Eri Aino
Romanized Aino Eri
Age Unknown
  • Singer
  • Dancer
Affiliation Moe Japan

Eri Aino is a Japanese idol working under Akihabra's DearStage, and is Maria HimesatoSakura KitaōjiSora Kazesawa, and Kokone Kurisu's singing voice.


  • She is a member of STAR☆ANIS.
  • As of July 2014, She is also a member of a vocal unit, Flash Fractal.


  • As of Season 3, Eri has voiced at least one main character of each idol type except for Cool.
    • Eri is the second STAR☆ANIS only member to voice a second generation character.
  • A majority of the characters she provides the singing voice for end up paired with characters voiced by fellow STAR☆ANIS member Remi.

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