The Glittering Aquarius
Episode 71
螢幕快照 2014-02-20 下午07.22.00
Episode Information
Kanji キラめきはアクエリアス
English The Glittering Aquarius
Air Date
Japanese Air Date February 27, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song prism spiral
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The Glittering Aquarius (キラめきはアクエリアス) is the 71st episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 21st episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on February 27, 2014.


The rumors about Futuring Girl's new Premium Costellation Dress is overflowing at Starlight Academy and Aoi was chosen to receive it. It's exciting news but Aoi isn't confident in whether she can perform a Constellation Appeal. Meanwhile, Tiara mentions something bothersome…[1]


Ichigo and Ran watch as Aoi gives a younger student some advice on her individuality. She thanks and her runs off, while they comment that she's been giving a lot of advice since they became three year students. Sakura joins them by mentioning that her advice has never been wrong yet, and because of how kindly she gives the advice, she's gained a lot of admirers amongst the underclassmen.

Meanwhile, in Orihime's office, she has just received a call asking about Aoi. She offers to tell her, then hangs up while saying it will now be her time to overcome her trial. She locates Aoi and informs her that she is being asked to partake in a debut concert for Futuring Girl's Constellation Dress. She remembers the top designer and is surprised that he asked specifically for her. Orihime also mentions that this concert will be a test to see if she can pull off a Constellation Appeal. She tells her to do her best, then she leaves.

As she walks outside, Aoi thinks about how complicated this will be. Sometime back she had let Ichigo take the stage instead of herself, because she knew she could do it and realizes now that she needs to work harder in order to achieve it. After all, Orihime originally voiced her trust in her and she had Ichigo do it in her place...

It's suddenly that she realizes that Tiara is standing in front of her!

They decide to talk for a little while and she comments on how much pressure Aoi feels. Instead of voicing her true concern, she asks Tiara for an honest opinion of herself as an idol. She asks her not to hold back, and Tiara struggles for a moment to think of something. She compares Aoi to water, but before she can explain what she means, Naoto interrupts to remind her that she's late reguarding a meeting and the two siblings leave together.

As the others train, Aoi sits alone while stretching. She thinks about what Tiara said and tries to determine what everyone else is like, if she is water. When Ichigo takes a break, she asks her what she thinks about "water". Ichigo says it is cool and delicious, but she actually never gave it much thought. You use it to do a lot, and she drinks it every day. This worries Aoi, and she mentions that it doesn't seem to be very noticeable. While Ichigo can't understand, Yurika, Ran, an the others watch. They feel bad for Aoi and how pressured she is.

Late in the day, Aoi makes her way back to the dorm area while thinking back to what Mizuki had said during the Tristar audition. When deciding who would join Tristar, she wanted someone who could shine, alone or in a group. Which leads Aoi to wonder if maybe she just isn't able to shine on her own...

As she reaches the doors, she finds Ran waiting for her. Ran hands her a charm of Ebi-pon and explains that it helped her whenever she had to try to do her first Constellation Appeal and she thinks it will help Aoi too. Aoi is a little concerned, since Ran cares so much for Ebi-pon, but she assures her it's fine. She thanks her, then promises to give it back to her after seeing how worked up she is.

Once inside, Ran takes off after telling Aoi that she can come to her if she needs any advice. She is then joined by Yurika, who gives her a bottle of the energy drink she does commercials for. Aoi thanks her, and Yurika is quick to claim that she didn't do it because she thought Aoi was looking down though. Then, she is grabbed by Otome and Sakura and they bring her back to Otome's place. They have gotten her a lot of sweet foods and wish for her to have it.

She promises to eat it and later goes back to the dorm room in a better mood. Then Kaede appears with some fresh sushi for her, which Aoi greatfully accepts. After which, she lays around on her bed commenting on how full she is. It's then Ichigo comes in. She offers to help her out until the performance comes and while Aoi is normally happy about it, she realizes that Ichigo is kind of the problem...

She needs to learn to shine by herself and while she managed to calm herself down, but she still needs to go to the extremes if she wants to succeed. So she decides to go and train in the mountains!

The others are somewhat concerned, but they wish her luck anyway and see her off.

In the mountains, Aoi thinks about what her weaknesses are while walking up the mountain. She eneds to find a way to shine brightly, enough to block out everything around her. She thinks back to how she failed to become Starlight Queen and lost to Otome in it's final rounds a year ago and she realizes that she lost because she lacked the strongest of wills to win it. She then thinks about how Ichigo is always willing to climb any cliff that comes her way without any hesitations. She continues to walk, while thinking that the top idols will always be the girls who run head first into everything like Ichigo.

Upon arrival at a spot, Aoi is happy to know that she has nobody else to rely on. She sets down her items, then decides to do some camping. She sets up her spot to sleep, but the tent bounces away when a strong breeze blows it...

She has pegged down her tent now, then she decides to find some food. However, she finds nothing edible other then some mushrooms, but they're not very healthy for her. However, she did bring some rice, and with a water spicket nearby, she is sure she'll be fine. She attempts to fill the rice, but nothing comes out.

Later in the day, she also realizes that she only has half a bottle of water left and she's really hungry. Everything she brought needs water, including the snacks Otome got for her, because they would absorb the water in her mouth. She can't use her bottled water, because she needs it to drink.

That evening, Aoi sits by a small fire she made. She comments on how quiet everything is and begins to stare at the sky, which makes her think about Ichigo... only to find that she's next to her!

Ichigo sits down with Aoi and explains that she didn't think she could sleep without her favorite pillow, so she grabbed it and some stuff to bring with her. Including food, which she lets Aoi dig into. She also shows Aoi the tea and water she brought with her, causing Aoi to thank her.

As she takes the drink, Aoi comments on how well Ichigo was able to work by herself while in America. Ichigo then tells her that a lot of the time she felt really lonely though and the only thing that kept her going was the letter Aoi gave her before she left. She reveals that she never opened it though, because while countless times things would get bad and she would want to, she would think about what Aoi could have wrote and it felt as if she was right there with her. The letter was what supported her throughout that year, so she felt it would be a waste to open it. She also feels that now, because of how it helped her before, it has no expiration date and she can keep using it in times of need.

Later on, they sit up in their sleeping bags. Ichigo assures Aoi that she can do it, and claims that when she's with Aoi, she feels she can do anything. While she tends to only think about herself, she knows that Aoi is always watching over everyone else. She knows that because she has been with her for so long now.

Aoi voices the fact that she assumed her caring nature was her weaknesses, but knowing that someone appreciates her to that level has changed her mind. She then notices their water has begun to boil and realizes what Tiara had meant by water, although she doesn't explain it to Ichigo and instead suggests they have a drink.

Come day of the event, Raichi and Noel are searching for Aoi. Raichi plans on doing a lot for today, due to being her number one fan and all. He then detects her idols scent and they run off.

Meanwhile, Aoi is over looking the cards she will be using as Tiara comes inside. She feels bad for interrupting and was hoping to continue her water discussion from the day before, until Aoi assures her that she was able to understand it. Normally water may not stand out, but it's necessary in all sorts of situations. Tiara then reveals her concerns for Aoi, by bringing up her discussion with Orihime the other day. Orihime felt that she had to have more faith in her abilities. Tiara voices her own faith in Aoi, then leaves.

Aoi then runs to change into her brand new Premium Constellation Dress. On stage, she performs to "Prism Spiral".

After her performance, she walks backstage to find that she has earned a Constellation Mark. Ichigo runs back to congratulate her, as well as the others. Aoi realizes that while she may not be like Ichigo, she has nobody else to be like other then herself and she will make everyone else bloom as beautifully as they can by just being herself...

Character Appearances


  • Aoi recieves her third premium rare in this episode.
  • The Crystal Aquarius Coord makes it debut in this episode.
  • This is the first time the song Prism Spiral appears as a live song instead of a fashion show.
  • This episode showed that the Starlight Queen Cup had a second round, which took place after Ichigo and Mizuki left, in which Aoi was revealed to be the runner-up.
  • This is the first episode in the 2nd Season where no Dream Academy idols appeared in the present episode.
    • However, Seira appeared in one flashback scene.
  • The Aikatsu! Movie was announced for Aikatsu! Aphorism, in place of the usual aphorism.


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