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Ichigo Hoshimiya
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Winter Uniform

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Japanese Name 星宮 いちご
Romanized Name Hoshimiya Ichigo
English Name Ichigo Hoshimiya
Age 13-14 (S1)
15-16 (S2)
16-17 (S3)
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight Academy
Soleil (S1, S2, S3)
Aikatsu8 (S2)
2wingS (S2)
Dream Star (S2)
Occupation Idol
Birthday March 15
Blood Type O
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Data Carddass Aikatsu! Part 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese)
Lis Kurniasih (Indonesian)
Singing Voice Waka from STAR☆ANIS
"My passionate Idol Activities, 'Aikatsu!' is starting!"

– Ichigo's anime opening prologue.

Ichigo Hoshimiya (星宮 いちご Hoshimiya Ichigo?) is the main protagonist of the first and second season of Aikatsu, and a student of Starlight Academy. She is cheerful and has a cute personality. She is a cute-type idol whose primary brand is Angely Sugar. At first, she was a idol working solo but was later put into a unit called Soleil (ソレイユ Soreiyu?) with Aoi Kiriya and Ran Shibuki. In Episode 93, she and Seira Otoshiro become the duo unit, 2wingS. As of Aikatsu! The Movie, Ichigo is now the top ranking idol, replacing Mizuki.


Ichigo was a middle school freshman and a coworker of her family's bento shop. She spends most of her time helping out her mother, Ringo Hoshimiya - serving customers with the family's tasteful bento meals. Because of this, she developed an interest in judging food. Her only friend in her life is Aoi Kiriya, an intelligent girl with a knowledge for idols. Ichigo often acknowledged her as an "Idol expert" or "Idol professor," due to her dedication within the random of idols.

Ichigo was generally carefree, and all she did was help out her mother in her bento shop. She wasn't really into being an idol, but after seeing Mizuki's performance with Aoi and her little brother Raichi, she was inspired by it. Encouraged by Aoi, Raichi, and her mother, she joined Starlight Academy to begin her career as an idol.

She is optimistic and works hard to become a top idol. She doesn't have much knowledge about the entertainment world, so she always has her friend Aoi to teach her. As she accomplished many activities at Starlight Academy, Ichigo learns what it means to be a true idol.

When performing her entrance exams, Ichigo was able to perform a Special Appeal as stated by her headmistress. Her best friend Aoi was able answer all questions correctly in the written exam. Her entrance number was 367.


Ichigo has long blonde hair that reaches down to her waist. She also wears a red headband with a big red bow in her hair. As a student of Starlight Academy, she wears a standardized uniform for each tropical season. When she is exercising, her hair is tied up in pigtails and she wears a white track suit with pink sleeves and accents. When she isn't exercising or wearing her uniform, her main color scheme is pink.

As an idol, Ichigo is a cute type who uses Angely Sugar. Despite that, she has worn many coords from other brands; Futuring Girl in Episode 17, Spicy Ageha in Episode 21 and Episode 23, and Swing Rock in Episode 52 and Episode 53.


Ichigo is a cheerful girl and is always willing to help others no matter what. She is a bit of an airhead, but is friendly and caring much like her mother, Ringo. However, she often pushes herself too much which may sometimes cause her to lose track of things. Ichigo is rather straight-forward and sometimes has difficulty understanding certain situations, but in the end her determination and hard work allows her to overcome the obstacles that may hinder her. One of Ichigo's most defining personality quirks is her love of food. This is a running joke throughout the series, and there isn't a single dish she dislikes or isn't fond of and in return her appetite is considerably large. This is a trait she inherited from her father.

Her personality is known to most as the moe type. Meaning that she is, above all, cute. She displays the some of the most common traits like air headed-ness, determination, cheerfulness, and in some cases genius-level abilities.


Becoming an Idol

Aikatsu ichigo's home1

Ichigo helping out in her family's bento shop

Ichigo was first introduced in Episode 1 working with her mother and brother in their family's bento shop. After the shop closes, Ichigo insists on helping her mother clean the counter. Ringo tells Ichigo that she needs to find something she wants to do for herself, but Ichigo replies that her dream is to run the bento shop too. She then goes upstairs to find her brother secretly looking at some photos. In an attempt to see, she accidentally spills juice on Raichi's pictures which were revealed to be pictures of Mizuki Kanzaki. Clearly frustrated, Raichi starts telling Ichigo how amazing she is and that he was not able to get tickets for her concert. So Ichigo asks Aoi for some aid and the three of them are able to go to the concert.

The next day, after seeing Mizuki, Ichigo becomes amazed. Aoi comes over and explains to her about Starlight Academy and how they are going to take the entrance exams together. At first Ichigo is hesitant, but her mother tells her its okay to do what she wants. Ichigo and Aoi start their special training to get into Starlight Academy. On the day of the entrance exams, she chooses the Pink Stage Coord and begins her audition. She uses a special appeal during her audition, which amazes Mizuki and Orihime. She successfully passes the entrance exams with Aoi, marking their start on the path to becoming idols.

As an Idol

Ichigo completes many auditions with Ran and Aoi, and also is in the movie Stylish Thief Swallowtail with Otome. In Episode 35, she auditions for Tristar with Ran and Aoi, but Ran wins the audition; although Ran leaves Tristar 2 episodes later. Later on, it was announced that Ichigo and Aoi were to be in an idol unit together. Ran joins the unit later. In Episode 39, Tristar and Soleil then merged into a single unit named STAR☆ANIS, with Powa Powa Puririn although Shion Kamiya doesn't join in order to focus on her acting career.

As time goes on, the Starlight Queen Cup is soon announced, and Soleil begs Johnny to train them like he trained Mizuki, yet only then does Ichigo discover how strict the training Mizuki had gone through. This also lead her to finding out that her mother was Miya, the legendary idol along with Hime in Masquerade. She also obtained her second premium rare coord, the Star Festival Coord with the Starlight Tiara as it's accessory card. She passed the cup until the final, having to match with Mizuki. There, Mizuki won and Ichigo held a special farewell concert. After the concert, she leaves Japan for a new adventure in search of more burning Aikatsu in America.

At the end of episode 51, Ichigo returns to Japan. She takes Aoi's role as Starlight Academy's representative, then does a Constellation Appeal on the stage, which surprises everyone. Ichigo grows curious about Seira, as she infiltrates Dream Academy to know more. Ichigo and Seira put more intense battles, like in Swing Rock Model Audition, Kouhaku Uta Gassen and Star-Dream Idol Festival-Carnival, which most of them end up in draw.

Entering High School

Upon entering Starlight Academy's High School Division in episode 76, Ichigo, Aoi and Ran are chosen by Headmistress Orihime to judge the Audition Caravan which travels across Japan finding some new students of the next generation at Starlight. They travel across Japan and finally it's the day of the last round of auditions at Starlight Academy. They end up meeting a girl who is a massive Ichigo superfan who even wore her hair like hers. This girl's name was Akari Ōzora. Even after making multiple obvious mistakes, Ichigo told Aoi and Ran that she saw a small light in Akari. The light of an idol. This then results in Akari winning the Audition and gaining entry into Starlight Academy.


Aoi has been Ichigo's best friend since 5th grade. Where they met during a festival after Aoi watched Ichigo dancing to Guppy (an idol) and noticed that she was dancing incorrectly. However, when she saw how much fun Ichigo was having, she soon joined in. Despite the fact that Ichigo relies heavily on her best friend, she always lends a shoulder for Aoi in times of emotional support. Both Ichigo and Aoi, along with Ran; love to have fun in Aikatsu, and Aoi was also Ichigo's group mate in Soleil when the unit was first made.
Ran is Ichigo's other closest friend, as well as the third group mate in Soleil. Even after learning Ran's title and finding out how cold and cool she was, Ichigo was very persistent with her in hopes of getting to know the model better. Eventually Ran's ice-queen persona began to melt and slowly, over time, began to warm up to and befriend them. Ran is very tsundere-like with Ichigo and is often the one to comment on her silly ideas or thoughts.
Mizuki is the one Ichigo admires, and Mizuki herself finds Ichigo very interesting. She sees the potential in Ichigo and because of this, they are rivals but in a non-hostile manner. In season 2, when Mizuki leaves Starlight Academy and takes a break in idoling, Ichigo said that she hopes that one day, she can stand on the stage with her again.
Raichi is Ichigo's little brother, who is a huge fan of Mizuki, influencing Ichigo to become a fan herself. He adores the world of idols and has a huge crush on Aoi, but sometimes admits not to have very much confidence in Ichigo as an idol. As the series goes on, he starts to develop more confidence in Ichigo not just as an idol, but as an older sister too.
Ringo is Ichigo's mother. She used to be worried that her own dream was influenced onto Ichigo and because of that wanted her daughter to go and find her own passionate dream to follow. When Raichi told her that Ichigo wanted to be an idol, Ringo knew that Ichigo thought she was in the way of Ichigo's dream and told Ichigo to do what she wanted to do. It is later revealed that she was once part of the legendary idol unit, Masquerade, under the stage name Miya. Her aura is composed of primrose flowers, similar to Ichigo's.
Taichi is Ichigo's father, who is often traveling due to business. He often gives seemingly wild tales about what goes on during his travels. But because he never lies, they're apparently true. It's said that Ichigo's love of food came from him, and it's also possible her looks were inherited from him also.
Asuka is the top designer of Angely Sugar and is a very close friend of both Ichigo and her mother. Ichigo helps out Asuka with many Angely Sugar-related promotionals and offers inspiration for her designs.
Seira is Ichigo's new rival and partner that debuted in Season Two. They continued a friendly rivalry but also built a new friendship. Together, they become a duo unit, named 2wingS and finally defeated Mizuki and Mikuru's unit WM during the Twinkle Star Cup.
Akari is one of Ichigo's biggest fans and her kouhai. She saw a light in Akari in her audition performance and continues to see that light. Ichigo admits that she often learns something from Akari despite being her mentor, but continues to guide her in her path to idol-dom just as Mizuki did for her.
Ichigo and Naoto are shown to have a steady friendship throughout the series. He would often offer her advice and would commonly help her with her ideas no matter how ridiculous they were.


Hoshimiya (星宮?) Hoshi (?) means star. This is probably a reference to her dream to become an Idol. Miya (?) means shrine. As a result, her teacher Johnny Bepp calls her "Star-miya".

Ichigo (いちご?) means strawberry; it has been noted many times in the anime. This name comes after her mother's name, Ringo, which means apple and is also related to the fact Raichi (Lychee) is also a fruit related name.


  • Sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Food: Nori Bento (Seaweed Bento) and Strawberry Parfait
  • Disliked Food: None
  • Special Skill: Preparing and Cooking food.
  • Her aura is composed of pink and orange blooming primrose flowers along with blue and pink pearls.
    • She is the third idol to have a major change in her aura, preceded by Aoi and Ran. As of Episode 64, blue and silver ribbons with a striking resemblance to scales (a possible allusion to Ichigo's first Premium Rare Constellation dress, the Mermaid Pisces Coord), as well as crystal hearts decorated with flowers are added to her aura which spirals around her instead of flowing from her.
  • Ichigo's lucky charm is a rice scoop.
    • In Episode 74 her rice scoop was revealed to be used as a lucky charm by the students of Starlight Academy after she left for America due to it seemingly possessing powers of luck that have appeared a few times in the series.
  • She can tell what type of rice she's eating and how it was cooked with just one bite.
    • This ability appears to not be limited to just rice as shown in Episode 75 where she accurately determined the flavor of a macaroon with just one bite.
  • She is capable of telling time with her stomach.
  • In the novel, Ichigo is seen to have brown-orange eyes instead of pink-red.
  • She shares her birthday with Umi Sonoda from Love Live!.
  • In Episode 11, Ichigo has been shown to be a bad liar.
  • Whenever Ichigo has something she can't say, she stuffs her face to keep quiet.
  • In Episode 93, Makina revealed that Ichigo is famous in the rock industry, where she's considered to be an "idol with a spine."
  • As of Aikatsu! The Movie, Ichigo has the most Premium Rare dresses with five.
  • In Season 3, Ichigo replaces Mizuki's position as the top idol/mentor of Starlight Academy.
  • Ichigo is one of the two main characters who doesn't share her singing voice.
  • As of Season 3, Ichigo has her own radio talk show.
  • Ichigo is the second idol to use an object (the Crystal Mic in Aikatsu! The Movie) in a performance following Miyabi Fujiwara who used fans in hers.


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  • "Back then, I would have never imagined that I, someone like me, could become an idol!"

    – Ichigo Hoshimiya, Episode 1.

  • "This is so much fun! I want to be here forever!"

    – Ichigo's first impression as she performed on a stage for the first time.

  • "Love is power!"

    – Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Otome after passed a Special Audition.

  • "Now I can overcome two meters!"

    – Ichigo getting pumped up.

  • "I believe that there's no such thing as a fan you can't see!"

    – Ichigo to King in Episode 44

  • "I may be frustrated that I lost, but I'm still unbelievably happy right now. I've been supported by so many people that I'm overflowing with motivation."

    – Ichigo's last words as the Starlight Queen Cup was concluding after Mizuki was declared the winner for the third straight year.

  • "Then I better work hard and pull more ahead so you won't be able to catch up."

    – Episode 52

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