The Wonderful Mutual Love
Episode 66
螢幕快照 2014-01-16 下午05.43.01
Episode Information
Kanji ステキな両思い
Suteki na Ryō-omoi
English The Wonderful Mutual Love
Air Date
Japanese Air Date January 23, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening KIRA☆Power
Ending Original Star☆彡
Insert Song Magical Time
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Door Towards the Dream Fortune Compass☆
The Wonderful Mutual Love (ステキな両思い Suteki na Ryō-omoi) is the 66th episode of Aikatsu! TV Anime series and the 16th episode of it's "Second Season" (2年目(セカンドシーズン) lit. Second-Year). The episode aired on January 23, 2014.


Ki is asked to prove her worth as an idol by taking part in a Brain Thunder Image Girl Audition. While this is a dream come true for her, she has conflicting events all going on at once and struggles to prioritize them.


The girls watch a commercial Seira recently took part in. They comment on how pretty she looks, while Ran compliments her for looking like a mature beauty. Aoi remarks it's special and they wonder if Ki was the one who did the commercial while saying how talented she is with helping Seira. Aoi also goes on to mention how the last person to do that commercial was in fact Mizuki. Ichigo does not know of it, while Ran remembers it. So they believe Mizuki is probably proud of this one too...

Meanwhile at Dream Academy, Mizuki is speaking with Tiara. She agrees that she liked the results of it and they compliment Ki's wonderful producer skills. Tiara also mentions that they were asked to do another one because of it, causing Mizuki to comment that she believes Ki would also shine as brightly as an idol and thinks she could go further with it.

Out in the hallway a group of students congratulate Seira on a job well done. They compliment the make-up work done and soon Seira and Ki split up from them. Ki is very happy by the turn of events while Seira points out how involved she was with this. So Ki promises to work even harder from now on and they are approached by Tiara, who informs them of the upcoming Brain Thunder Image Girl Auditions. She would like Ki to enter it, causing her much surprise!

Outside Seira struggles to understand why Ki is having so much trouble doing this audition. Ki mentions that she has to work on Seira's next commercial and should focus on that, but Seira manages to convince her by reminding Ki that she's the one who enjoys Brain Thunder the most out of anyone, as well as the fact she likes seeing Ki as an idol. Ki then promises to work really hard.

At Starlight Academy, Johnny is busy informing Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Yurika about the same audition. He tells them all how important this is and he claims even he would like to try out he could. However, the girls are unable to identify with the drink because none of them have ever had it before. They recognize that Ki usually drinks it, causing Ran to mention that she'll probably try out then. But sadly, Aoi reminds them of prior plans, and Yurika is already the sponsor of a different drink and has been commercializing it, so it wouldn't be smart to run commercials for competing companies. Ichigo then suggests that they instead go to cheer Ki on, which the foursome agree to.

At Dream Academy, Sora is finishing the final touches of Seira's make-up and Seira asks her for some inspiration for the theme of the next commercial. Sora asks if her if she has asked Ki yet, but Seira wants to make sure she focuses on the Brain Thunder Commercial first and fore-most.

Suddenly, Sora remembers that the top designer of Magical Toy happens to be in Japan right now. Seira decides she should go and tell Ki, so that she can find him and tell him how much she loves Magical Toy, but Sora warns her that he can be hard to track down.

At Ki's room, Seira enters to find her missing. A random student that was passing by informs her that Ki decided not to return to her room unless she needed a bath. She's in her lab trying to focus on Seira's commercial...

Seira finds a flustered Ki in the lab, trying to figure out Seira's brand new commercial. She drinks more of her Brain Thunder but begins to feel worse when she realizes she is out. However, Seira thought ahead and grabbed one for her, so Ki takes a sip and resumes working. When Seira brings up her room, Ki claims she is too busy to return to it right now and she points out the couch she rests on. Seira gently scolds her by reminding her how important sleep is and adds that the audition is coming up soon. But Ki is too focused on the commercial and hasn't thought of the concept yet. Seira then tells her that she wants Ki to think about her own idol career also, then brings up Magical Toy's designer. She then suggests they go to find him and get hera Constellation Dress, thn Ki will go on to become the Brain Thunder girl. Ki agrees, but claims to just need a few more minutes because she is sure she'll come up with an idea soon...

About four drinks later, Ki still hasn't. Eventually Seira forces her out of the lab and outside to locate the designer in question. When Seira claims Ki wouldn't need her computer, Ki feels that without it she wouldn't calm down. Suddenly she gets an idea and sits down to do work on it, though Seira tries to convince her that they need to keep searching.

Ki begins to show Seira ideas she has for Seira's new commercial and while she likes them, she is getting impatient with Ki and tells her that she is no longer allowed to think about her until after her audition. She then makes Ki promise and storms off. As Ki laments this, Mizuki happens to be watching...

Later on, as the sun begins to set Ki attempts to get in some exercise, but she finds herself still hung up on Seira. It's then Mizuki approaches to speak to her. She mentions how talented Ki is to be able to bring in so much skill, but Ki claims that it's because she loves Seira.

This makes Mizuki happy and she explains that the reason everyone wants Ki to do this audition is because they know she can shine for herself, instead of just making others shine. If Ki is able to do that for herself, it would also make Seira really happy too, because she cares about Ki.

Later that evening when Ki returns to her lab she sees that Seira has left her a note with a drink. Ki is relieved to find that Seira doesn't hate her now, but that she's cheering her on. Which makes her decide that she has to focus better.

The next day Ki is out in Old Japan, where the designer of Magical Toy was said to be located. Ki finds a shop he stopped at and speaks to the woman inside, who informs her she just missed him. Ki then runs to the next stop he was seen at, but when she gets there he isn't there either, which makes her worry that she's going to miss him. So Ki sits down and makes a comment on her KiraKiratter page for help.

Aoi happens to get this message and they wonder why that would be until Ran points out that it's probably a new dress. They think about the audition again and they leave to help her!

Outside where she's practicing, Seira is interrupted by Sora, who brings up Ki's Kirakiratter message. Seira looks and Aoi happens to have just gotten a message he posted about the lunch he's having. However, they can't recognize the location and Aoi sends a message asking for anyone to identify that location.

Someone identifies it as a soba place that appeared in a magazine recently, while someone else points out it's the soba place near the TKY TV station. Now that they have a lead, Ichigo suggests they go to check it out and rush right in, just to see Ki leave. She is surprised to see that they came to help her, but this touches her deeply. She informs thm that she missed him again and Ran point out that if he chose this place for lunch, then he probably has work to do at the TV station, so they plot a way to get inside.

Suddenly a yellow vehicle approaches with the Magical Toy logo on it. It takes off and the four give chase, hoping to catch it at red light. Upon doing so though, Ki suddenly cramps and they are forced to quit running. Before vehicle gets away though, Seira appears and chases it down!

Once it comes to a stop, Seira apologizes for bothering them and she explains Ki's situation and how much she loves Magical Toy. The designer himself steps out to thank her, happy that someone loves it so much. Seira is then asked why she chased them and before she can explain, Ki appears with the others and she takes over to explain what happened. She asks him for the Magical Toy Constellation cards and he hands them over as Ki promises to work as hard as she can. From over working herself Ki then proceeds to pass out...

She awakens sometime later to find the others waiting for her. She is happy to see the cards are still there and is complimented by the others. They also mention how happy the designer was to see how much of a friend Ki is, and he wishes for her to use this coord in order to spread happiness throughout the world.

Come time for the audition, an announcer is speaking to the audience as Seira sees Ki off for the stage. Ki goes back and changes, appearing on stage where she performs too "Magical Time".

After the performance, Mizuki and Tiara are outside talking. Mizuki explains that she has lived her life being supported by so many people as it is, now she wants to spend the rest of it supporting other people. She then takes off as the episode ends...

Character AppearancesEdit


  • This episode features the second Premium Dress of Magical Toy.
  • This episode marks the official debut of Magical Toy's top designer Marcel, who had cameo appearances in prior episodes.
  • Ebi-Pon makes a small cameo during this episode.

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