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The Aikatsu Ranking is a system that shows the popularity of idols. The higher the ranking, the more popular the idol is. By going through various auditions and building awareness, an idol can raise their rank. So far there are three known categories: Individual, Unit, and Model. It is currently unknown if there is a category for Actresses.

Although the actual list was first shown in Season 2 of the anime, the concept was first mentioned by Ran Shibuki in Episode 20, where she states that Yurika's ranking has a probability of dropping because of her scandal. She also mentions that Mizuki is placed 1st, which means that by Season 3, Mizuki has been at the top of the Aikatsu Ranking for at least four years straight. (Mizuki's streak is later broken when Ichigo Hoshimiya places 1st following the success of her Great Ichigo Starmiya Festival.)

Individual Ranking

Note: The list shown below is not accurate, as the most recent update to the Aikatsu Ranking was during the Movie. As shown by the results of the 2015 Aikatsu8, the eight most popular idols as of Episode 146 are Ichigo Hoshimiya, Mizuki Kanzaki, Yurika Todo, Aoi Kiriya, Ran Shibuki, Sakura Kitaoji, Sumire Hikami, and Akari Ōzora.

Unit Ranking

  • 1st - WM
  • 2nd - Powapowa-Puririn
  • 3rd - SpLasH!
  • 4th - Otome Smoothie
  • 5th - Spiral Heart
  • 9th - FAM Girls
  • 12th - Peaches♡
  • 13th - 52 Dianthus
  • 14th - Rainbow Tale
  • 15th - my girly
  • 17th - Polaris♣
  • 18th - Flower Zoo
  • 19th - Periwinkles
  • 20th - Mimosa

Model Ranking


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