This article describes the flow of the game of Data Carddass Aikatsu!.

IC Card-Related

Registering An IC Card

To register a new IC Card, one must put their IC Card to the IC Card scanner and keep it put after inserting the coin. Then they will be redirected to the nickname registration, it is heavily suggested that they shall not use their real name, because it will be shown on internet. After finished registering the nickname, they should register their birthday and age, and as they finished, the actual game of Data Carddass Aikatsu! will begin.

Viewing Registered IC Card's Data

To check one's IC Card's Data, they should put their IC Card to the IC Card scanner and keep it put after inserting the coin. Then a confirmation bubble will appear, if they choose "Yes", the data of the IC Card will be seen and when they are done, like those who choose no, they will be redirected to the front video. A moment later, the game will begin.

IC Data Transfer


Starting The Game

To start the game, one must insert coin to the available slot. Then, three options will appear as following:

1P Mode

To choose "1P Mode", one must press the green (left) button, then a card will come out from the machine, while the screen shows one of the available characters giving a card to them and instruct them how to get the card. Once they pressed the red (up) button, the IC Card data processing will begin (if they don't have an IC Card, they shall press the up button to skip), and here the player must put their IC Card. After the processing is done, they can view the IC Card's data for 10 seconds. Then they can choose an item they're going to use this time, or skip it instead. After deciding, they have to choose the stage they'll perform, at this point, it is suggested that they have to choose an uncleared stage and wisely, because once they choose, they can't go back. After the stage has been chosen, the self-produce session will begin, here, they have to scan the cards they're going to use, and once they're done, they must press the up button for confirmation. Then the performance will begin.

2P Mode

To choose "2P Mode", one must press the yellow (right) button, then a card will come out from the machine for the player at the left side (P1), once the P1 done and pressed the up button, another card will come out for the player at the right side (P2). Here, both of the players are required to have their own IC Cards. There are two types of stages in 2P Mode: Duet and Duel. As the players chose the stage, the self-produce session will begin, starting from P1 then P2, and then the performance will begin.

Duet Stages

At Duet stage, the rhythm marks will be marked with red highlights for P1's part, blue highlights for P2's part, and both for both players. The first Appeal Chance goes to P1, the second goes to P2, and the third will be duet appeal.

Duel Stages

On Duel stage, each player have the same rhythm marks that they have to finish alone. When an Appeal Chance appears, they have to do their best so they can win the chance, but if they ended up draw, the Appeal won't appear and the performance goes on. The one that gained more Appeal Points will win.

Buy A Card

To choose "Buy A Card", one must press the red (up) button, then a card will come out from the machine. If they want to buy another card, they must insert another coin, and they can buy another cards consecutively two times more. On the same time, they will earn an item per card that will raise their appeal point for their next performance. It is heavily suggested that the player shall begin a stage after buying the card to claim those items.

After The Stage

As the stage ends, the results will be showed and then one will watch their EXP gauge filled and their number of fans raised. After done, the data will be renewed and after the data has been updated, they have to take their IC Card out of the scanner as ordered by the machine. Then the daily ranking will be shown, and two or three messages or promotions will appear.

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