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Encierro Atsuji
Japanese Name エンシエロ篤
Romanized Name Enshiero Atsuji
Gender Male
Affiliation Sangria Rosa
Occupation Top Designer
First Appearance
Anime The Passion of Sangria Rosa
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Yasunori Matsumoto

Encierro Atsuji (エンシエロ篤) is the top designer of Sangria Rosa.



Encerrio has wavy brown hair that is tied with a crimson ribbon into a low ponytail and swung off to the side. He has dark skin and his eyes are dark brown.



Encierro is the Spanish name of the Running of the Bulls, noting at his Spanish roots.

Atsuji () means warm and friendly or serious.



  • When he feels stuck, Encerrio will often go to places that remind him of his hometown.
  • He is the first male to be the top designer of a sexy brand.


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