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Happy Rainbow (ハッピーレインボー?) or stylized as HAPPY RAINBOW is Otome Arisugawa's favorite brand. It symbols "pop" personality. The top designer is Makoto Nijigahara.



Apparel brand happyrainbow

Like colorful candies, pop coloring, and pretty designs, anyone can smile spontaneously! The Happy Rainbow brand, like a rainbow lighting up the blue sky, features vivid colors and fruit motifs which goes well with active girls. Please enjoy the dresses that actively address your personality.

Top Designer

Aikatsu happyrainbow room
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Main page: Makoto Nijigahara.

The top designer of Happy Rainbow, Makoto, is a very strict person, according to Johnny Bepp. At first, he refused to hand over the premium cards for Otome, but after seeing the ring given to Otome by the elderly lady, he does give her the cards. She also convinces him to use the power of love. They actually have a lot in common.


Anime appearance

Main Page: Happy Rainbow/Image gallery

Real-life Aikatsu cards appearance

Apparel Goods

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