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Official Artwork

Key Visuals

Character Profiles


DCD Game!



That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl

The Password is Okeoke Okay☆

Episode 56 - Top Secret of Love

Episode 58 - Magical Dancing♪

Episode 59 - Choco and Solution☆Choco-Pop Detectives

Episode 60 - The Rumored Powa-Puri☆

Episode 61 - Kira・pata・magic☆

Episode 62 - The Idol is the Santa Claus!

Episode 66 - The Wonderful Mutual Love

Episode 68 - Flower-Blooming Aurora Princess

Episode 70 - Stylish Expedition Cool Angels!

Episode 72 - Happy☆Idol Fes 1st DAY!

Episode 95 - Where Dreams Bloom

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