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What is "Aikatsu!"?
Aikatsu! 3rd Season Anime Teaser Visual
"My burning-passionate idol activites―Aikatsu! is starting!"

Ichigo Hoshimiya and Akari Ōzora

Aikatsu! (アイカツ?), short for Aidoru Katsudō! (アイドルカツドウ? lit. "Idol Activity!"), is a collectible card game by Bandai. An anime adaptation was made by Sunrise that began on October 8, 2012. In addition, there are also three manga adaptations, a 3DS game adaptation, and a novel adaptation.

The 2nd Season for the anime began on October 3, 2013 and the 2014 Series of the Data Carddass Game began October 10, 2013. The 3DS game titled "Aikatsu! Both of my princess" was also released on November 21, 2013.

The third season for the anime began on October 2, 2014 along with the 2015 Series of the Data Carddass Game, with Akari Ōzora as the new central protagonist. A new 3DS game titled, "Aikatsu! 365 Idol Days" is scheduled to be released on December 4, 2014.

A movie for the anime titled Aikatsu! The Movie was announced at the end of the 71st Episode and will premiere on December 13, 2014.

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"I now know I need to find my own light. This is my story!"

– Akari Ōzora

Akari Ōzora is a cute-type idol who's one of Ichigo Hoshimiya's biggest fans and the lucky winner of the final Starlight Academy Idol Caravan, having been chosen by Ichigo herself. She was initially clumsy with subpar talent, but through hard work, resilience, and a desire to bring out her light, no matter how small, Akari is now officially an idol all her own.

For season three of the anime, the baton of central protagonist was passed to Akari both in-universe and out. She, along with two new characters, are set to tell a whole new story in a whole new Aikatsu!. Complete with her favorite brand, Dreamy Crown, this idol is about to sparkle and shine like no other!

Akari s2
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Digest video for the anime's 3rd Season.



"Aikatsu! The Movie" PV3.

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