So Many Idols!
Episode 02
Episode Information
Kanji アイドルがいっぱい!
Aidoru ga Ippai!
English So Many Idols!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 15, 2012
Other September 27, 2014 (Indonesia)
January 8, 2014 (Hong Kong)
October 24, 2014 (Taiwan)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song Idol Activity!
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I Can Become an Idol? I Want to Know More About You

So Many Idols! (アイドルがいっぱい!) is the 2nd episode of the Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 2nd episode of its "1st Season" (1年目(サードシーズン) lit. "First Year"). The episode aired on October 15, 2012.


Ichigo Hoshimiya and Aoi Kiriya have entered Starlight Academy and are ready to start their idol training. However, as soon as the two get settled they must face off against each other in a "special audition" for new students only.


The sun sits tall at Nandemo Bento. Ichigo and Aoi show Raichi their brand new school uniforms and he decides to take pictures of them; though he mostly spends the time focusing on Aoi, who claims that today is the day to celebrate being accepted into Starlight Academy and goes on to discuss how much their first autographs will be worth. Having been watching them, Ringo asks if she and Raichi can join in on the fun so they all begin to pose for pictures.

Ichigo and Aoi take their leave for the Academy soon afterwards, and upon arrival at the gate, Aoi says that once they step past it their Idol Activities will begin. They wish each other good luck before Aoi voices that no matter what was to happen to them while they are here, they will always be friends. 

Meanwhile, the headmistress of the school tells Mizuki that Ichigo and Aoi have enrolled into the academy. She mentions that they will be taking part in that audition, which is coming up in a few days. Mizuki also notes that the two are best friends and Orihime starts to wonder what would become of them as they are studying.

At this point Aoi finds her idol expert instincts kicking in after she spots a bunch of girls she is able to recognize. Like Neguchan, a young girl who is known for her unique bedhead hair; a single, long cowlick with a heart on the end of it. She also spots Naomin, who had surpassed much of the modern day dance choreography and even made up her own, Su-pyon, known for her exotic appearance, and even a girl named Perorin. With that she expresses glee in finally joining Starlight Academy, then she grabs her cellphone and takes a picture of herself, then one of Ichigo.

They come to the entrance of the building and take a self-given tour of it while Aoi explains various features. They will learn dancing, singing, coordination, and many other things. When they reach a special hallway decorated with statues of previous students who have moved on to become famous idols or gained the title of "top idol". She identifies a statue pair as Masquerade, telling Ichigo about the two mysterious girls. One being Hime, the headmistress of this academy, but the identity of the other girl, Miya, is unknown. They both became national-level idols and while during their time when they soared their highest in popularity, but they "suddenly" retired. Hime became the headmistress of Starlight Academy, while Miya was never seen again after she left.

They head to the dorms and into their new room. Ichigo places down a holographic picture frame on her desk as Aoi hangs up a poster of Mizuki. In this time, Ichigo starts to wonder if she has what it takes to become a famous idol like Mizuki. Sensing this, Aoi starts to encourage her again, and Ichigo returns the favor. It is then Aoi wonders if they really have enough room for the both of them, and out of concern Ichigo goes to speak with Orihime with her.

While standing outside of the door, Aoi tries to explain how to be proper when approaching someone of her status - but she is appalled when Ichigo shows a lack of tact and walks right inside.

They approach Orihime, who mentions that she was expecting them before introducing herself and formally congratulates the girls. She makes note of how Ichigo was able to perform a Special Appeal during the audition, which is something she doesn't see that often. Ichigo replied it only "sort of happened" before Orihime goes on to mention how Aoi got the top scores on the exam. Aoi thanks her and Orihime sets down a tray with the three cards they used previously in the exam and tells the girls they will be using them; Ichigo regaining her Pink Stage Coord while Aoi her Blue Stage Coord.

It is then Orihime tells the two of them that the cards will be their primary card type choices, then she places down another tray which contains their Student ID Cards and their Aikatsu Phone. She tells that the phones have the ability to activate the Aikatsu System, as well as store their outfits as digital data. Amazed, Ichigo asks if Mizuki also uses the phone, which Orihime confirms. In fact, she says that to all performers, "these cards are life itself"  and that the two would be using various cards to customize their outfits and stages, just like Mizuki and the other students.

Before they go, she informs them that they must take all sorts of auditions to win prizes to help their future performances, as well as the fact that they all depend on the lessons they will be taking right now. She also wishes them luck and has them introduce themselves to their homeroom teacher, a man named Johnny Bepp. Aoi is able to recognize his name and mentions that he is an Artisan Dancer, and has even taught Mizuki all of her choreography. 

He slams open the doors suddenly to reveal himself and approaches the somewhat anxious, nervous teenagers. He shows them a little dance, then shakes both of their hands before leading them to his homeroom, where he introduces the girls to the other students and has them introduce themselves. 

After class, Johnny informs Ichigo and Aoi that their first audition has already been decided. It is a "super special" audition just for new students, which Aoi questions. Johnny said that a normal audition would be only photo shoots, radio, and TV shows. The special one, on the other hand, is for the role to become a temporary manager of Mizuki for a day. This delights both of them as Johnny continues on to say that this is was specifically made for new students to learn how a top idol does her job. The winner will get to follow Mizuki around, but as only one girl can win it, they will be competing against each other; but he tells them that as this is a rare event he does not want to see either girl hold anything back. 

The girls go to change into their training track suit uniforms while Aoi admits that she anticipated this. Although Ichigo clearly never did and reveals that. Regardless, she refuses to hold back and they go to work, beginning with their lessons from Johnny. They dance, sing, run laps, and even partake in some crazier events, such as extreme handshaking. While Aoi is able to perform well with everything, Ichigo struggles and has a tough time keeping up.

By the time classes end, Ichigo feels as though Aoi may be too good for her and asks how she can try this hard. Aoi replies that it's because she really wants to become an idol, and it's been this way since first grade, where she loved to watch idols. Back when she was younger she had tried getting into all sorts of traditional hobbies, like Calligraphy, Piano, Equestrianism, and Violin. 

One day while walking down the street she had just happened to notice on television something about idols. She was instantly taken by their singing and dances, and since then she started her personal hobby of watching idols. As her passion grew over the years she realized that she had gained the desire to become one herself and sat down with her parents to reveal her new dream. She told them that she wanted to study at Starlight Academy and they agreed and let her apply. She was so happy to be able to follow this dream, especially with Ichigo.

After hearing this tale, Ichigo begins to think to herself again. It encourages her to want to try even harder and she will definitely see to it that she gives it her all. 

Eventually the two girls find themselves in an empty room with a trio of doors. A voice announces to them that the Special Audition is about to start and it instructs the girls to choose their three Aikatsu Cards to create their outfits, then take to the stage. Ichigo wishes Aoi luck and they each go through a separate door, leading to the booth that will take them onto the stage. 

They place their three cards down, including the School ID on the crests before them, then head into the Magical Door that appears, leading them into the Magic Corridor. They run through it and appear in their Stage Coords; with Ichigo donning Pink Stage, and Aoi with the Blue Stage. 

As they arrive on the stage, the announcer explains that their scores will be decided by the audience from the live audience at the school, as well as people who watch it through the internet. This impresses Ichigo to hear of this, and they begin their performance and sing Idol Activity!. But out of nowhere, Ichigo trips and falls straight onto the floor. She is momentarily surprised but quickly recovers and finishes the performance. 

However, after it ends, Johnny announces to the class that it was Aoi who won. Everyone applauds her for doing so well, as does Ichigo.

Eventually night falls and the girls have retired to their dorm room. A bit concerned over things, Ichigo decides to go outside, where she reaches the Gazebo and recalls the performance. She found it pretty fun but she feels badly that Aoi won in the end, and now she feels slightly envious.

It is then someone calls out to her, and to her surprise she sees Mizuki. She comments on the audition and mentions that despite Ichigo screwing up, she followed through to the very end. Ichigo thanks Mizuki for such words, then tells her that she hopes to become a top idol like her, which was why she decided to attend the Academy with Aoi. Mizuki tells Ichigo that no matter how close the two are, or how much closer they may become, they will not be together very long. A lot of idols suffer from failure, but it is part of the career, and the challenges will just become harder as she presses on. 

With a look of concern, Ichigo claims she will do her best and Mizuki decides to bid her a good night and begins to walk away while wondering if Ichigo can catch up to her. 

Character Appearances


Major Events

  • Aoi wins the special audition and becomes Mizuki's temporary manager.
  • This is the first time both Ichigo and Aoi take a special audition.
  • Aoi's parents appear for the first time.


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