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Gorgeous New Year Tower Coord
63 27
Type Gorgeous
Rarity Premium Rare
First Appearance
Anime Koh-haku Aikatsu Gassen!

 Gorgeous New Year Tower (ゴージャスニューイヤータワー) is a card used by Sabuko Nishijima in Episode 63 for her Enkatsu performance. It is a Gorgeous type card. Since this card is extra large, the dress does come out extra large, even taller than the event arena itself.



  • The appeal points, 3250, is a Japanese play on her name, Sa(3) bu(2) ko(5).
  • The Dress Appeal is Regal Presence (大御所の風格).



Aikatsu-Enkatsu Card00:49

Aikatsu-Enkatsu Card

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