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Anna Tachibana
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Japanese Name 橘 杏奈(たちばな あんな)
Romanized Name Tachibana Anna
English Name Anna Tachibana
Age About 20-40 years old
Gender Female
Occupation Spicy Ageha's top designer
First Appearance
Anime The Underground Sun (only flashback)
Loose Cha-Ran-way!
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Yoko Soumi

Anna Tachibana is Spicy Ageha's Top Designer. 


Anna appears to be a very charismatic woman with high expectations of her brand and those who wear it. She is calm and well-meaning with a sophisticated air about her.


Anna is an adult woman with pale skin and somewhat small, dark purple eyes. She wears dark makeup and has long, dark brown hair. She has a purple color scheme and wears a big red gem necklace.


Anna debuted in Episode 08 as a flashback character. She was visiting the school when Ran came up to her and expressed her love for Spicy Ageha. Anna appears again in Episode 23, as a flashback character. She is shown giving a standing ovation for Ema Shinjo's performance. She gave Headmistress Orihime Mitsuishi a premium rare cardset and told her to give it to Ran once she felt better. Her latest appearance was in Episode 57, where she appeared in present time, unvailing the King Leo Coord, the brand's first constellation dress.


Tachibana (橘) means tangerine

Anna (杏奈) An (杏 anzu) means apricot, and Na (奈) means chennai, a seaport on the eastern coast of India.



  • She shares her surname with Michelle Tachibana, but the kanji is written differently.
  • She appeared as a flashback character until Season 2.

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