Tristar Take Off☆
Episode 36
Ep 36
Episode Information
Kanji トライスターテイク オフ☆
Toraisutā teiku ofu☆
English Tristar Take Off☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 20th, 2013.
Other none
Featured Songs
Opening Diamond Happy
Ending Hirari/Hitori/Kirari
Insert Song Take Me Higher
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Star of Tears Head for the Sun

Tristar Take Off☆ (トライスターテイク オフ☆) is the 36th episode of he 36th episode of the and the 36th episode of its atsu! TV anime series. The episode aired on June 20th, 2013.


While trying to handle her busier life with Tristar, Ran finds herself growing isolated from Ichigo and Aoi and struggles to keep up with the changes. Meanwhile Ichigo and Aoi try to reach out to her and deal with the feelings of loneliness. 


An impatient Ran waits for the beginning of Tristar's official debut. She has become uneasy and anxious but knows the importance of giving it her all. A man nearby comes to inform er that it is time for her to go on stage, so she steps onto a moving device that lifts her up to it, where she is joined by Kaede and Mizuki. 

Meanwhile, back in the dormitory, Aoi is trying to record everything related to Ran that has began to appear. They watch as Ran explains the meaning behind their unit name before promising everyone a wonderful performance. Ichigo stands up and begins to imitate Ran after she comments on how cool she looked in the conference. Aoi decides Ichigo's "performance" was a three out of one-hundred points, then claims to be teasing before they sit down to finish preparing the gift bag they wanted to give Ran. They wrote a letter for her to see, then also included some mouth masks and cough drops. However, when Ichigo reveals the seaweed she wants to include, Aoi questions it. Ichigo explains that they use this back at home and she is sure that Ran will feel energized after eating some of it. She demonstrates by chewing on one of the seaweed pieces while Aoi states that Ran wouldn't eat it. 

The girls leave their dorm room to go and try to find Ran, but to their surprise they find someone taking her items out of her room. They look to find that it has been entirely cleaned out and Orihime walks by to explain that Ran doesn't need the room anymore. Since Tristar will be really busy, she would just have an easier time staying at various hotel near their work sites. Aoi recalls how this is common practice for some idols, but Ichigo is concerned over hearing that Ran will be really busy. Orihime then comments that as they speak, Tristar is currently out in the middle of a photo-shoot near the ocean. 

When the trio finish they thank the staff for all of their help while boarding the busy. Ran comes in to see how crowded it is and she walks back to find Kaede and Mizuki. She sits down, rather worn out from work until Mizuki reminds her that they still have a lot of work to do. They will even be doing some it during the ride back home, which catches Ran off guard. She quickly recovers and they begin. 

Back at school Ichigo and Aoi are preparing to leave for Lunch when Ichigo gets a message from Raichi. He calls Ran amazing and mentions that with all of the news regarding Tristar, he couldn't even begin recording it all. Aoi comments on how much this is like her own situation and he tells Ichigo and Aoi to wish her luck, but the girls mention that lately they haven't been able to see Ran. But Ichigo does make a promise to send Ran a text with their words of encouragement and ends the conversation. As Raichi's friends comment on how lucky he is, Raichi can't help but notice that Ichigo seemed lonely during their chat.

The girls walk down the hallway while Ichigo comments that she really hopes the gift basket they made earlier will make it to Ran. Aoi assures her that it will since Orihime offered to get the staff to send it for them. 

While Tristar prepares for a show, Ran suddenly receives the text message. She shuts her Aikatsu Phone and hands it to the manager, taking some papers in return while they are informed that something has suddenly come up. Kaede is very excited, since she's always wanted to do something like this, but Ran is highly troubled. 

As the show begins, Ichigo and Aoi sit together in the training room to watch as Tristar is revealing their plans of making a special announcement. To commemorate their founding they will be holding a stadium live concert. Right away Ichigo and Aoi want to go, but they realize they both have plans after Ran announces that it will be the following day. Tristar promises that they will perform a very special appeal for everyone going and after the show ends, Ichigo asks why they would suddenly alert everyone one day in advance like that. Aoi goes on to mention that announcing concerts that come out of nowhere gathers widespread attention and it tends to boost sales. With this said, no matter what, they both plan to try to find a way to attend it.

That evening, the trio go over their concert and check into their room they will be using while there. To their surprise they find Johnny is there waiting. Mizuki mentions that she asked him to do the choreography for them since he's always done it for her and he informs the girls that because they do not have a lot of time, they need to try to train as much as possible. At first everything goes fine but when Ran suddenly falls over she watches as Kaede and Mizuki have both already got the entire routine down. This causes her to worry that they wont be able to perform the Special Appeal if she can't become as good as them and frets that she would be letting them down and hold them back. She refuses to be that though and they continue to dance until Johnny decides they should get to bed. He is sure the girls will do good and takes off. The girls exchange farewells and Ran runs right back to the training room they were just using. 

Back at Starlight, Orihime speaks with Johnny over the phone. He doesn't think putting this much pressure onto the girls is fair, but Orihime knows they can handle it. 

Ran dances until she suddenly trips to the floor, realizing her ankle has suddenly given out on her. She scolds herself for not doing good enough and forces herself to stand up. 

The following morning, Aoi wakes Ichigo to remind her of the performance that day. They decide to send Ran texts in order to wish her luck.

When Tristar is informed that it's time to begin their performance. The girls go to change and begin by singing and dancing to "Take Me Higher". While the performance is going on, Ichigo and Aoi both watch from their working locations. 

After the performance the trio walk down the hallway together. While Mizuki and Kaede feel good, Ran is lagging behind. Mizuki notices this but speaks nothing of it as they reach another room. Ran decides to stay behind and think things over however, and still feels that she didn't do good enough. Their manager comes by and wishes her a good job before handing her the package Ichigo and Aoi sent. She opens it to look at the items, along with their recently sent text before thinking over all of the fun they have had in the past since they befriended each other. Then she pulls out the seaweed, trying to figure out why they sent it before she begins eating it.

Back at the school, Johnny and Orihime are discussing how popular Tristar is before she announces the plan to make another idol unit. But just one more, and she plans to use Ichigo and Aoi. 

Character Appearances


  • This episode marks Tristar's public debut.
  • The "summer season" version of the Starlight Academy school uniforms debut starting with this episode.


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