Entrance of the Starlit Sky☆
Episode 127
2015-03-26 下午07.38.15
Episode Information
Kanji 星空エントランス☆
English Entrance of the Starlit Sky☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 2, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Lovely Party Collection
Ending Tutu・Ballerina
Insert Song Let's Aikatsu!
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Entrance of the Starlit Sky☆ (星空エントランス☆) is the 127th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 26th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired on April 2, 2015.


Akari and her friends are now all in their second year of junior high! And today is the entrance ceremony. There are many cute and new idols that arrive to the scene, but the ones that is causing buzz all over the idol world are none other than Rin Kurosawa, a girl who is well known for her "lightning dancing", and Madoka Amahane, a girl with a fluffy smile.


Akari discusses the upcoming Entrance Ceremony while she approaches Starlight Academy with Hinaki, Sumire, and Juri.  

Elsewhere is another girl approaching the school. She is very excited to be taking her first steps towards idoling. Another girl is shown walking along the path nearby and comments on how many idols are surrounding her before addressing the Academy. 

The girls have picked up their papers regarding their mentor work as second years and discuss that they need to work hard to be good older schoolmates. Akari reveals that she has been given Rin to mentor and Hinaki explains that Rin is a girl who uploads videos of her dancing online. Sumire then reveals that she got Madoka and they recognize her last name and are able to notice that she is related to the top designer of Angely Sugar.

After everyone spots Rin further up ahead, Akari runs up to greet her, which surprises her for a moment. She congratulates Rin before introducing herself to her. Rin is excited since she recognizes Akari from her Weather Reports. As the girls speak, the trio comment on them from nearby until they spot Madoka. She apologizes for staring and introduces herself to Sumire, who reveals she will be her mentor for a while. Madoka is very happy to hear this and the girls comment on how cute she is. They are joined by Akari and Rin to introduce her and everyone heads over to the Entrance Ceremony. Rin admits to being nervous and she gets flustered as Rin comments on how cute she looked. 

Meanwhile, Johnny walks with Orihime and they discuss the fact that they haven't had any problems as of yet. Orihime believes this to be a good thing, though she teases Johnny by discussing their brand new teacher. 

An assembly is held to congratulate the new students for being accepted into the school. She tells them that their idoling career is entirely up to them and Johnny appears to introduce everyone to the brand new teacher, Naoto. The girls are highly surprised by this since he usually worked as the groundkeeper and they wonder what he will be teaching. Naoto is asked to give a speech and he keeps it simple by introducing himself and tells everyone to treat him as they would normally. 

A while later Akari watches Rin and Johnny as they exchange handshakes. She comments on how cool they look and Rin is surprised by Johnny's comment that they seem to be on the same wavelength. Orihime takes out Rin's ID Card, the Aikatsu Phone, and her school coord set. She thans her and takes them as Orihime explains how important the Aikatsu cards are to an Idol. She suggests that Rin study with Johnny as much as she can, due to her expert dancing skills. With some words of encouragement the girls leave the office, where Akari tells Rin that she can talk to her about anything. Rin goes on to comment on how Akari is everything she expected, saying that she was always able to brighten her day. 

Outside, by the fountain, Juri and Hinaki are speaking with the freshmen they were assigned to mentor. Hinata, the girl under Hinaki is very bubbly and lively, and Juri believes them to be a good match. While Hinaki likes how Juri and Shizuka are polar opposites. Juri comments that Shizuka has calmed her down, while Shizuka agrees to this. They are joined by Sumire, Madoka, Akari, and Rin. They have come by this way to show Madoka and Rin the dormitory, which Juri comments is a good idea. She explains how she and Hinaki were heading to the Cafeteria with Hinata and Shizuka and with that the two groups split up.

Rin and Madoka decide to unpack now that they have reached their room. They thank Sumire and Akari for all of their work and head inside, where Madoka is quick to comment on how big the room is before sitting down. Rin asks that she is able to address Madoka using her first name, then asks that Madoka calls her Rin before offering to help her unpack. Madoka is curious at first and points out that Rin hadn't started on her own items, but she claims it to be fine since they can work faster together. As they start to open the box and unpack they discuss the upcoming Audition for new students. Madoka is surprised by this but Rin wishes her luck if they both decide to take part in it. 

In class, Naoto explains the audition to everyone. The winner will become the model for the front cover of the Starlight Academy New Student Directory. The students must apply in pairs, so he tells them to all find a partner. He then calls out Johnny, who is hiding behind the door. He claims that he wasn't hiding though, but everyone just laughs. 

Later on, Rin and Madoka explain what happened to Akari and Sumire. Akari comments that it is a yearly event and the girls decide to partner together after Rin says it would make sense since they are roommates. Akari and Sumire tell them that they will root for them to win. After they finish the girls head to the dance room to get to training. Rin decides to do some warm ups first and they comment on how well she did. Rin then tells Madoka that she could learn to do it too and Madoka promises to follow her whever she goes. Rin insists she doesn't need to though, but she offers to do the same for her so that they can become one throughout their idoling.

Later on in the day, Madoka asks Rin when she started to dance. Rin explains that she learned gymnastics as a child and demonstrates by doing a flip. One day when she was passing by a park she saw some street dancers and was instantly taken by the appeal of it, and she wanted to learn how to dance and become like them. She wanted to learn all she could and set out to do it by herself. She wants to become an idol who can excite the fans with both her singing and dancing, to which Madoka comments on wanting to learn even more about her now. With that they decide to resume training and Rin tells Madoka that they are different, so they should focus on just having fun. 

The girls spend the rest of the day practicing their dance until they take a break. Rin compliments how well Madoka did and she thanks her, claiming that she helped her. They are joined by Akari and Sumire, who have come with some snacks for them. They thank them and Akari explains how they had a feeling they would find them there. Madoka comments on how her body adjusted to Rin's movements pretty quickly, causing Akari to comment that the girls will probably do really well during the Audition. 

During the day of the Audition the girls prepare in their dorm room. Madoka knows she hasn't suddenly become an expert dancer, but she feels happy in knowing that she was able to learn to convey her feelings of how much fun she is having. She loves to dance with Rin, which resonates with her. She mentions her dance instructor she had and tells Madoka how she said the same thing to her. Her instructor was able to make her learn that she needs to focus on just having fun to convey feelings to the audience and Madoka remarks on how nice of a mentor she sounds. 

As the girls head into the changing area, Johnny greets them with some words of encouragement. They thank him before they continue along their way and change into their school coords. They appear on stage and perform to "Let's Aikatsu".

Afterwards, Naoto goes on to announce who has won the audition. He reveals it is Rin and Madoka, much to their excitement and they are asked to step onto the stage. Orihime congratulates the girls and gives them some words of encouragement by saying she is looking forward to seeing what their future Aikatsu will bring. The girls speak to each other for a moment before the audience cheers. 



  • This episode marks the official anime debut of characters Rin Kurosawa & Madoka Amahane.
  • Starting with this episode, the Aikatsu! anime adaption starts airing new episodes in Japan at 6:30 P.M.
  • This episode also features the debut of the new opening and ending theme songs, Lovely Party Collection and Tutu・Ballerina (second opening/ending theme songs for Season 3, sixth opening/ending theme songs for the Aikatsu! anime adaption overall).
  • As of this episode, all of the first generation Starlight girls are now in high school.
    • Additionally from this point forward, the "opening line/motto" for the Aikatsu! anime episodes is done by Akari solo; Ichigo is no longer seen to help "conclude" the process.
  • The Navy Parade Coord and the Pastel Parade Coord make their debut in this episode.


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