Aikatsu Binders come in a variety of styles and themes. They are used for the collecting of the DCD Aikatsu cards, much like most of existed BANDAI DCD card games such like Kamen Riders and Animal Kaiser. They were first released in late October, 2012. Smaller carriers also exist in the series, known as Card Cases.

Season 1

Main article: DCD Aikatsu! Binders/Season 1 Binders

Season One had only released three binders, where two of them are themes related to Ichigo, and the last one being a brand mix binder. All binders are 4 pockets and comes with IC cards and brand check sheets with the exception of the brand mix binder with no brand check sheets.

Season 2

Main article: DCD Aikatsu! Binders/Season 2 Binders

Season Two has released a total of 8 binders, 1 being a 9 pocket binder and 2 being a 1 pocket binder. The special pocket binders has Aikatsu! cards with them. Most of the binders are themes of brands.

Season 3

Main article: DCD Aikatsu! Binders/Season 3 Binders

Season Three has released a total of 4 binders, with one being a 9 pocket binder. The 3 binders are all brand themed, with 2 being two brands in one binder.

Season 4

Main article: DCD Aikatsu! Binders/Season 4 Binders

Season Four has now released 1 binder, and more will be coming up later on in the season.

Special Binders

Main article: DCD Aikatsu! Binders/Special Binders

The special binders are binders that can be only obtained in a certain period of time or special events. There are current 4 special binders released, one during the period each season, with the last one being a 5th anniversary special.

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