Cookie & Clover Stage


Retro clover song stage
Song Love Like Caramelize
Type Pop
First Appearances
DCD Game 2015 Series - Part 5
Anime The Center of the World is Kokone!
List of Stages Image gallery
Cookie & Clover Stage (クッキー&クローバーステージ) is a Pop-typed live stage that features the song Love Like Caramelize.


A colorful room that starts with a colorful striped carpet composed of orange, ivy, cyan, and red with a printing of various sized clovers. The wall has a three-pattern striping composed of pale tan with pink, orange, green, and yellow spots with lines on them, pale tan with various brown, pink, and tan square-shaped cookies, and pale pink with wavy shapes of pink, dark orange, and gold lined in white. Around the room are various objects; like white peppermints striped by green or pink, white mud-like chairs with a brown cushion and candies on top, two chocolate bookcases with various colored books, a stack of macaron, muffins, and a few cookie chairs. On the ceiling is a pink clock with white numbers, except for every three, which come in pale green, seafoam, cyan, and purple. At every few walls rest a colorful stained-glass clover with pink, ice blue, cyan, mint, goldenrod, or yellow coloring. At the center of the stage is a big white circle with a giant clover of green, pale yellow, and pale orange on it. Thick piping of white with rainbow striping circles it, with a half-orb beneath the piping in various colors. On each side of the stage is a thin white pole; the one side has a pink and brown cookie with an orange candy beneath a purple candy, while the other is an orange candy beneath a pale blue candy, which rests beneath a clover-shaped cookie. Dark blue bars hang from the ceiling with various candies and mobiles hanging from it.

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