Angely Star Coord
Type Cute
Brand Angely Sugar
Rarity Rare
Fever Fever
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game 2016 Series - Part 3
Anime Queen of Roses (cameo appearance)

Angely Star Coord (エンジェリースターコーデ) is a rare fever coord by the cute brand Angely Sugar. It debuted in Part 3 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu! 2016 series and has made a cameo appearance in Episode 176 of the anime.


Angely Star Top

A white lace top with gold lining and four gold heart-shaped buttons. Two pieces of white tulle line the bottom, while pastel, glittering rainbow-colored sections cover each side of it, held with violet straps. The collar is lilac with ruffled material lining it and short sleeves to match. At each point of the collar is a gold star sewn to it, while at the center is a ribbon of fuchsia. Comes with white gloves with lilac lace cuff.

Angely Star Skirt

A lilac skirt with white winged heart designs at the mid-section, and tulle designs around the bottom. The skirt is split to reveal rainbow, glittery coloring. At each corner on the front of the skirt is a fuchsia ribbon held with a gold heart. Star designs are on the middle piece of skirt, and the lower left corner. Sticking out from the bottom is a pale lilac-white ruffled petticoat.

Angely Star Pumps

Glittering pink pumps with white bottoms. On top of each foot is a pale gold silk strap with a fuchsia ribbon tied to it, held with a gold heart. Around the ankle are two pieces of pale lilac-white tulle material, and above it on the left leg is a gold anklet with stars hanging from it.


Tops Bottoms Shoes
Angely Star Top
Angely Star Skirt
Angely Star Pumps



Official Art

Data Carddass Aikatsu!

Anime Screenshots


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