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Ema Shinjo
-Mezashite- Aikatsu! - 22v2 -720p--40DB4243-.mkv snapshot 24.20 -2013.03.14 16.02.54-
Japanese Name 新城 絵麻(しんじょう えま)
Romanized Name Shinjou Ema
English Name Ema Shinjo
Age about 18
Gender Female
Occupation Starlight Academy alumni
First Appearance
Anime Episode 23
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Kaori Nazuka

Ema Shinjo (新城 絵麻) is one of Starlight Schools graduated upperclassmen in Episode 23. She is a popular model who is known to make any dress she wears sparkle.



Ema has fair skin and dark purple eyes. She has wavy, dirty-blonde hair that is worn hanging over her left shoulder.


In addition to loving fashion, Ema has been shown to be a refined and gentle person. She enjoys all types of clothing and loves styling just as much a modeling.



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