Akane Mimori
Tumblr mlwlycbbhF1riwdldo1 1280
Japanese Name 三森あかね
Romanized Name Mimori Akane
English Name Akane Mimori
Age About 12-13
Gender Female
Affiliation Starlight Academy
Occupation Idol


First Appearance
Anime Idol☆Teacher
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Akane Fujita

Akane Mimori is one of the new 1st year or 7th-grade students which entered in Episode 26 when trying to warn Aoi Kiriya about a leaf in her hair. She idolizes Aoi as her senpai and teacher.



Akane is shown to be a shy person who cries when happy. She highly idolizes Aoi.


Akane has bright blue eyes and fluffy apricot hair which she wears in low buns. When not in her school uniform, her main color appears to be green.


Mimori (三森) Mi () means three and Mori () means forest.

Akane (あかね) means deep red, which serves in contrast to Aoi, whose name means blue.


  • Akane is the first character to share the same given name as her seiyū.



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