Japanese Name 花音
Romanized Name Kanon
English Name Kanon
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight School
Occupation Singer-songwriter
First Appearance
Anime Aikatsu! The Movie
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Ayumi Fujimura
Singing Voice Saori Kodama

Kanon is a minor character seen in the movie adaption of Data Carddass Aikatsu!. She is a singer-songwriter.


When Ichigo asked Naoto to write a song for her, he introduced her to Kanon. Kanon is a songwriter and writes love songs for herself, and publishes them as CDs. Her music inspires Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran; which leads to the three wanting her to write a song for them. She also does street performances.


Kanon has ocean green eyes and chestnut-colored wavy hair. She is usually seen with a hat on.


Kanon is a very willing and kind person, as she accepted the songwriting task right away.


  • She is the only non-idol female character to have her own singing voice, and the first female character to be voiced by someone outside of STAR☆ANIS and AIKATSU☆STARS!.
  • Her singing voice actor is also a singer-songwriter.
  • She was introduced by Naoto Suzukawa.
  • Because she usually writes songs for herself, writing a song for Ichigo was initially confusing for her.


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