I Can Become an Idol?
Episode 01
Aikatsu! - 01 03.01
Episode Information
Kanji 私がアイドルになっても?
Watashi ga Aidoru ni Nattemo?
English I Can Become an Idol?
Air Date
Japanese Air Date October 8, 2012
Other September 20, 2014 (Indonesia)
January 7, 2014 (Hong Kong)
October 17,2014 (Taiwan)
Featured Songs
Opening Signalize!
Ending Calendar Girl
Insert Song Idol Activity!
Move on now!
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Aikatsu! Special Movie So Many Idols!

I Can Become an Idol? (私がアイドルになっても?) is the premiere episode of the Aikatsu! TV anime series and the 1st episode of its "1st Season" (1年目(サードシーズン) lit. "First Year"). The episode aired on October 8, 2012.


Ichigo Hoshimiya is a first-year middle school student who helps out at her mother's bento shop. After an incident occurs and she fails to see the big deal over it, she goes with best friend Aoi and little brother Raichi to watch an idol performance and leaves with a strong impression that causes her to start considering her future dream.


A young girl takes an order from a customer inside of a shop known as Nandemo Bento. She reveals herself to be Ichigo Hoshimiya, a first-year middle school student. As they finish the bento they express how great it came out until Ichigo points out that they have more customers. While working, Ichigo begins a narrative; saying that while she worked with her mother, she never would have imagined that she could of became an idol.

She returns to Nandemo Bento later in the day and everyone starts to clean up. Her mother suddenly tells her that she should do something for herself, rather then spend all of her time helping at the shop. But Ichigo doesn't understand until Ringo explains how it was her dream to one day run a Bento Shop. This is not Ichigo's own dream, so she should go out to find it. Ichigo claims that she wants to do this though, and how she hopes to one day run the shop with her mother, then she leaves to check on her brother; whom she finds acting rather suspiciously. 

Curious, Ichigo makes an attempt to get a better look and surprises Raichi. He asks her why she isn't working, but as she tries to get a better look at what he is trying to hide, he accidentally knocks over the glass of juice he had sitting nearby and it spills all over the pictures on his desk. Raichi begins to panic and tries drying them as Ichigo grabs some napkins and observes them a bit. She finds out they belong to a current Top Idol, Mizuki Kanzaki. Ichigo asks Raichi if he likes Mizuki, but he dodges this by complaining over how she ruined his pictures. It's then Ichigo comments on his surprising interest in Idols, and Raichi points out that Mizuki isn't any type of an Idol - she is the greatest Idol. He was really hoping to attend her show but the tickets have already sold out.

Feeling remorse for what she did, Ichigo starts thinking over things and decides to speak with her friend, Aoi Kiriya, a fellow Idol fanatic.

The following day at school she does just that, and asks Aoi how to go about getting tickets for an upcoming performance. Aoi is surprised since Ichigo has never shown an interest in idols before, but she agrees to try to help her out. 

Once school ends they meet up with Raichi and introduces him to Aoi. Knowing what Ichigo accidentally did, she gives Raichi some Mizuki merchandise that she didn't mind sparing. Raichi becomes ecstatic at this when Ichigo asks why he couldn't just see the performance on television. Both Aoi and Raichi refuse, and tell her that Idol performances are better seen in person. The concept goes right over Ichigo's head though, and she isn't able to realize why this is such a big deal. Aoi goes on to express concern over how difficult it may be to get tickets for Mizuki - due to an increase in difficulty lately. However, she managed to score three of them and explains through a long, complicated recollection of how she obtained them.  

Later on while in bed, Raichi discusses with Ichigo how excited he is. She agrees that she is also excited, but warns him that it is very important that they get some sleep. Raichi confesses that he is worried that he wont wake up in time for the performance, although Ichigo is able to calm him down enough to help him sleep. But Ichigo finds herself distracted, wondering why Idols are so popular anyway.

When morning arrives the trio head to the concert. They enter the performance area and are given the antenna devices that audience members use. Aoi explains how these pieces work and they look to see how full the stadium is. All with people to see Mizuki, who soon appears as her wonderful idol aura fills the crowd with excitement. She then begins her stage performance of Move on now!. As the performance goes on, Raichi and Aoi cheer with the rest of the audience members while Ichigo simply stands and listens with amazement. 

Later at home, Raichi shares everything with their mother as Ichigo sits on the couch with feelings of discontent. Seemingly in a daze she excuses herself and heads up to their bedroom, where she starts to think about the excitement she felt watching Mizuki. She had never seen anything like it before, and feels she is too excited to even sleep. 

Come morning, Ringo arrives with her grocery goods and sees Ichigo and Raichi watching a playback performance of Mizuki from yesterday. Ichigo goes to help with her groceries and claims she would have gone shopping with her if she asked, then goes right back to watching the performance as Raichi voices how happy he was when Ichigo came with him.

Aoi suddenly bursts into the Hoshimiya home and tells Ichigo the same thing before handing them a guide book involving a school. Raichi noticed the book is about Starlight Academy and Ichigo is quick to question it. Aoi explains to them that Starlight Academy is Japan's number one idol school and how all of the students who attend it are active idols. They have lessons every day using the Aikatsu System; which is a series of Cards and the key to any performance. All idols in the world uses the Aikatsu Cards and they can choose how to look on stage. Students partake in "idol activities", and she stops for a moment to explain how "Aikatsu" is formed with it. Before they resume, Raichi mentions how Mizuki attends this very school, then they look at an image of her in the uniform.

Aoi also tells her that the top student in school is none other than Mizuki, then points out how the upcoming entrance exam is approaching. She plans on taking it, which impresses Ichigo; but she expresses a sadness in knowing that since Aoi will get in, this would mean they would be attending two separate schools. But Aoi reveals how she wishes for Ichigo to come and join Starlight Academy too, which causes everyone a great deal of surprise. Aoi explains her reasoning by saying that Ichigo has the scent of an idol in her and she is sure they would both have a lot of fun. 

Eventually night time comes, as does dinner. Ichigo is pretty distracted with her thoughts, which Ringo notices. Raichi expresses his thoughts on her interest in becoming an idol, although Ichigo quickly dismisses the idea before he can determine if she actually wants to do this or not. Then she resumes eating dinner. 

Later on in her bedroom, Ichigo resumes thought over idoling and attending this new school. While she thinks it would be a lot of fun to become an idol, just like Mizuki, she recalls her desire to one day run the Bento Shop alongside her mother. But Ringo comes by the room and tells Ichigo that she should do what she wants and feels may be the best.

The next day, Aoi and Ichigo goes to perform "special training" for the entrance exam. They practice their performance and get plenty of exercise. While it is a little difficult, Ichigo expresses joy in having finally gained a dream to call her own, but she is still hesitant as she doesn't know if she can do this or not. 

Eventually the Entrance Exam comes along. Ichigo and Aoi stand in a long line of applicants for the exam and while there, Aoi happens to mention how difficult she heard the exam is. In hopes of keeping them focused, Ichigo attempts to raise their spirits and head through the door before Ichigo resumes narration. She explains the procedures in the entrance exam, including a test and interview portion.

Soon they realize how well everyone has been doing so far and Ichigo grows anxious again. Aoi keeps her encouraged by saying that she was meant to become an idol, then informs her that it is time for the audition. She tells her to do her best and they step into separate empty rooms.

In there, Ichigo finds a table with some cards on it and a voice announces that this is part of the exam. She is instructed to choose three cards from the table, and once Ichigo chooses she heads to the door in the middle of the room. She approaches a booth at the opposite end of the hall and places the cards into the machine, causing it to light up and open its door. Before she steps inside though, Ichigo gives herself a last second of encouragement. 

After reappearing, Ichigo performs to Idol Activity!.

At the conclusion of her performance, Mizuki, who is among the judges, notes that she was amazed to see how fast Ichigo was able to perform a Special Appeal, since new applicants aren't able to do them right away, if at all. 

With that, Ichigo and Aoi turn their attention to the announcement screen and look to see that only ten girls have been accepted. They are very delighted to find out that they are two of the ten, but unknown to them a student is behind a corner observing them. The mysterious girl comments that while the girls passed together, they only have a short time to remain friends before she walks away. 

Character Appearances


Major Events

  • Ichigo and Aoi become idols.
    • Mizuki discovers a potential rival.

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