Happiness Party♪
Episode 163
螢幕快照 2015-12-03 下午06.06.57
Episode Information
Kanji ハピネスパーティー♪
English Happiness Party♪
Air Date
Japanese Air Date December 10, 2015
Featured Songs
Ending lucky train!
Insert Song Happiness Equation
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Happiness Party♪ (ハピネスパーティー♪) is the 163rd episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 11th episode of its "4th Season" (4年目(フォースシーズン) lit. "Fourth Year"). The episode aired on December 10, 2015.


The idols of Starlight School where Akari Ōzora and her friends are at has received an offer for the CM of "Happiness Toys", a newly standing toy brand that was sponsored by a major toy manufacturer! Not only an offer was received, the key to the success of the brand is to grasp "the very first product"'s planning stages and to cooperate with it...!


Akari, Sumire, Hinaki, Juri, Rin, Madoka, Nono, and Lisa have all been called to pay Orihime a visit to star in a brand new commercial. Right away the girls are excited, noticing the brand they're sponsoring is the famous Dandai - which they all played with as children. Naoto brings up how popular the previous commercial had been with Nono and Lisa, which is why they were chosen to be included. Orihime mentions that with the girls aid they will be releasing "Happiness Toys" a brand new series. They decide to let the people in charge of it fill the girls in on the details and Johnny gives them a vote of confidence to see to it that they do a well job.

The girls arrive to the Dandai building and are so excited to be there. As Juri recalls their catchphrase and Rin comments on this, they happen to spot a toy based on the Dancing Diva microphone. Rin recalls being informed of this, along with Sumire. Hinaki and Madoka observe some items in shelves, while Nono shows Lisa the section of Gachapon machines. Nono fawns over how much she'd love to play them until Lisa gently scolds her.

A girl runs up to the group and introduces herself as Nakaya, the project leader of Happiness Toys. She is quick to recognize each girl and fawns over them, proving to be very hyper and excited to get to work with them. She apologizes for being so worked up and explains that she never got to meet real idols before. She then leads the girls down the hallway while explaining her idea behind Happiness Toys; which is to provide fun for girls who dream of someday becoming Idols themselves. The girls find this an interesting concept, and Nakaya mentions how important this first line would be for their toys. She leads the girls to the meeting room and explains her desire to work from the "ground up", and reveals the room to be nothing more then an area with objects and children.

Nakaya explains that to make marketing analysis, they gather children to hear their thoughts and opinions. They're what matter the most, since they're the target audience. Quickly the children spot the Idols and quickly start to cling to them and fawn over them. From girls who flock Juri and know her from Aikatsu Sensei, to a shy girl who likes Akari and reveals she watches her weather program, girls who compliment Sumire's singing, children who crowd around Madoka and Rin while they pose for them, and Nono and Lisa watch from the side. They are recognized by a girl who confirms knowing them since she saw them on television. Nakaya makes notes while the girls interact with the children.

Akari lets the girls see her Aikatsu Cards before commenting that they must enjoy dresses as much as they do. Then together the girls sit down to chat with Nakaya, who reveals her plan to produce "Aikatsu Dolls" to fulfill the dream of girls who love the Dresses from Aikatsu Cards. The girls seem to understand Nakaya's idea, saying that the girls can pick their favorite idol to dress in her favorite outfits. However, now they need the top designers to sign off on the idea - so that they can make the dresses as accurately as possible.

To encourage the girls, Nakaya explains how special these dolls will be to the children getting them. Akari understands and recalls how much she adored Angely Bear when she was younger. When she saw the commercial Ichigo made, she fell in love with it and just had to get one. She got it for her birthday and loved it as much as she could, sleeping with it every night and giving it lots of hugs. Madoka comments that her grandmother would really like to hear this, and Lisa recalls how Madoka is related to Amahane afterwards, while Nono mentions that she always wanted whatever Nono got for her birthday; which was a month before her own.

After they finish Nakaya thanks the girls and they take off while chatting about the commercial meeting they have the next day. They notice that Akari seems a bit quiet and question this, and Akari mentions her desire to bring in as much passion as they witnessed with Nayaka, which the other girls agree with. So they decide to brainstorm some good ideas before then and keep in mind several things: Aikatsu Dolls, Presents, and Fun. They also want it to provide comfort, and suddenly an idea strikes Akari.

The stage is being worked on, and Orihime, Naoto, and Johnny were invited to check it out. Johnny mentions the theme being, "welcome to our home party", which he eagerly anticipates seeing while they discuss the smart idea.

The girls chat about the various things they would do during a Home Party, such as Hinaki preparing refreshments with her mother, and Juri watching her mother put on a scene from her show to amaze the guests. Madoka then recalls her own, and mentions helping Amahane with her own parties, like bringing presents into the room and seeing the Top Designers, which Rin finds to be a bit awkward when she thinks about how different they all are. Nono recalls the Fresh Potato Parties they would host back at home as well, in which everyone in the neighborhood came together at their house and they made all sorts of potato dishes and have a nice time together.

The girls are joined by Nakaya, who receals the Aikatsu Doll prototypes she made. The girls are amazed by their cuteness as they realize the dolls look like them. They note that every single detail was captured on each doll, including the various coords they were chosen to wear. Juri takes this as a sign that she got the Top Designers approval and Nakaya mentions how eagerly they all consented to the idea; but she never got Akari or Madoka's dolls back yet. She had shown Tsubasa the doll of Akari and he seemed to agree with it, but he felt that something was off and didn't really want to let her until he figured it out and could fix it.

Meanwhile, Nakaya actually didn't get in contact with Amahane yet because she's so busy at the time. Madoka recalls that this always happens at this time of year and she brings Nakaya and Akari to a room full to the brim with Angely Bear dolls. There they find Amahane and Madoka explains how busy she is stitching life into each and every bear. She puts her emotions into every single one. Madoka mentions this was why she was so happy listening to Akari's story the other day, because she could feel her grandmothers feelings in it.

Amahane, sensing them turns to speak to the girls. Nakaya introduces herself and the four begin to talk, and she shows Amahane the doll of Madoka she made. She compliments how well made it is, but she stops short and begins to sew something onto the skirt. Madoka recalls that her grandmother always uses her hands to sew something onto anything made, because in a way, this is her magic brought upon the object. Nakaya then asks that she can include Angely Bear in the commercial for Happiness Party, and she mentions that it would be perfect for those feelings she wishes to convey - the same feelings she wants to obtain from the Aikatsu Dolls. Amahane agrees, seeing how passionate Nakaya is, and so the girls take off to finish work.

Over the time, they speak over things, practice and rehearse dialogue, and prepare the for the commercial while spreading ads for the brand new series.

Eventually the day for the commercial airing arrived. As Akari stands by herself in the studio, Tsubasa appears to bring Akari her doll. She compliments how wonderful it looks while he apologizes for taking so long - explaining that he did it in order to make sure every detail was correct.

With that, everyone watches the playing of the commercial. It starts with Akari in bed while observing the night sky, she sees a tiny Ozorotter and follows him outside. She is led down a pathway and meets with the other girls, then together they float down from the building by holding onto balloons and slowly float through the evening sky, along with toys. In the party room they set up various items and dress up Ozorotter as the moon shines in the sky. Various children are shown waking up to observe the sky and arrive to the party, where Ozorotter greets them and the present box explodes - releasing the dolls and toys, which the girls enjoy while the Idols watch from the background. The commercial then comes to an end with a final shot of all the dolls sitting with Angely Bear.



  • The song Happiness Equation makes its first appearance in this episode.
  • The company Dandai is a reference to the real toy company Bandai, which is the company that manufactures Aikatsu cards.


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