Episode 91
Aikatsu! - 91 Preview 01
Episode Information
Kanji 結成☆アイカツ8
English Forming☆Aikatsu8
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 17th, 2014
Featured Songs
Ending Precious
Aurora Princess
Adult Mode
Eternally Flickering Flame
Idol Activity! (Ver. Rock)
Dance in the rain
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Shining☆Future Girl Summer Idol Story

Forming☆Aikatsu8 (結成☆アイカツ8) is the 91st episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 41st episode of its "2nd Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. "Second Year"). The episode aired on July 17th, 2014.


The results of the recent campaign are announced and the members of Aikatsu8 are revealed.


A reporter on television announces that the day has finally come to present the winners of the Aikatsu8 Election. Everyone cheers and he states that the eight chosen girls will be brought onto the stage. He reveals himself as the host, Touku Tokui, and he presents the results with the envelopes he holds, he begins to read them off. In order the girls chosen are: Seira, Otome, Sora, Maria, Mikuru, Yurika, Ichigo, and Mizuki. The eight girls each stand on the stage and everyone cheers for them.

Ringo arrives home to find a depressed Raichi, driven to tears because Aoi wasn't chosen for Aikatsu8. Surprisingly enough, Aoi has just called to speak to him. She mentions how she called because she was sure it would have bothered him. She is able to cheer him up by saying while she is sad, she's going to continue her Aikatsu like normal, which inspires Raichi to continue to do his best too. He then runs off with Ringo to make some food.

Over at Dream Academy, Seira brings some boxes of Ki's favorite drink and brings up how she is sure it'll last until she returns from her tour. Ki is happy to have it and promises that she will be okay as long as she has it. She also tells Seira that she's thankful for the kind words she recieved from her when she was chosen as one of the Aikatsu8 members. The more she thinks about it the more excited she became, and she also states that she plans to keep on performing and produce. 

At Ichigo's dorm, she thanks Aoi and Ran for helping her pack. Ran brings up her summer plans; which involves her teaching the younger models for an upcoming Spicy Ageha fashion show. Aoi will  be filming for the brand new Naughty Police Chief movie, where in it, she will be visiting the International Police Organization Interpol's HQ. For it she will be doing some shooting overseas, along with researching some stuff with Ki. Ichigo admits that she feels sad they won't be together, but notes that they will all have fun anyways. With that, they share a cheer of agreement.

The next morning, Ichigo and Otome stand outside with Aoi and Ran. They are met by Yurika, who has brought her coffin-bed, which is required for her to sleep in. They are all greeted by Orihime, who wishes for them to stay safe, along with informing them that Mizuki will be handling all of the production work in the mean time. The bus soon arrives and Johnny wishes the three luck and they say goodbye to them, along with Aoi and Ran.

In the bus, the Dream Academy girls, Mikuru, and Mizuki are already waiting, along with Mikuru's pet ferret, Ferry, and Sora's pet bird, Palm. While the other girls don't seem to mind, Yurika is a little frustrated with the amount of animals on the bus--even to the point of calling it a "zoo." She then proceeds to point out to Maria that a cow would never fit on the bus, after she expresses her wish to have brought Elizabeth. Otome believes otherwise though, while Ichigo sits down with Seira. With everyone there, Mizuki announces that their tour is about to take off and they leave shortly after.

A report goes on about the Aikatsu8 tour soon after. The reporter in it announces that the tour involves the five domed stadiums throughout Japan. Starting from Sapporo, the tour continues on to Tokyo, Naggya, Osaka, and finally, Fukuoka. Tickets were also sold out almost immediately after they went on sale, and he also announces that Mizuki will be handling the production for each concert.

On the tour bus, Mizuki shows everyone her plans so far. First she believes short clips of each girl would be best to introduce each of the Aikatsu8 members to the audience. Then the solo performances can be held, and lastly they will put on the group performance. She states that she has plans to elaborate their intro videos later on at the hotel.

Later that night, the girls reach their hotel. The Dream Academy girls stay together in the same room, and they begin discussing Mizuki. They have never been so close to her before this time, so they felt that even if she's just a regular idol like them, she is also so much more.

Meanwhile, in the Starlight Academy girls' room, Otome asks Yurika if she could try out her coffin for a bit. Yurika refuses and claims that only vampires can use it, because it is sacred to them. But after she opens the lid she finds Ichigo inside of it, who explains she was using it to do some thinking. They then receive a message on their phones and join everyone together in the meeting room, where Mizuki plans on discussing the intro videos.

In there, she explains that she wants everyone to both highlight themselves, and their friends. She also tells them to openly share their opinions, but first she thinks they should eat. She reveals a bunch of bento that have been packed for them by Ringo and Raichi, and Ichigo is given one with a note that has her name on it. She's surprised to see this and unfolds a card from her mother, telling her to stay healthy during the tour. Mizuki tells the group that they don't have too much time, so they decide to sit down and watch the videos while they eat. In order they watch Otome, Sora, Maria, Mikuru, Yurika, Seira, Ichigo, then finally Mizuki's. Afterwards Mizuki announces that they are finished for the day, and since their first concert is tomorrow they need to make sure they get plenty of rest.

Everyone separates, but Ichigo asks Mizuki for a few minutes outside. She agrees and on a bench outside, Ichigo begins to discuss Mizuki's risen popularity and asks her about her goal for doing all of this. Mizuki realizes that now may be a good time to tell Ichigo, and she mentions how a while ago she was seeing how Aikatsu was outside of doing it. She saw it's power to make everyone happy and then realized what she can do  to make it a lot better. She wants to energize all of Japan and lift the spirits of everyone who isn't happy, even if it's just a little at a time. After she explains what she wants to do, she asks Ichigo what her plans are for the future. Ichigo openly states that she hasn't given it much thought, and Mizuki tells her to use the summer tour as a chance to think about it.

The next day, all of the girls share a cheer before appearing on stage. Dressed up and ready to go, they perform to "SHINING LINE*".

The day after, Ichigo and Seira watch the news report involving Aikatsu8 and their performance the day before. Ichigo asks Seira about the future of Aikatsu, but she has no idea and asks Ichigo why she asked. They are interrupted by Yurika and the others right after, as it's time to head onto their next location. With that, Seira promises to think about it with Ichigo and they run to the tour bus.



  • Aikatsu8 was formed in this episode.
    • For the anime version of the unit, Akari and Aoi were replaced with Otome and Seira.
  • This is the first episode to have nine insert songs.
    • This is also the first episode to have both the ending and opening themes as insert songs in the same episode.
  • The song SHINING LINE* appears for the first time as an insert song.
  • This episode premiered on 's birthday.


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