Put Your Feelings in an Apple
Episode 108
螢幕快照 2014-11-06 下午05.45.13
Episode Information
Kanji 想いはリンゴにこめて
English Put Your Feelings in an Apple
Air Date
Japanese Air Date November 13, 2014
Featured Songs
Opening Du-Du-Wa DO IT!!
Ending Good morning my dream
Insert Song Tarte・Tatin
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Two Dreamers The Hot Wind of Aikatsu!

Put Your Feelings in an Apple (想いはリンゴにこめて) is the 108th episode of Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 7th episode of its "3rd Season" (3年目(サードシーズン) lit. "Third Year"). The episode aired November 13, 2014.


Sumire loves LoLi GoThiC and would love to have a premium rare dress; however, in order to obtain one she must find the brand's top designer, Maya Yumekoji. Will she be able to overcome his obstacles and obtain a LoLi GoThiC premium rare coord?


Sumire observes Akari as she beams with joy; humming while looking over her brand new Premium Dress. Sumire voices the she wishes to have her own wonderful encounter like this some day, and Akari is able to realize why that is and mentions how happy she feels every time she looks at the cards. Akari brings up how Sumire enjoys Loli Gothic and Sumire decides that she needs to step up her own game too. So Akari suggests they go to look up some information regarding the brand.

The girls meet up in the Cafeteria and begin to discuss the brand. Sumire thanks Akari and Hinaki for helping her, but they claim it not to be a big deal since they were happy to help their friend and know how important this is to her. Hinaki goes on to discuss the information she was able to grab from her mom's magazine editor friend. When they are told that Loli Gothic will be preparing to release it's own new Premium coord, Akari suggests that Sumire go to visit Maya, like she had Sena. Sumire thinks it is a good idea but she is a bit concerned that Maya may not want to meet her. Akari admits that he seems scary and begins to panic when it is announced on KiraKiratter that he eats bats. But Hinaki claims this to just be a rumor; although it's also said that he is very hard to please. Which is why Sumire is concerned.

The girls begin to think about how they could go and meet Maya when Hinaki points out that the best idea would be to visit someone very close to Maya: Yurika. Akari looks up Yurika's schedule in hopes of finding out the best time to go and see her, and Sumire voices that she has been so busy lately; so she doesn't even see her around campus either. Hinaki is able to find out that Yurika has an outdoor shoot the following day for a commercial though, so the girls decide to grab a gift and go to meet her then.

Yurika has just finished shooting the commercial and is told to go on break. She corrects them by the way they address her and is greeted by the reporter who usually stays in the studio to chat with the idols. He has come out today to report live on Yurika's commercial shoot, near many fans who have been adoringly waiting for her. He asks the girls what they like best about Yurika and they mention how cool she is, how much she loves her fans, and just about everything else.

They happen to spot Yurika and she greets them while going to sit down. She checks out on Maya to find out that he has been making steady progress with his brand new dress and wonders what she could bring him as encouragement. However, she happens to pick up the scent of her favorite ramen and recognizes the girls holding the container as being from her school. But considering it is garlic flavored, she is quick to grab Akari, Sumire, and Hinaki and yank them into the tent set up for her to change and relax in.

She scolds the trio for bringing out the garlic ramen so carelessly, since her fans are there for her vampire character and cannot know how much she likes it. But she is quite happy and quickly lets her pigtails loose before sitting down to eat before it cools down. She thanks them for bringing it to her and Hinaki admits that she has never seen Yurika like this before. Yurika puts her glasses on and asks them why they have came, and listens as Sumire explains that as a big fan of Loli Gothic, she has come to ask Yurika about the chances of obtained the new Premium. Yurika mentions that she saw Sumire's performance using the Odile Swan coord Ichigo gave her and compliments her for looking nice in it. But she is unable to say much more and is told that she has ten minutes until they resume filming.

But before she goes, Yurika does reveal that the theme behind the new Premium Dress will be Snow White. Sumire is very taken by this and they think about the story of Snow White. She comments on how the dark image of Loli Gothic compliments the dark, world view of Snow White; and as a result Yurika calls her clever since she felt the exact same thing. It's then Yurika gets a message from Maya, explaining that he has finished a new dress that he thinks would look wonderful on her. He asks her to come by and check it out when she has a chance, so Yurika tells Sumire that she has to go and see Maya the following day. If Sumire and them feel like it, they can come with her.

Later on the girls begin to pick out which sweets they wish to have. The girls are concerned that Sumire may be eating too many but she mentions how Maya has a sweet tooth. Hinaki voices that she has learned today how much respect Sumire has for Yurika, and Sumire mentions that she wants to become more like her. Akari believes that with how Yurika acted around her; she believes she may have been put into her good graces. Before they go, Sumire asks that they are also given a few sliced apples, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. She mentions that she would like to make some baked apples before they head out, because of how important apples are for Snow White. Hinaki and Akari are a little concerned though, since Snow White was poisoned by an apple, but Sumire is sure that Loli Gothic will probably still use them since it is befitting of the image.

The girls return to their dorm room in order to have a taste test with some tea. She reveals that she learned to make them from her older sister, and she had been the one who inspired her own interest in Loli Gothic. On the day before she took the entrance exam for Starlight Academy, she even made Sumire the very same baked apples. That is why she thinks if the designer was to eat them, her sister would be very happy too.

As it is getting late the girls go meet up with Yurika outside of Maya's home. Akari and Hinaki are pretty nervous, and unknowingly Maya observes them from a room higher in the building. Yurika then begins to tell the girls about how came here with Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, and Otome a few years back for the first time; and while initially she was nervous, she was able to keep going because of the strength they gave her. Sumire claims she will do her best and the gate opens as Alan, Maya's pet bat flies by them. She explains how Alan will be leading them to Maya, and how she is letting them go in on their own, which startles the girls until Yurika threatens to suck their blood if they keep whining. She gives Sumire a few words of encouragement though, before they start.

Back at Starlight, Johnny runs in to tell Orihime about Sumire going to meet Maya. She confirms it and explains how Yurika informed her of it recently. Johnny feels better knowing that Yurika will be there, but begins to panic again when Orihime reveals Yurika only led them there and wont be helping them during this.

Inside the creepy home, the trio make their way through. Akari and Hinaki are very sure they will find Maya, but are easily startled by a cat that happens to wander by them. As they sigh with relief, Sumire quickly follows Alan down the dark halls until she happens to come across a strange woman; who ofers her a cute hair accessory and comb piece. She is joined by Akari and Hinaki, and almost takes it until Akari and Hinaki snap her out of it. They grab the mysterious girl and Sumire thanks them before she continues on ahead.

She follows Alan ahead, only to come across seven strange men dressed as the dwarves. They warn her that a hideous goblin lives down the path, then they invite her for lunch. Sumire thanks them for offering but she refuses; causing the many men to start fawning over her cuteness as they recognize her as Sumire Hikami. She is kind of surprised, but they allow her to pass after recognizing Akari and Hinaki. They throw off their disguises and quickly begin to ask for autographs, so Sumire takes this chance to continue down the path when she spots Alan fly by.

She continues and reaches a room full of idol portraits. In them, they are wearing a wide range of Loli Gothic dresses and she can't help but admire them. She is then asked by a mysterious person the name of the dress she stands before, and she recognizes it as Goth Magic, as the very first coord she saw. It was also the same dress her mother made for her sister, based on the image they had of Yurika. She then shows more knowledge and names more dresses. These being the Stripe Trench, and Holy Goth. She even finds the first dress she asked her mother to replicate for her, known as the British Coord. She decides that she needs to hurry up and continues to follow behind Alan while Yurika and the mysterious people she had helping the third part in the test comment on how well she did.

Sumire continues down the path and comes to a dead end, where only a mirror sits. She hears a strange voice and is asked who loves the Loli Gothic brand the most of all. At first Sumire struggles, and makes an attempt to say Yurika, but instead she claims that one day it will be she. The wall suddenly opens and grants Sumire permission into the room. She is surprised, but runs through the next door to find Yurika and Maya awaiting her.

Alan flies into the room and joins Maya as Yurika instructs her to introduce herself to him. He has Alan reveal the brand new dress and Sumire runs over to observe it. Yurika mentions that it was just a moment or so ago that he managed to finish it, and as Sumire expected; their are apples on the dress. Maya mentions that at first he hesitated to add them, since the apple adds a dark touch to the dress, and may have been in bad taste to use them. But Yurika simply asks Sumire what she thinks. She claims it not to be strange and reveals the dish she brought for them and asks them to enjoy the baked apples she made.

It is then Akari and Hinaki join them and they compliment the lovely dress. As they admire it, Yurika then mentions that she would like to see Sumire wear the brand new Premium and Maya compliments her for being a great senpai to a younger student; which seems to make Yurika very happy as well. Maya gives Sumire the coord cards and he tells her to use them well. She promises to do so and takes off for her performance. She changes and reappears on stage, where she performs "Tarte・Tatin".

Later on, Akari awakens to find Sumire already awake. She sees her staring and humming while observing her brand new Premium coord while Akari mentally voices how happy she is for Sumire.




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