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Episode 13 - The Tragedy of Calories!

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The Tragedy of Calories!
Episode 13
螢幕快照 2014-05-25 上午11.18.51
Episode Information
Kanji カロリーの悲劇!
Karorī no Higeki!
English The Tragedy of Calories!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date January 7th, 2013
Other December 13th, 2014 (Indonesia)
February 18, 2014 (Hong Kong)
January 9, 2015 (Taiwan)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song Trap of Love
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We wish you a merry Christmas! Naughty Detectives♥

The Tragedy of Calories! (カロリーの悲劇! Karorī no Higeki!) is episode 13 of the Aikatsu! anime adaption.


As the New Year rolls in, Orihime informs Mizuki of her planned partnership with Ichigo for a special stage event. Meanwhile, Ichigo ends up eating too much over the New Year's break and gains a lot of weight by the time school starts. 


Ichigo puts the finishing touches on a new years inspired bento and they say farewell to the customer. Ringo apologizes to Ichigo for making her work since she was hoping to let her relax for the New Year, but Ichigo is fine. She tells her mom that she is happy she can still make foods like she used to, since she hasn't been able to in some time. They are joined by Aoi and a few of their old school's friends, who have come by to see Ichigo. They ask for an autograph when Aoi happens to spot Raichi taking pictures of her dressed up for the holiday. They also happen to notice that Ichigo seems a little bit pudgy. 

Meanwhile Mizuki is busy having a chat with Orihime about Ichigo. Orihime is in the middle of painting something and Mizuku happens to notice that since she doesn't have an option in this, she decides to trust Orihime's intuition. 

Back at Nandemo Bento, the Hoshimiya family watch as Mizuki is on television. Their meal has just finished being made and Raichi watches as Ichigo eats a lot. She mentions going onto her fifth bowl of rice and Raichi asks Ichigo if she always ate this much, but she can't recall. She claims however, that she's eating so much because of their Mothers great food, which makes Ringo very happy as she keeps eating. 

Later they continue to watch Mizuki while Ringo makes the New Years soup. She asks them how many pieces of Mochi they would want in their bowls, and while Raichi only asks for one, Ichigo asks for three. Over the course of time, Raichi keeps noticing other suspicious eating habits, such as how Ichigo ate some cake, and an entire box of chocolate. Raichi points out that school will be starting soon and Ichigo promises to hold back the next day.

But the next day, a shocked Aoi realizes that Ichigo has put on a lot of weight.

At school, Ran and Otome chat with each other until they are joined by Ichigo and Aoi. Ran is shocked to see Ichigo like this, but Otome happens to like it since she thinks it makes Ichigo look cute. She tries to offer Ichigo some Pop'n Popcorn, but Ran scolds Ichigo for being careless with her eating habits. She goes on to question if Ichigo can really keep being an idol. 

They go to class, where even Johnny expresses shock. Ichigo believes he is just exaggerating and she claims that a little exercise will take care of her extra weight. As a new years present, Johnny announces a great audition he scored for his class. It will be for the New Year Shining Girl, causing everyone to become excitement, although Ichigo isn't. Johnny asks everyone to raise their hands if they want to volunteer for it and Aoi decides to volunteer Ichigo. 

During break everyone goes for a run. They find Ichigo behind them, pretty far back and they try to keep her going by pointing out she's only done a single round. Ichigo's lazy behavior continues throughout the day as they keep trying to encourage her, although she tries to get them to let her off of the hook. While she works on her book balancing practice, Otome comes by to try to offer her more Popcorn.

While they eat Lunch the girls notice that Ichigo has gotten a lot of food. Aoi and Ran warn her that she has to work on losing this weight and they need to work on the Audition, which they can't do if she keeps getting tired right after starting. To show Ichigo the error of her ways, they decide to bring her to the Coord Change room. At first Ichigo doesn't understand, until they try to make her change into a coord. The device will not open though, and Ichigo worries that it may be telling her that she wont fit, but Aoi reveals that it is because Ichigo forgot the most important thing about being an Idol. While gaining weight isn't a bad thing, Ichigo is not the same Ichigo that she used to be. 

With that thought Ran and Aoi wonder if maybe they tried too hard to get Ichigo to realize the problem. As they leave, Ichigo realizes that Mizuki is also disappointed with her and she has to do her best instead of lazing around. She decides to go for a run and starts to recall that the others wanted her to do this audition to try to encourage her to lose the weight she was putting on and to stop being so lazy.

As they head to the track they spot Otome running around and Ichigo quickly starts. But she later regrets it because she ran too much and Ran tells her that she tried to run too fast. Ichigo points out that she had reason to though, since she only has a week before the Audition. Aoi and Ran promise to join Ichigo for the Audition and they try to say that they also put on a couple of pounds each, so the girls all decide to go onto a diet and get to work. They do about twenty minutes of excercise to burn some fat while dancing, then they work to rid the fat around the stomach, then shape the legs while doing model walk. Later on Ichigo goes for a run as Otome stops for a snack.

Come time for audition, Ichigo reveals that she's slimmed down and keeps on excercising now. But, now she is actually beginning to overdo the dieting. During her run, Ichigo finds herself growing hungry but she keeps going until she is too tired to move further. She stops, but smells something up ahead and goes to find Naoto burning a pile of leaves. Ichigo expresses guilt in even considering the idea to eat, but Naoto gives the baked potato to Ichigo and tells her that she should be eating and she leaves, going on to see Mizuki. 

Ichigo hands the potato to Mizuki so that she wont eat it, and she explains what happened. She wishes to become more stoic like Mizuki, and Mizuki claims that it is alright to let go every once in a while, mentioning that she likes to eat ice cream every now and then after she trains. She offers some of the potato back to Ichigo and explains the importance of gaining more energy.  

Now that it's time for the audition, Ichigo changes into her coord she chose for it and begins dancing to "Trap of Love".

After her performance, Orihime mentions that because the four have been passing so many auditions lately, they will be allowed them to start applying for Drama Roles. Ichigo is very surprised, causing Orihime to realize that nobody bothered to inform the girls about this. While they are very excited by the news, Johnny scolds himself for forgetting. 

Elsewhere, Mizuki is wondering if Ichigo can really keep up with her.

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