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The Aikatsu Phone shows the achievement of Knowledge of Appearance.

Knowledge (心得 Kokoroe, also "Accomplishment") is an achievement earned after successfully completed a special audition; there are six kinds of Knowledge. Each knowlege is represented by a color and will light up when a mastery is received.

List of KnowledgeEdit

Knowledge of SongEdit

Kokoroelogo uta
  • 歌の心得
  • Light Color: Red
  • Episode Achievement: Episode 09 - Move on now!
  • Song is the article to be delivered with your feeling on voice. You should take a microphone, with a feeling to join hands with audiences.
    • 歌とは、声に想いを乗せ、相手に届けるもの。ステージの向こうの人と手をつなぐ気持ちで、マイクを握るべし。

Knowledge of AppearanceEdit

Kokoroelogo yōshi
  • 容姿の心得
  • Light Color: Pink
  • Episode Achievement: Episode 15 - Love Under the Camphor Tree
  • Appearance is the Ability to harmonize your individuality and compassion. Upon gaining full understanding of oneself, one should consider the best way to stand out.
    • 容姿とは、自分らしさとおもいやりのハーモニー。自分らしさをよく理解した上で思いっきり目立つ方法を考えるべし。

Knowledge of ActingEdit

Kokoroelogo engi
  • 演技の心得
  • Light Color: Green
  • Episode Achievement: Episode 21 - Stylish Thief☆Swallowtail
  • Acting is to take upon oneself another's life. You must understand that there is a meaning to each and every movement of your fingers.
    • 演技とは、誰かの人生をお預かりすること。指先の動きひとつにも、意味があることを理解すべし。

Knowledge of CommunicationEdit

Kokoroelogo wajutsu
  • 話術の心得
  • Light Color: Yellow/Orange
  • Episode Achievement: Episode 30 - A Sincere Call and Response
  • Communication is the art of playing catch-ball of words. You must start from learning how to properly accept the ball your partner throws.
    • 話術とは言葉のキャッチボール術のこと。相手が投げたボールをきちんと受けとめることから始めるべし。

Knowledge of DanceEdit

Kokoroelogo dance
  • ダンスの心得
  • Light Color: Purple
  • Episode Achievement: Episode 40 - Girl Meets Girl
  • Dance is the alignment of one's heart to a rhythm. By aligning everyone's heart, the stages becomes even more fired up.
    • ダンスとは、体でリズムとビートを表現すること。みんなの気持ちをひとつにし、ステージをもりあげるべし。

Knowledge of TiesEdit

Kokoroelogo kizuna


  • The Knowledge of Ties is the only Knowledge that Ichigo and others achieved outside of a special audition.
  • After the Starlight Queen Cup's results were revealed, Aoi, Ran, and most likely the other students in the building got the Knowledge of Ties.
    • However, the description is unrevealed.
  • The achievement of Knowledges no longer occur in Season Two, and instead idols must achieve a Proof of Constellation after the introduction of the Constellation System.

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