"Aikatsu, Aikatsu! My effort isn't enough! I'm going to start practicing more!"
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Kiriko Sōma
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Japanese Name 相馬 紀理子
Romanized Name Sōma Kiriko
English Name Kiriko Sōma
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School
Occupation Idol
Birthday June 30
First Appearance
Anime Episode 26 - The Season of Sakura
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Shiina Natsukawa
Kiriko Sōma is a student that was tutored for a week by Ran Shibuki.


Kiriko is a well-talented girl from the start, and she is also the winner of the fashion show. Her birthday is June 30th.


A fair skinned girl, Kiriko has ivy-green eyes. She has long, dark brown curly hair worn with a red band circling her entire head.


She seems to adore Ran, though not much of her personality is shown due to the fact that she is rarely seen in the anime.




  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer.
    • Although not a main character, she was the first character to be born under the said sign.


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