心のコール&レスポンス

Magokoro no Koru & Risponsu
A Sincere Call and Response

Happiness on the same Earth/Growing for a Dream ライブは一体感!

Unite in live!

May 9, 2013

A special audition is being held where idols must form teams to try and earn the Mastery of Communication. Ichigo and the others invite Sakura to join their team, but she doesn't feel confident as she doesn't have any premium rare cards. She tells them about her favorite brand, Aurora Fantasy, but doubts that she would be able to obtain premium cards from its top designer, Green Grass, as she doesn't feel they suit her. As the others each do their part to try and help Sakura, Otome goes to see Makoto, who is friends with Green Grass, and receives a new Happy Rainbow Premium Dress, conveying to Sakura of how she doesn't want to lose to the amount of love she has for Aurora Fantasy. Her confidence renewed, Sakura goes to see Green Grass, who is revealed to be a pair of twin sisters, who give her a Premium Dress as thanks for all the letters she sent to them as a child. After a successful audition of using call & response, the girls earn their Mastery of Communication.

31 母の日はアイドル

Haha no Hi wa Aidoru
An Idol on Mother's Day

Wake up my music 母の味は忘れがたし

Mother's cooks are unforgettable.

May 16, 2013

As Mother's Day approaches, a audition is announced in which student pairs will be performing one of Masquerade's songs. With the theme being 'nostalgic melody', Aoi puts everyone on a 'retro' training regime, but this fails to impress the dance teacher. On Mother's Day, Ichigo and Raichi help around the house so Ringo can put her feet up. Whilst observing her cooking, Ichigo gets some advice from Ringo on how to overcome her training wall. Ringo takes Ichigo to an old stage where they used to sing as children, as well as where she first met Taichi. After helping Ichigo practice her dance routine, Ringo gives her an Aikatsu accessory card, the Starlight Tiara, which she wears in her audition with Aoi, helping them to win.

32 いちごパニック

Ichigo Panic

fashion check! かけもちはほどほどに

Double-jobbing in moderation.

May 23, 2013

As the gang are chosen for a Newcomer Idol event, in which they decide on wearing matching brands, Ichigo is requested by Angely Sugar's designer to appear in a commercial for their mascot, Angely Bear. However, the scheduling for the commercial clashes with the training for the newcomer event, but Ichigo becomes determined to do both, as she feels they are both very important. Whilst handling production meetings during the day, Ichigo trains for her performance during the night. Noticing her struggling to balance them properly, Aoi gets help from Johnny and Sakura to provide dance lesson videos for Ichigo to use as a reference. As Ichigo feels bad about falling behind on her concert practice, the designer tells her why she made the Angely Bears, to bring smiles to people. After finishing up her filming, Ichigo gets in some extra training with the others and performs well before everyone gets together to watch the finished commercial.

33 チャンス&トライ☆

Chance & Try☆

Take Me Higher 傘はしっかり持とう

Hold your umbrella tight.

May 30, 2013

Mizuki decides to hold an audition at Starlight Academy for two partners to form a new idol unit, Tristar, with her. As all the students spend the next week training, the girls hear from Aoi about how Mizuki once tried a team audition shortly after becoming the Starlight Queen, but failed due to her skill being far beyond her teammates. The audition begins with an obstacle course, with the idols first required to climb a steep wall which is made more difficult due to Naoto spraying water everywhere, eliminating the contestants down to fifty. They next have to cross a balance beam whilst being bombarded with volleyballs, followed by having to finish a song whilst riding a mechanical bull, bringing the contestants down to twenty. After Yurika gets eliminated due to keeping her character during a crawl against a giant fan, eight idols remain for the concert stage which, besides Ichigo and the others, include the three girls that entered the team audition with Mizuki two years ago. After the eight contestants perform, Mizuki announces that Ichigo, Aoi, Ran and the three former teammates will compete in a final audition the next day. Just then, a mysterious girl named Kaede Ichinose skydives in from above.

34 Hello☆スーパーアイドル

Hello ☆ Super Idol

Take Me Higher オーディションだってステージ!

Even auditions are stages!

June 6, 2013

Kaede, who is a super idol in America, manages to get a place in the final audition by showing she has done more extreme versions of the trials the other idols went through. This leaves Aoi and Ran uneasy about their own auditions, whilst Ichigo wonders if there is something more to the audition than simply getting into Tristar. The girls decide to visit Kaede, where they learn how she became fascinated with magic after meeting the designer of her favorite brand, Magical Toy. Kaede then explains to Ichigo that even though the audition is for a place in Tristar. it is still a performance which she intends to make fun for the audience. This encourages the others to do their best in entertaining their fans during their audition the next day. Following the audition, Mizuki chooses Kaede as her first member, but announces that Ichigo, Aoi and Ran must face off against each other in one more audition for the remaining place.

35 涙の星

Namida no Hoshi
Star of Tears

Take Me Higher 面接は普段どおりに

Be yourself during Interviews!

June 13, 2013
As the Final Audition continues, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran lives a night in an isolated mansion in Starlight Academy, live in different rooms, and their Aikatsu! Phone taken away. Facing their loneliness, they received 2013 Summer Collection cards by Principal Orihime by their favorite brands, at the next day, they interviewed individually by Mizuki with a live broadcast. Ichigo who's nervous, strangely can hear Aoi's and Ran's voices, which makes her can say things that is in her mind, and promises to be the sun of Tristar as Mizuki once said on Episode 28. Aoi who's the next tells how she'll do everything to make Tristar shines so bright and Ran tells that she is she herself. After they meet again, they then go eat by cook a big hotcake, as they called to go to the live performance, Otomo, Yurika, Sakura, and their classmates gives support for the three. After the live, they chose Ran to be the last member. Before she leaves Starlight Academy, she calls Ichigo and Aoi and tells them how delicious the hotcake was. Aoi then tells that she appears like not Ran Shibuki and Ichigo tells her about the meaning of runway she once told to Ichigo, then asks her to smile, as Ran wipes her tears, she then smiles, makes Ichigo and others smiles too. Before the ending credits, then Ran appears in a runway, walking to the stage where her fans is waiting.
36 トライスターテイク オフ☆

Tristar Take Off☆

Take Me Higher 見られてこそ星は輝く

Stars shines because they are gazed upon.

June 20, 2013

As Tristar's getting busy, Ran becomes more isolated from Ichigo and Aoi, who just planned to give a gift for Ran in the morning after Ran left. After school then, as Raichi with his classmates asks about Tristar and Ran, Ichigo with Aoi says that they were also unable to contact Ran, that disappoints Raichi, but in other ide he also feel bad for Ichigo. Then after practice, Ichigo and Aoi watch Tristar's debut guerrilla live, which is tomorrow, having a conflict with Ichigo's audition and Aoi's Naughty Detective shooting, but as they see Ran smiles when announcing the live, they thinks it's okay for her. Meanwhile, on the midnight for practice with Johnny, Ran's the most failed, feels she's possibly failed with the appeal.

After Kaede and Mizuki go to sleep, she goes to practice alone again, but failed again. On the same night, as Johnny and Orihime talk about the practice, Orihime spotted another pair of stars, a pink and a blue one. The next day, after the live, after Mizuki and Kaede enter the restroom, Ran closed the door, sitting somewhere else and feels that the now her isn't enough to become Tristar's member, but then after she received Ichigo and Aoi's letters, remembering when they're were as three together, and eats Ichigo's seaweed, she feels happy again. Meanwhile, Orihime tells Johnny that they needs more unit for the academy, showing the photos of Ichigo and Aoi...

37 太陽に向かって

Taiyō ni mukatte
Head for the Sun

Diamond Happy 三人寄ればソレイユ!

As the three gathers, there it is, Soleil!

June 27, 2013
As Tristar takes off, Orihime informs the students of the academy that a new idol group would be formed. The group was named Soleil and the members are Ichigo and Aoi. Taken off guard, Ichigo and Aoi were reluctant to send a message to Ran fearing that she would be too busy. In the end, they sent the message. Ran was overjoyed for them but couldn't help feeling a little depressed that she wouldn't be with them. Mizuki notices as well, even though Ran does try to hide it. During an interview, Aoi and Ichigo are answering questions when Ran bursts in to notify them that she has dropped out of Tristar to join Soleil. Overjoyed to see her, Aoi and Ichigo embraces Ran. Mizuki later informs the crowd that Tristar will fully support Ran's decision at a concert. After Soleil's takeoff, Ran shows the text from Mizuki, telling her that she had been released from Tristar because she could shine brighter underneath the sun. 
38 ストロベリーパフェ♪

Strawberry Parfait♪

Take Me Higher 対バンライブで盛りあがろう!

Everyone get pumped up for the joint live!

July 4, 2013
With Soleil now a three-girl group, Aoi and Ran decide Ichigo should be the leader. Meanwhile, Otome decides to form her own idol unit with Sakura and Shion, Powa Powa Puririn, whilst Mizuki takes an interest in Yurika. Whilst initially struggling with what leader she should try and become, Ichigo gets some inspiration from a strawberry parfait, being a leader that relies on her team mates as much as they rely on her. Mizuki eventually reveals that she has chosen Yurika as the third member of Tristar, followed by an announcement that Tristar and Soleil will perform together in concert. Later that night, Ran meets up with Yurika to pass on her former uniform. They talk for a while, and Yurika then performs with Tristar. At the last part of the episode, we see Orihime acknowledging Powa Powa Puririn as an idol group.
39 それゆけ、ソレイユ!

Soreyuke Soleil!
Go get'em Soleil!

Diamond Happy 獅子の子落とし

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

July 11, 2013

When the Soleil made it successfully, they plan to have a handshake event which many people had came by using the internet when Orihime ask them to go to her office. They discovered a concert held but if the seats are not full, the concert will be canceled. Back in the bento shop, Ringo tells Raichi to give the food to the old lady. When the old lady sees the poster name "Soleil" in the store, Raichi went toward her and tells her that those three girls are best friends Ichigo, Aoi, Ran. The old lady was delighted but when she told Raichi she really doesn't listen to music anymore, it disappoints Raichi but it didn't last long when the old lady was about to leave the store when her food falls and Ringo help the old lady and he said that he will bring it over to her house. At first the lady rejected and refused but she has no choice and she accepted the offer.

Meanwhile, Ichigo and her friends climbed up to the stage to call attention but only a few people recognized them until Ichigo brighten up but when they saw Johnny, Johnny gave them the reminder again and after Ichigo gets the idea of going to the Bento shop, Orihime shows up to Johnny and she gave him a compliment but before she speaks, Johnny cuts her off and says that the the job the girls have to to do is to hard for them. Then when she said "to become those girls to be strong they have to be in there own" then Johnny asked

"Do you think they can handle it?" and Orihime replied "Of course, cause the sun has to shine brightly" and after that conversation the story went back to Soleil as they went to the bento shop, they had a little snack when Raichi asked "Is my sis doing well as leader?"
Ran and Aoi answered "Of course, she just has to be herself" then Ichigo smiled. When Ichigo noticed there was a white bag, Raichi said "We have to get it to the customer" then Ichigo helped Raichi as the at the door opens and the old lady was surprised.

Then Raichi gave her her bag back and Ichigo asked if she could come to Soleil's concert. The old lady first refused then she changed her mind and she asked if her friends could come as well. Soleil was surprised that there were many people and as the concert comes near, they filled it but Johnny spots that one more seat is not filled then Ichigo ask him to continue and Johnny said "Okay".  After the concert, Orihime showed up and Johnny said it was amazing because Soleil over seated the stage and as back home, STAR ANIS is going to be formed.

40 ガール・ミーツ・ガール

Girl meets girl

Signalize! ドレスは人がまとってこそ完成する

If a person wears it, the dress is completed.

July 18, 2013

Soleil has to make the announcement about STAR☆ANIS' tour without the Tristar, due to a flight delay, but Aoi manages to handle things until a live feed goes up. Orihime also makes a surprise announcement that Powa Powa Puririn will be joining STAR☆ANIS as well. As the Soleil girls realise they need to practice for a special audition for the Mastery of Dance, Aoi hears about a new Futuring Girl Premium Dress and arranges a meeting with the top designer. Whilst waiting to hear back from Orihime about the meeting, Aoi tells Ran about how she first became friends with Ichigo after meeting her at a festival. Aoi then hears from Orihime that they may have to cancel the Futuring Girl Premium Dress announcement as the top designer, Rei, has locked himself in a shell, so Aoi is sent to try and get him out. Aoi decides to tell him more about her first meeting with Ichigo and how she set her on the path to becoming an idol, expressing how much Futuring Girl means to her. Moved by this, Rei comes out of his shell and gives Aoi the Premium Dress. The audition goes well and Ichigo, Aoi and Ran each earn the Mastery of Dance.

41 夏色ミラクル☆

Natsu-iro Mirakuru☆
The Summer-Colored Miracle☆


Typhoon is a big trouble.

July 25, 2013

As Powa Powa Puririn give a press conference about their involvement with STAR☆ANIS, Shion states she will not join STAR☆ANIS in order to focus on her acting career. As the girls head off to begin their tour, Aoi is put in charge of STAR☆ANIS publicity. Following their first rehearsal as a combined unit, the girls grow concerned that an approaching typhoon may cause problems for their performance, though some tension is relieved as Mizuki joins them for the night. Although the weather clears up by the morning and the tour goes on ahead, the typhoon ends up damaging on of the electric pylons, causing a blackout in the stadium that leaves the Aikatsu system unusable. Not wishing to disappoint their fans, the girls go out on stage and do a variety performance to buy time for the staff to get a backup generator online, allowing the performance to go ahead.

42 船上のフィナーレ☆

Senjō no Fināre☆
Shipboard Finale☆


Good sleep begins with a bed.

August 1, 2013

As STAR☆ANIS' comes to an end, Orihime announces there will be one more secret live concert, taking place on a cruise ship with a hundred fans. Later that night, Ichigo, who grows curious about Mizuki's words that they should act as individuals, comes to Kaede, who tells her how even though she grew up as a child star, she recognized the hard work a true idol must put in based on those around her. The next day, the girl's participate in various activities with their fans, including a dance session with Johnny and a dinner where fans can talk with their favourite idol, helping Ichigo see how letting fans meet idols individually helps strengthen the love for the entire group. After the final performance comes to an end and the cruise ship returns home, the respective groups return to their usual activities.

43 不思議の国のアイドル

An Idol in Wonderland
Fushigi no Kuni no Aidoru

Clockwise Wonderland おいしい笑顔はかわいい

Delicious smiles are cute.

August 8, 2013

As the STAR☆ANIS members return to their individual units, Shion is preparing for an audition for the role of Alice in a production of Alice in Wonderland. However, having mostly played cool, stoic roles, Shion worries that she won't be able to give off a dazzling smile fitting for the role of Alice. On the day of her audition, Shion is surprised to find Ichigo had been cast as the White Rabbit at the request of Orihime, with Aoi and Ran and all her other friends cast in various roles. Despite the pressure of needing to keep in character regardless of the surprises, Shion finds herself having a lot of fun. Reaching the final scene, Shion cheerfully states her dream of becoming an actress, giving off a dazzling smile that wins the director over, earning her the part.

44 モア・ザン・トゥルー クライシス!

More Than True Crisis!

Idol Activity!
Kiss of the Alice Blue (Special Ending)

Music is happy.

August 15, 2013

A musician named King from Nao's band More Than True appears at Star Academy's gates, telling Ichigo to pass on a message that he "will never approve of Nao's music". After the message is passed on, Nao simply states it is between them and reminds Ichigo not to tell anyone he's in a band. After stuffing her cheeks to keep herself from blabbing to Aoi and Ran, Ichigo follows Nao to a music studio, where she finds her arguing with his band mates, Hiro and Shurato, over King quitting the band. Ichigo learns from Nao that, after More Than True became popular, King became frustrated with Nao only writing songs that would sell and decided to quit the band. As Nao laments his indecisiveness, King overheard their conversation and apologizes, though stands by his feeling that their songs should be for their fans. With the direction of the band still in question, Ichigo suggests they attend one of Soleil's concerts to show them there is no such thing as 'a fan you can't see'. Inspired by this, More Than True resumes their activities.

45 ハピサマ☆バケーション

Happy Summer☆Vacation

Hirari/Hitori/Kirari たまには休もう

Let's sometimes take a rest.

August 22, 2013

Orihime decides to give the members of STAR☆ANIS a day off by renting out part of a water park. As the gang slowly assemble, Mizuki gets delayed due to some sudden radio work. To lighten up the mood, Aoi suggests they have a water sports contest, which soon draws a crowd. Having been called by Ichigo several times, Honoka decides to get Mizuki to the water park as quickly as possible so she can share another memory with them. Noticing the loud crowd they have gathered, the gang decide to secretly put on a song for them. After the park closes, Honoka manages to convince the staff to let the girls stay longer so they can play with Mizuki.

46 リスペクトJ

Respect J☆

Diamond Happy

Johnny has a backstory!

August 29, 2013

Orihime announces that the Starlight Queen Cup is approaching, with all the STAR☆ANIS girls qualified to compete. With the chance to face off against Mizuki, Ichigo, Aoi and Ran become curious about what Mizuki did during her one year out of the spotlight. Orihime suggests they speak with Mizuki's coach during that period who, much to their surprise, turns out to be none other than Johnny. Johnny agrees to give the girls the same special lessons he gave Mizuki, saying they need to learn how to express emotions with their performance. Later that night, Mizuki invites the girls over and tells them about how she was inspired to become an idol after watching footage of Masquerade's first concert, revealing Johnny was also behind their choreography. After asking several times, Mizuki managed to get Johnny to teach him and spent the next year training to become an idol. Thanks to Johnny's lessons, the girls manage to convey happy feelings with their performance.

47 レジェンドアイドル・マスカレード

Legend Idol・Masquerade

Wake up my music 目は口ほどにものを言う

The eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.

September 5 , 2013

As Mizuki starts to feel the burden of her packed work schedule, Orihime gives Ichigo and the others a key to a Masquerade reference room featuring various materials on the the group. They learn that Orihime had used a mask identity and secretly being an idol as she didn't want to continue her father's business, though can't find much information on the group's other member, Miya. On the first day of the Starlight Queen Cup, Mizuki collapses right before she is due for an opening concert. Having foreseen this coming, Orihime calls up Miya and holds a special Masquerade reunion performance for the opening act. Gaining strength from watching their performance, Mizuki manages to recover enough to perform the rest of the concert. After the performance, Ichigo is called to meet Miya, revealing to her that she is actually Ringo.

48 Wake up my music♪ Wake up my music アイドルは崖が好き

Idols like cliffs.

September 12 , 2013

After Ichigo, along with Aoi and Ran, learns about Ringo's secret, she goes home with her to rest up for the Starlight Queen Cup, where Raichi also learns of Ringo's identity. Ringo tells about how she met Orihime when starting off as an idol, eventually deciding to start a unit together. Ringo had kept her identity a secret from Ichigo as she wanted her to make her own decision about becoming an idol. The next day, Ichigo goes along with Ringo to meet Amahane (The top designer of Angely Sugar), who helped Ringo transfer from being an idol to fulfilling her childhood dream of running a bento shop, and Ichigo receives a new premium dress from her called the Star Festival Cord. Afterwards, Masquerade give one final performance, after which Ringo gives her thanks to Mizuki for helping Ichigo reach her dream.

49 輝きが向かう場所

Kagayaki ga Mukau Basho
The Place Where Brightness Goes to

Moonlight destiny 緊張したら笑おう

Let's laugh if you get nervous.

September 19 , 2013

As the Starlight Queen cup approaches, Aoi gets the lead role in a film Naughty Inspector, Ran Prepares for the next Spicy Ageha Audition, Yurika trains for her S.P.Q Rock Fest and Sakura and Otome gain popularity through talk shows. Meanwhile, Ichigo thinks about what she should do. Finally, she rushes to Kaede to ask for her advice and makes a decision. The next day, all the seven girls perform Moonlight destiny and Ichigo is selected for the final round.

50 思い出は未来のなかに

Omoide ha Mirai no Naka ni
The Memories are in the Future

Moonlight destiny
Calendar Girl

Idols are interesting!

September 26 , 2013

Ichigo tells her friends about her decision to leave Starlight Academy. As Aoi getting sad about it, Ichigo tells them about why she plans to leave the Academy in order to achieve more great Aikatsu. The next day, in the Starlight Queen Cup's Final between Ichigo and Mizuki both perform beautifully. And after Cup, Ichigo puts her last performance with Ran and Aoi, then goes to the airport. She leaves after saying goodbye to her friends. In the Academy, Orihime reveals that Mizuki also has left the Academy.

Season 2

# Title Featured Song Aphorism Air Date
51 ロックのあの娘はドリーム☆ガール

Rokku no Anoko ha Dorīmu☆Gāru
That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl

Idol Activity! ver.ROCK 芸能人はやっぱりカードが命

To performers, cards are really their life.

October 3, 2013
52 おかえり♪ストロベリー

Welcome Home♪Strawberry

Idol Activity! ver.ROCK Come together! (噛むと餃子 Kamu to Gyōza?, lit. Dumplings and bite) October 10, 2013
53 ラララ☆★ライバル


Idol Activity! ver.ROCK 音は進むよ!

Music is moving!

October 17, 2013
54 笑顔のヒミツ

Egao no Himitsu
Secret of Smiles

Original Star☆彡 自然体で写ろう

Pose naturally

October 24, 2013
55 合い言葉はオケオケオッケー☆

Aikotoba ha Okeoke Okke☆
The Password is Okeoke Okay☆

Calendar Girl

Let's change our images!

October 31, 2013
56 恋のトップシークレット

Koi no Toppu Shīkuretto
Top Secret of Love

prism spiral

Hide things in moderation

November 7, 2013
57 ゆるキャ蘭ウェイ!

Yuru Kya-Ran-wei!
Loose Cha-Ran-way!

Trap of Love

Calm down with mascots characters!

November 14, 2013
58 マジカルダンシング♪

Majikaru Danshingu♪
Magical Dancing♪

Magical Time ダンスで楽しくなっちゃおう

Dance to increase fun

November 21, 2013
59 ちょこっと解決☆チョコポップ探偵

Chokotto Kaiketsu☆Choko-Poppu Tantei
Choco and Solution☆Choco-Pop Detectives

New・Chocolate Case

Chocolate gives you ideas!

November 28, 2013
60 ウワサのぽわプリ☆

Uwasa no Powa-Puri☆
The Gossiping Powa-Puri☆

Ponytail After School

Even as a replacement, give it your all!

December 5, 2013
61 キラ・パタ・マジック☆



Fashion is magic

December 12, 2013
62 アイドルはサンタクロース!

Aidoru ha santakurōsu!
The Idol is the Santa Claus!

We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU Ver.

Party is fantastic!

December 19, 2013
63 紅白アイカツ合戦!

Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen!
Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen!


Have a good new year!

December 26, 2013
64 ラッキーアイドル☆

Rakkī Aidoru☆
Lucky Idol☆

Dance in the rain


Start off new year with running!

January 9, 2014
65 夢への扉

Yume he no Tobira
Door Towards the Dream



Cherish the thought of the thing you want to be!

January 16, 2014
66 ステキな両思い

Suteki na Ryō-omoi
The Wonderful Mutual Love

Magical Time


Awaken to your amazingness!

January 23, 2014
67 フォーチュンコンパス☆

Fōchun Konpasu ☆
Fortune Compass☆



Choose the coord that suits yourself

January 30, 2014
68 花咲くオーロラプリンセス

Hanasaku Ōrora Purinsesu
Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess

Aurora Princess


Cherish your feelings

February 6, 2014
69 おもてなしハート♡

Omotenashi Hāto♡
Hospitality Heart♡

Aurora Princess


The important person's hospitality

February 13, 2014
70 おしゃれ探検隊 クールエンジェルス!

Oshare Tankentai Kūru Enjerusu!
Stylish Expedition Cool Angels!

The Only Fascinating Treasure!


Let's try something new!

February 20, 2014
71 キラめきはアクエリアス!

Kirameki ha Akueriasu!
The Glittering Aquarius

Prism spiral


The decision of making a movie is set!

February 27, 2014
72 ハッピィ☆アイドルフェス 1st DAY!

Happi☆Aidorufesu 1st DAY!!
Happy☆Idol Fes 1st DAY!

Happy Crescendo


Companion and harmony

March 6, 2014
73 ハッピィ☆アイドルフェス 2nd DAY!

Happi☆Aidorufesu 2nd DAY!
Happy☆Idol Fes 2nd DAY!

Happy Crescendo


Calmly check!

March 13, 2014
74 桜色メモリーズ

Sakura iro memorīzu
Sakura-Colored Memories

Original Star☆彡


Congratulations on your graduation!

March 20, 2014
75 アゲイン!オフタイム

Agein♪ ofutaimu
Again♪ Offtime



Let's enjoy the hot spring!

March 27, 2014
76 びっくり☆フレッシュガール!

Bikkuri☆furesshu gāru
Great Shock☆Fresh Girl!

Idol Activity!


Don't give up a challenge!

April 4, 2014
77 目指してるスター☆彡

Mezashiteru Sutā☆彡
Aiming the Star☆彡

Original Star☆彡


Appeals are about timing

April 10, 2014
78 ミラクルはじまる!

Mirakuru Hajimaru!
Miracle Begins!

Smiling Suncatcher


Enjoy a surprise!

April 17, 2014
79 Yes!ベストパートナー

Yes! Besuto Pātonā
Yes! Best Partner

Growing for a dream


Your partner is beside you!

April 24, 2014
80 アイカツ!ブートキャンプ

Aikatsu! Buto Kyanpu
Aikatsu! Boot Camp

Idol Activity!


Idols are not alone

May 1, 2014
81 ビビビッ☆パートナー


Smiling Suncatcher


Coords are bouquets!

May 8, 2014
82 めざせ☆最高のパートナー

Mezase☆saikō no pātonā
Aim To Be☆Perfect Partners

Sweet Sp!ce


Tell your partner everything

May 15. 2014
83 おとめRAINBOW!

Otome Reinbō!



Colorful is happy!

May 22, 2014
84 咲いてミラクル!

Saite mirakuru!
Blooming Miracle!

Adult Mode


Let the smiles bloom!

May 29, 2014
85 月の砂漠の幻想曲

Tsuki no Sabaku no Rapusodii
Rhapsody in the Desert of the Moon

Arabian Romance


Actions must be thrilling!

June 5, 2014
86 マイ ディア アイドル!

Mai dia aidoru!
My Dear Idol!

fashion check!


Aikatsu is running!

June 12, 2014
87 ソレイユ☆ライジング!


Diamond Happy


A working face is beautiful!

June 19, 2014
88 伝説をつむぐ場所

Densetsu o tsumugu basho
Where Legends Are Made

Smiling Suncatcher

チャンス は1度 だけじゃない

There isn't only one chance

June 26, 2014
89 あこがれは永遠に

Akogare wa eien ni
Admiration is Forever

Eternally Flickering Flame


A character is a weapon!

July 3rd, 2014
90 ひらめく☆未来がール

Hirameku ☆ mirai ga ̄ru
Shining☆Future Girl

stranger alien


Masterpieces are from the atmosphere!

July 10, 2014
91 結成☆アイカツ8

Kessei ☆ aikatsu 8
Forming☆Aikatsu 8

Aurora Princess
Adult Mode
Eternally Flickering Flame
Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)
Dance in the rain


Have fun traveling!

July 17, 2014
92 サマーアイドルストーリー

Summer Idol Story



Time flies when you're having fun!

July 24, 2014
93 トゥインクル・スターズ


Adult Mode


Even in the movie, cards are life itself

July 31, 2014
94 ふたつの翼

Two Wings

Sweet Sp!ce

None (original broadcast)


A name represents you

August 7, 2014
95 夢の咲く場所

Where Dreams Bloom

Happy Crescendo


Let dreams bloom!

August 14, 2014
96 レッツ!あかりサマー

Let's! Akari Summer



Do your homework early

August 21, 2014
97 秘密の手紙と見えない星

Secret Letter and Unseen Star

Melody of Heart


Stars don't disappear!

August 28, 2014
98 ふたごのドレス

Twin Dresses



Collabs are fresh!

September 4, 2014
99 花の涙

A Flower's Tears



Shine with a cheer!

September 11, 2014
100 夢へのツバサ

To the Wing's Dream

Friend A goal is a start! September 18, 2014

The SHINING LINE of Admiration



Admiration is power

September 25, 2014

Season 3

# Title Featured Song Aphorism Air Date
102 アイカツしよう☆Ready Go!!

Let's Aikatsu!☆Ready Go!!

Let's Aikatsu!


Aikatsu with everyone!

October 2, 2014
103 いいこと占い

Good Fortune


千里 の道も一歩から

A thousand miles start with one step

October 9, 2014
104 アイカツダッシュ!

Aikatsu Dash!

Let's Aikatsu!


Accent with accessories

October 16, 2014
105 はじけるヒラメキ☆

Bursting Flair☆

Good morning my dream


Become good at complimenting

October 23, 2014
106 アイドル☆ハロウィン


Eternally Flickering Flame


Enjoy Halloween!

October 30, 2014
107 2人のドリーマー

Two Dreamers

Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!


Premium means determination

November 6, 2014
108 想いはリンゴにこめて

Put Your Feelings into Apples



Brands are worldviews

November 13, 2014
109 アイカツのアツい風!

The Hot Wind of Aikatsu!

Lovely☆Bomb November 20, 2014
110 情熱のサングリアロッサ

The Passion of Sangria Rosa

Passion flower November 27, 2014

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