Again♪ Offtime
Episode 75
Preview - 75 327 01
Episode Information
Kanji アゲイン♪オフタイム
English Again♪ Offtime
Air Date
Japanese Air Date March 27, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Precious
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Again♪ Offtime (アゲイン♪オフタイム) is the 75th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 25th episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on March 27, 2014.


It's the second spring offtime with Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran. Last time, they planned to go to a favored hot springs, this time they plan to go to a grassy field and even in the midst of their offtime, Powa-Puri and DreAca is filling everyone's attention. During their trip, the information of the "Secret M Live" was spread around…。

Full Summary

Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran cheer about their spring break that has arrived. They tease Ran and claim it to be off-time instead, since thats what idols go by. Ran then points out that for this years break they will be going to the hot springs and quickly they run to the train. Unaware of the mysterious idol on a poster they pass...

On a bus they watch the scenery passing them. Aoi recalls the last time they came to this field, during their last break. Ichigo suggests they get off here but Ran is concerned they might miss the bus again. Which surprises them when they find that a real bus stop has been put there now, so they decide to get off.

They get off and decide to hol a picnic. This time Aoi brought macarons with her, instead of three tarts. They are happy that they wont need to fight over which one they want this time and they tease Ran again. Ichigo picks up a yellow one and identifies the flavoring of lemon and Yuzu. Then she tries the pink and brown colors.

Later on the girls have finished their snack and are relaxing. Ran asks how Ichigo spent her time off in America, and she claims it didn't feel very different, although she did a lot of wandering around. She also performed in dance battles, she sang with a legendary guitarist, and even surfed. They find it a little hard to believe, but at the same time not really.

They then recall the last time they got into trouble when they missed the bus. Only to stop upon realizing that Ichigo fell asleep again. They do discuss how things change and other things remain though, and Aoi teases Ran by discussing how flustered she tends to get.

She then comments on how calm this place is until they get texts from Otome. Who sent pictures of her with the rest of PowaPowaPuririn flower watching. Sakura watches as Otome plays with the fish and feeds them, and they are glad that Shion has arrived earlier then planned. When Sakura spots a box, she mentions that she did some cooking in prepation of her newest role. She reveals what she made and claims that she isn't sure about the taste. But they think it looks really nice and are quick to compliment the job well done.

It's then she brings up the "secret live", that has begun to spread around. She heard of it at the studio and has seen posters all over the place. The performer is someone very famous but nobody really has any idea of who it is...

Back with the others, they have reached the hot springs town they were traveling to. Ran is very excited about coming, especially with them, but they are thrown off guard by a pair of monkey they spot. But the girls are unable to watch them long since they run off.

Meanwhile, Sora and Maria are also out traveling for the time off. Maria is happy with the outfits she picked and they spot something interesting, a man balancing on a ball. They watch and spot Kaede, who takes the balls from the balancer and performs with him. After they finish, Maria and Sora join her and they compliment her. She then grabs Kaede and claims to have become inspired, so she brings her into the nearby clothing store for something "japanese kawaii". Kaede explains that it's a very popular word all over the world, and is used to describe cute Japanese characters, fashions, and much more.

Hearing this, Maria comments that Sora's brand will probably travel all over the world too, and they leave. As Kaede thanks Sora for finding her a cute coord, Maria happens to spot the secret live poster. They look over it also and see that it will be taking place tomorrow.

By now, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran have gotten into the hotsprings. As they sit in the water they spot three monkey that remind them of themselves, and address them as "Ichigo-key, Aoi-key, and Ran-key". While they think it's cute, Ran finds it a little annoying and yells at them as they continue to narate what Ran-key is up to. As the girls are doing this, the monkey pair from earlier also watch.

Eventually they get out and change clothes. They happen to spot a lounge consisting of a few machines, chairs, and a ping pong table. Ichigo and Aoi want to play, but Ran is a little confused since they just bathed. But they claim it would be rude not to play, and start while Ran observes. They decide to make it interesting by naming things that belong to a category with each hit. Ichigo agrees and Aoi names the category: Ran!

So while playing they reveal things about Ran. Such as her hatred of things with fish bones, her love of Ebipon, her like of plain snacks, the fact she looks nice in Angely Sugar outfits, her passion, her flustered behavior, how easily lonely she gets, her love of helping others, her love of love... until Ran eventually grabs the ball and demands them to stop!

At a building, Seira and Ki arrive to a rock concert. Seira is happy to be there, while Ki feels uneasy because she doesn't think she fits in with the scene. But Seira tells her it would be a waste to spend her time cooped up inside for her entire break and pulls her in.

While they head inside they bump into a strange girl standing by herself and realize it's Yurika, but she quickly keeps Ki from revealing it. She claims that she's chosen to take a "human" identity for the day, which consists of sunglasses, a longer outfit, and pulling her pigtails out. While Seira is a little confused, Ki is completely taken by it... a little too much for Yurika's liking. So much that she threatens to suck their blood and scolds their awed behavior.

Seira then comments on how much she enjoyed Yurika's concert, Vampire Rock Night a while back and is happy to know that she likes rock music too and they share a bond over it. It's then Ki spots the Secret Live poster...

Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran realize they still have some time lef before their bus comes and ask Ichigo what they should do. But when they turn to find her gone, they see she's behind a picture board. Aoi is excited and quickly gets the picture. Then they go and soak their feet for a while, ride a transportation device high in the air, and do some sight-seeing before going back to the trains.

Aoi expresses sadness that they couldn't spend the night, while Ran says they should just be happy they finally got to go to the hot springs. She then begins to say what they will end up doing next year, but then the girls grow a little curious, to try to see what they will be like a year from them and recall how they didn't think they would be here right now a year ago either. With Mizuki vanishing and Dream Academy appearing. So they make a pinky swear to spend next years off-time together too!

As they arrive home and leave the train station, Aoi asks Ran what her plans for the next day are. She mentions that she has work the day after so she plans on just taking it easy, and Aoi mentions her own plans of going to investigate the high school. They then realize Ichigo is coming with them and they finally see the poster. They recognize the figure on it and head to where the performance will take place and they run into everyone else!

They all have a seat as Mizuki stands behind the stage. She observes her brand new brand and heads back to change into her coord. She then appears on stage and performs to Precious, where everyone reacts with surprise to see her.

Afterwards it's revealed that everyone in the area saw the performance. They comment on how wonderful it was as Mizuki reveals that she has returned!

Character Appearances


Other Trivia

  • This episode is the final episode to feature KIRA☆Power and Original Star☆彡 as the OP/ED themes.
  • This is the first episode in season 2 to don't use any school's card, followed by next episode, but it's the second episode overall, after Episode 01.
  • Mizuki had her Premium Dress performance along with the debut of a DCD collection. The second person to known having this case is Mikuru Natsuki.

Major Event

  • After two years, Ran and her friends finally went to a hot spring.
  • Mizuki has returned.
  • This Episode marks the debut of the Mysterious Virgo Coord as well as Mizuki's new brand Love Moonrise
  • This episode holds the second cameo appearance of Mikuru Natsuki .
  • The song Precious makes it's first appearance.


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